Japanese unaware that Watchmen will never be released

source: traileraddict.com

A Japanese trailer for Watchmen has found its way online, despite the fact the film is currently appropriating the Guns N Roses’ ‘Chinese Democracy’ release strategy.

The new trailer focuses on the political aspects of the Watchmen universe. Fans of the graphic novel already know the film is set during an alternative 1985, in which Richard Nixon is still President and the world edges even closer to Nuclear destruction than during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Oh, and if you can speak Japanese, you’re probably going to enjoy it a bit more.


The Fox/Warner Bros court case over the rights for Watchmen will begin January 20th. We will know for certain after that point whether or not the film will still be released on March 6th, or if it will be delayed. I will be organising a ‘Hands-Across-Australia’ type event for the 19th, in which the nation will be joined in prayer.

Watchmen Watch

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  1. Must. See. Watchmen… Now!!

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