Has the Watchmen case been settled?!

source: hollywoodreporter.com

OK, don’t freak out everyone, but the Watchmen rights dispute between Fox and Warner Bros might be at an end. This may (I repeat, MAY) mean the film will not be delayed from its scheduled release on March 6th.

The Hollywood Reporter has announced the case’s scheduled January 20th hearing has been cancelled, following settlement talks between the two studios over the past weekend.

Judge Gary A. Feess ruled last month that Fox held distribution rights to the film. The January 20th hearing would have decided whether or not an injunction on the film’s release would have been necessary.

Fox studios claimed their original rights to Alan Moore’s classic graphic novel had not been properly relinquished.

The Warner Bros production has a budget approximating $130 million, and Fox are asking for upfront fees as well as a percentage of the back-end.

With the hearing cancelled, speculation that Fox and Warner Bros have settled on an agreement continues to grow.

I’m sure we’ll learn the truth in the coming weeks, but until then, I recommend people refrain from getting their hopes up.


Oh, screw it. PLAY IT LOUD!


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