The best movies of 2008

It’s never hard picking my favourite films of the year. There is always at least one comedy in which I laughed until I cried, one drama that I can’t pry from my brain, and one action film that I rewatched over and over on DVD. 2008 proved to be no different.

Although there were fewer effective dramas this year than 2007 (which included the triple shot No Country for Old Men, There Will Be Blood and Gone Baby Gone), we saw some blockbuster popcorn flicks that were rivetting, hilarious and sometimes even powerful.

It is with great pleasure I give you my 10 favourite films of 2008. Let us know what you think in the comments below – we want to know what you loved this year!

One for the time capsule. The story of a little robot who taught humanity just what it meant to be human. Pixar’s best film might also be 2008’s most important work of art.

A chilling and devastating piece of pop fiction. A Shakespearean tragedy and epic crime saga all-in-one. More importantly, the most satisfying action film of the year.

Danny Boyle delivers a feast for the senses. A young Indian man reaches the big question on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire after a life of hardship and loss. But don’t worry about all that – this is a love story; a big, bold and beautiful one. An unforgettable experience.

Ex-President Nixon faces off against British talk show host David Frost in a showdown that rivals Batman/Joker. Ron Howard turns the famous series of interviews into an incendiary battle between two disgraced men, clamouring for respect.

One big practical joke on the audience that only The Coen Brothers could get away with. Whipfast, deliciously dark, and shockingly violent. And it had that chair. You know the one.

I didn’t have as much fun in the cinema watching anything else. Ben Stiller‘s epic war comedy has far too many incredible action scenes and hilarious supporting performances than any gross-out flick deserves.

2008’s MVP Robert Downey Jr gave audiences a hero unencumbered by tragedy and guilt. Iron Man celebrated the fantastical. You know, it really would be cool to have an iron suit that could fly.

The most original and effective horror film of the year. On DVD it may have built an ‘anti-fanbase’, but I’ll never forget that visceral experience of seeing it in the cinema; being thrown around by that shaky camera, hiding under my friend’s jacket sleeve.

A surprisingly subtle and truthful romantic comedy. Written by star Jason Segal, it took us through the dizzying lows of a break-up. It’s also the closest you’ll get to seeing manhood exposed in a mainstream flick (metaphorically and literally).

Heartbreaking; devastatingly awkward; embarrassing; depressing. Yep, sounds like high school to me. This documentary may flirt with fiction, but you’re unlikely to see a more realistic documentation of high school life anywhere else.

Honourable Mentions: In Bruges, Happy Go Lucky, Pineapple Express, Kung Fu Panda, Paranoid Park, Hellboy 2: The Golden Army.

Now, enough from me. What were YOUR favourite films of the year. Let us know in the comments below – it can be your Top 20, Top 10, Top 5, or just the one standout. We’d love to know what you loved in 2008!

14 Responses to “The best movies of 2008”

  1. How can you leave out Baz Luhrman’s Australia? What a wonderful epic!

  2. you know, a couple months ago, i would have laughed that comment off. but, Australia was definitely a good film, and much better than I expected. but, it was hard enough narrowing it down to 10, with a few honourable mentions. sorry Baz!

  3. I just ordered Teen American due to the top ten but notice the reviewer only gave it 2.5 stars? whos right

  4. i’m right of course.ratings on the website are judged by the average member reviews. there have been no member reviews for American teen, so it sits on the standard 2.5 until some people start reviewing me, its a great flick. be sure to review it once you check it out (although it wont be until feb/march)

  5. "Wall-E…..Eva…." absolutely loved it. The best alien since ET. There's nothing like a top ten or worst ten listing to provoke fast, funny, passionate & furious debate – keep these fan forums coming, they're great! Simon your comments rock.

  6. 1)Twilight (yes i know it toped the worst list but oh well)2)Death Race3)Kung Fu Panda4) The Dark Night5)The Water Horse (kiddies film but i found myself engrossed in the film)

  7. tropic thunder was the biggest load of crap i’ve ever seen, the only time i laughed was when the director blew up, i had to turn it off in the end, rubbish.If it weren’t for heath ledger, thedark knight would have been totally crap too!!

  8. I thought your list hit the spot – mostly. One of the best for me was “The Kite Runner” – insightful, contemporary and hopeful!The worst-you missed a spot “quarantine” – a Cloverfield/I am Legend wanna be that only left a shrill woman’s screams ring in my head as a lasting impression!!

  9. I think Wall E should go to the worst films of 2008 and Twilight should go to the Best. I honestly don’t understand what was so good about Wall E. I forced myself to watch 20mins and fell asleep. Australia is also an Epic of 2008 and should be on the list.

  10. that’s one of the craziest things ive ever heard.

  11. – Wall-E: brilliant, beautiful, touching, really transports you- The Dark Knight: very good but a bit long and verbose- Slumdog Millionaire, Frost/Nixon and Burn After Reading: all apparently excellent- Tropic Thunder: fun and stupid – loved it, Robert Downey Jr and Tom Cruise own that film – Iron Man: great cast, great boy flick, great cameo by director Jon Favreau- Cloverfield: OMG, not good, not good at all! Are you serious?!- Forgetting Sarah Marshall: some real laugh out loud and bitter sweet comedy in here- American Teen: I’m very keen to see, I’ve heard it excellent

  12. I maintain that Cloverfield was one of the best films of the year. I agree, alot of the effect is lost on DVD, but in the cinema – oh man. It’s so badass.

  13. Tropic Thunder was ok, but shouldn’t be on the best movie list. Iron Man was amazing, can’t wait for a sequel. I can’t say dark night was good. I might have enjoyed it more if it hadn’t been so overhyped. I expected the best movie ever and it certainly isn’t that.Haven’t seen the rest so can’t comment

  14. “The Prince and Me 2”, “Fred Claus” and “Game Plan” were all in our opinion the best movies in 2008, they are all very nice movies to watch, together as a family. We also saw “Evan almighty” and “Persuasion”, but didn’t like them as much as the ones above, but were still very nice.If We had to give a top favorite it would be “The Prince and Me 2” it is just a very lovely, fairy tale kind of a story, that could actually happen in real life.

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