Moonlight cinema season firing up


It’s Summer ladies and gentlemen! We made it through the winter chills to finally enjoy a warm end to 2008, and a relaxing entry into 2009.

Now, if you’re a movie geek like me, you’ll probably be steering clear of the beach and other outdoor activities this Summer. However, there is one activity that is worth leaving the house for. Outdoor cinema!

This year we’ll be sponsoring the Ford Fiesta Moonlight Cinema season and we’re very excited. Not only because you can drink alcohol while watching some films (I wish I could’ve brought a drink into The Love Guru, I’ll tell you that much), but also because they’ve lined up some brilliant films to enjoy.

Season dates vary from state to state, so check out to find out session times in your area. Here are some of the more exciting highlights to enjoy under the stars:

Sure, we should all be excited because it’s Woody Allen‘s latest. And yes, the critics love it. But why do you need to see VCB? To watch Scarlett and Penelope lock lips of course. Hells. Yeah.

This Martin Scorcese directed concert film shows the Rolling Stones at their energetic best. You don’t need to be a massive Stones fan to be swept up in the adrenaline.

Cult classic. Brand new print. Tim Curry in stockings. Do I need to keep listing reasons to check it out?

This will be your last chance to catch WALL-E on the big screen before it lands on DVD, and I honestly cannot recommend seeing this highly enough. And under the stars! Oh my word, I think I would cry.

“Blessed are the cheesemakers?” Yes, you’ve seen it 100 times, but admit it – you want to watch it again right now.

I guarantee, this film will be on its way to Oscar glory when it plays at Moonlight. Check it out before it’s named Best Picture.

Darren Aronofsky‘s latest looks fantastic. And this might just be the kind of Rocky-esque experience worth sharing with an outdoor crowd.

Head on over to the Moonlight Cinema website, and start planning your evening of choice.

Check out our Moonlight Cinema collection here.

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