Scott Pilgrim update – Michael Cera to bed Kieran Culkin! Finally!


Kieran Culkin has been added to the cast of Edgar Wright‘s adaptation of the cult comic favourite Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Normally Kieran Culkin news wouldn’t get us overly excited, but any progress on the Scott Pilgrim movie is good to hear!

Based on Bryan Lee O’Malley’s brilliant series of graphic novels, the film stars Michael Cera as Canadian ladykiller (and bass player for the band Sex-Bobomb!) Scott Pilgrim.

Culkin will play Scott’s gay roommate Wallace Wells; possibly the funniest comic book character since… well, actually I don’t know. The comics I read aren’t normally very funny. Just creepy. That’s how I likes it. But Wallace is a funny dude, and it’ll be great to see him and Cera in action (not that kind of action; although they do share a bed … but that’s more of a space issue.)

The incredibly beautiful Mary Elizabeth Winstead will star as Pilgrim’s love interest Ramona V. Flowers, the coolest indie chicklet this side of Zooey Deschanel.

The film follows Scott’s attempts to woo Ramona. Although she digs him, she can’t be with him until he defeats her seven evil ex-boyfriends. It makes sense in the comic.

Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright is almost too perfect to helm this flick, which is currently in pre-production in Toronto. Keep an eye out for updates as production begins in the coming weeks.

OH! And the fifth installment of the Scott Pilgrim saga is released next month. So make sure you catch up on this great comic before then! Go!

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