Quickflix’s 50 Favourite Movies

We asked our loyal Quickflix readers to help build a definitive list of favourite movies. You all responded in force, giving us over 400 films to choose from!

After tirelessly slaving away in a small padded cell for the last 7 days straight, we have added up the votes and ranked the hundreds of films accordingly. We now have a solid Top 50 that we can truly be proud of. Good work team!

So here you go Australia! Your 50 Favourite Films Are:

2. Star Wars: A New Hope

3. Blade Runner

4. Aliens

5. Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring

6. Reservoir Dogs

7. Fight Club

8. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

9. Transformers

10. The Dark Knight

11. Amelie
12. Lord of the Rings – The Return of the King
13. American Beauty
14. Titanic
15. The Godfather
16. The Notebook
17. Pulp Fiction
18. Goodfellas
19. Terminator 2: Judgement Day
20. Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers
21. Serenity
22. Forrest Gump
23. Back to the Future
24. The Godfather Part 2
25. Natural Born Killers
26. Die Hard
27. To Kill A Mockingbird
28. Casino Royale
29. Lost in Translation
30. Fargo
31. Se7en
32. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
33. The Green Mile
34. Snatch
35. One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest
36. Gladiator
37. Beauty and the Beast
38. Casablanca
39. Donnie Darko
40. The Sound of Music
41. Schindler’s List
42. Saw
43. Alien
44. The Crow
45. The Matrix
46. A Clockwork Orange
47. Casino
48. Kill Bill Vol. 2
49. Lawrence of Arabia
50. Juno

What do you think? Is Reservoir Dogs Tarantino’s best film? Is Beauty and the Beast the best animated film ever? Is Transformers better than The Dark Knight? Let us know what you like (and what you DON’T like) about this list.

Be sure to check out our Greatest Films Ever collection. Add the top 50 to your queue; check out some other classics that made the top 100; find out the top films in different genres; and see some individual members personal top 10’s!

Quickflix’s favourite movies: 1-25
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Quickflix’s favourite Australian films
Quickflix members top 10 – Jane

Quickflix members top 10 – Patrick
Quickflix members top 10 – Moorey

and many more!

P.S Start thinking of your favourite TV shows – we’ll be calling for those in the near future!

12 Responses to “Quickflix’s 50 Favourite Movies”

  1. what about the greatest western ever made; the outlaw josie wales?

  2. No Fellini? No Ford? No Woody?No Altman? etc. etc. etc. No NOTHING!

  3. The first thing that came to my mind is…..THE THREE B’s.1. Bland2. Boring and3. Bullshit!This is what happens when you get the uninformed great unwashed masses and ask them for vote for something that they are completely unqualified to do. They pick predictable tripe or pick obvious selections such as The Shawshank Redemption or Blade Runner because they vaguely remember seeing it on some other best movie list. They probably want to look smart, when they have never even seen the movie.The biggest travesty is “The Notebook” getting so many votes? Who was voting here, hundreds of blonde receptionists, who have time on their hands?I would be embarrassed to publish this list.

  4. I had to delete the previous comment (it had some naughty language), although I did agree with the jist of it.how dare the last commenter insult our readers! disagree with the list all you like – in fact, I encourage people to suggest movies they would have liked to have seen in here.but you can’t argue with people’s FAVOURITE movies! For instance, I like Rashomon like every other Kurusawa fan, but if I had to pick a favourite between that and Die Hard – well, I think the answer is obvious. so if you want to criticise the list, go ahead. But make sure you include what films you would have preferred to see instead. After all, its easy to have a go at someone else’s favourite films, when you don’t let anyone know what your own are. Afraid of a little criticism, are we?P.S – This comment was in no way a defense of the film The Notebook.

  5. i think what is important to remember is everybody uses a different set of criteria to decide their favourite film. Some types like to list great directors’ films in their list because they enjoyed the look and feel of the film, the mood that was created, the amazing cinematography etc.. whereas others choose films for the sheer movie-going experience – eg: blockbusters with great special effects, huge scale and/or great cinema sound… and then others include films that they and their peer group enjoyed for the joy it gave them – which is why i think Shawshank rates so highly so frequently. It is ridiculous to attack people personally for their what they felt was their favourite film. If you disagree, don’t be pretentious about it, list your own and comment on what made them great in your eyes, then see how others respond and maybe you will have educated others about great films that they otherwise may never have had the chance to enjoy. Lastly, if everybody liked the same thing the world would be a dull place.

  6. What a joke. Your readers should stick to potato farming.

  7. i guess that includes you anonymous! you are a massive tool!You think you are better than everybody else because? where’s your input and insight genius?!

  8. I don’t think I’m better than everybody else. Just the majority of the people who voted on this list. Nothing invokes eye-rolling like the populist induction of some recent release into a ‘great flim’ list because the fickle minded public has the memory of a goldfish. Transformers… come on. As for my input and insight… they’re located elsewhere. Of course.

  9. please remember peoples – this is not a ‘greatest ever’ list, it is a ‘favourite movies’ list. this is a place where guilty pleasures should be nurtured and shown to the world.

  10. This list is missing “THE LION KING”, everyone loves that movie

  11. Remember a couple of things when you look at this list. The probable age of the account holders that took the time to vote (I’m guessing late 20’s- 40’s as an average) which is why you don’t see Lion King, Finding Nemo or even Wall-E although The Dark Knight made it into the top 10.There’s a lot on that list I am not a fan of (Where’s Paul Newman work for example?) but be glad that there isn’t a single Tom Cruise film on that list.

  12. I can’t say I agree with the list either, but I wasn’t the only QF member who voted. Would pay for Anonymous to remember this as well, as they seem to be the only (or rare) viewer who believes other movies should instead be high on the list. However, their apparent superior and one would assume ‘qualified’ judgment (refer third comment from top) of film selection is obviously not what the majority of QF members can relate to, otherwise these movies would be on the list! For the record, one of my favourites was the first Technicolor film ever made; Errol Flynn’s The Adventures of Robin Hood. Sure, maybe others think it’s daggy, but c’mon?! LOL! A great classic… action/adventure/comedy/romance flaunting Flynn’s effortless delivery of sharp wit, remarkable ability to act with just his face and the twinkle in his eye; impressive screen play; and a great supporting cast boasting Oliva de Havaland, Basil Rathbone, Claude Rains and the wonderful Alan Hale as Friar Tuck. Not forgetting the wardrobe, musical score and of course that good old fashioned bravado. (In case you’re wondering… no, I’m not 68; I’m 38.) So bugger off all you cranky-pants-party-poopers… try pulling on some tights, loose the attitude, crack a smile, swing into life and save the unattractive moaning for your private-pooper-parties!

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