Arrested Development Movie is Go! … Maybe


UPDATE: Ron Howard has told that the project is not quite ‘a go’ just yet. However, he claims they are closer than ever to getting the film made.

Arrested Development star Jeffrey Tambor has said to that the beloved television show is finally heading to cinemas.

While at an event promoting the upcoming release of Hellboy 2 on Blu-ray, the Bluth family patriarch said fans could get excited for an Arrested Development movie.

“Keep your hopes up. That’s what they’re for.”

In the video interview that you can check out here, it’s not immediately apparent whether or not Tambor is joking around.

However, as the interview goes on he clarifies that series creator Mitch Hurwitz gave him the good news earlier this week.

“When the writer calls you, the director and the executive producer calls you, it’s a pretty good sign.”

Although unclarified in the interview, the writer is certainly Hurwitz. However, whether or not the film will be directed by executive producer/narrator Ron Howard is unclear.

Tambor seems genuine when he says he is excited to return to the world that gave us The Magicians Alliance, Les Cousins Dangereux and never-nudes.

“We want to close that; we want to bring that all to fruition.”

Although I am desperately, pleadingly, praying for this news to be true, I’m not quite set to get my hopes up just yet (despite Tambor’s request).

We’ve heard this “movie-confirmed” thing too many times. Hell, the last time I said the movie was a go was back in February!

Hopefully Hurwitz or Howard will make a statement in the coming days and make the world just that little bit better.

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