Hancock 2 – Smith’s superhero is back off the wagon

source: latimes.com

The LA Times is reporting that Sony is planning on producing a sequel to Will Smith‘s blockbuster Hancock.

Since Quantum of Solace will be the last Bond film for the studio, they are now looking for their next big franchise. It seems they’ve turned to Will ‘Money-Printing’ Smith to save them.

Hancock was the fourth biggest film of the year, grossing a pants-droppingly amazing $623 million worldwide.

It’s no surprise really. The ultra-high wattage of star Will Smith + an excellent concept = $$$. Unfortunately, I thought the film really fell apart in the second half. Which leads into my problem with a sequel to Hancock: Why would anyone want to see the next part of the story?

It’s hard to discuss without spoiling the first film, but those who have seen it will understand my quandary. Certain revelations are made in the second half of the film that threatened to ruin the excellent first half. I’m not saying said revelations were necessarily a bad idea, they were just executed poorly. Had said revelations not been so poorly explained, than the film wouldn’t have had to end the way it did. You know what I’m saying? I certainly don’t.

Basically. Hancock 2 – bad idea. But lets face facts, we’d all see Will Smith in anything. So bring it on!

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What Will Smith sequels would you like to see?

One Response to “Hancock 2 – Smith’s superhero is back off the wagon”

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