Nothing can stop it now! First Watchmen TV spots!


It’s getting quite difficult to think of new and exciting things to say regarding Watchmen. So here are the facts:

1. It is based on Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons’ classic graphic novel.
2. It is directed by Zach Snyder of 300 fame.
3. It will be released on March 5th in Australia (despite Fox’s attempts to keep anyone from seeing it).
4. It will be better than everything else in life, including all foods and most romantic engagements.

Enjoy some recently released TV spots for said film.

Watchmen Watch:

Who Watches The Watchmen? We Do!

Watchmen Trailer Debut – Eye Bleedingly Good

New Watchmen Trailer Replaces Moon Landing As ‘Most Important Piece of Footage Ever

Watchmen likely to be delayed – Life no longer worth living

Watchmen featurette cruel reminder of film we’ll never see

Warners and Fox settle Watchmen dispute!

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