Goodnight, sweet prince – LaserDisc’s officially out of production


Having been slayed by Blu-ray, DVD, on-line downloads, VHS and television, Pioneer have finally accepted that LaserDisc have lost the format war. In other news, Germany has finally surrendered their efforts in World War 2, and Icarus has admitted he probably shouldn’t have flown so damn close to the sun.

Pioneer will pump out a final batch of 3000 LaserDisc players before wrapping up production for good. The parts required to make the players have become too expensive for the company.

LaserDisc rose to prominence in the 1980’s, and has sold approximately 16.8 million players. Pioneer alone account for 9.5 million of those sales.

In later years, the player became popular for its karaoke capabilities. LaserDisc titles continued to be produced until 2000 in America, and 2001 in Japan.

It is widely believed that the picture quality on LaserDisc is more impressive than VHS, although the lack of a ‘record’ function was a serious impediment to LD’s success.

So, farewell LaserDisc. Although we feel sorry for you, we can’t help but feel it’s just another victory for the Quickflix brand. Another competitor bites the dust!

Better Times:

This clip needs more synth.

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