What up, holmes?

source: cinemablend.com

The first official pics of Guy Ritchie‘s Sherlock Holmes have arrived, promising a different detective than we’re used to.

Robert Downey Jr has taken the role of the legendary detective, although the above picture would have you think differently. Richie has said this will be a grittier version of the Holmes story. Personally, I wasn’t really sold on the concept, until I saw this pic. Downey looks hardcore yo!

Jude Law will star as dear Dr Watson. The film is expected to hit cinemas November 30, 2009. It will compete with another Sherlock Holmes flick, which will be produced by Judd Apatow, and star Sacha Baron Cohen as Holmes and Will Ferrell as Watson.

One Response to “What up, holmes?”

  1. So is this the current trend? To make these sort films successful, make them “Gritty” like the Bourne or 2 latest Bond films?

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