Oscar fallout – Analysing the nominations and getting worked up about it!

As reported earlier this morning, the nominees for this year’s Academy Awards have been announced. And I’ve got to say, while there are a WHOLE bunch of pleasant surprises, there are a couple of shocking exclusions that need to be examined.

Firstly, check out the nominees over here.

Then, see my hilariously inaccurate predictions.

Without much further ado…

Best Picture

I’m psyched to see Slumdog Millionaire and Frost/Nixon get recognition, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is worthy on a technical level alone. I haven’t gotten around to seeing Milk yet, but I’m a Gus Van Sant fan and glad to see his picture get a nod. Now – let me first state that I have not yet seen 5th nominee The Reader.

W. T. F!

The Reader has been nominated for Best Picture? The Reader? The Reader that has 60% on Rotten Tomatoes? I cannot believe the Academy has completely wussed out and rewarded another generic holocaust film over genuinely intriguing, exciting and expertly made flicks like The Wrestler, WALL-E and The Dark Knight (which respectively hold 98%, 96% and 94% on RT). Oh wait, I can believe it, because it’s the exact kind of boring film the Academy loves. As much as I hate to live in a world in which DVDman is right, he called it this time. I won’t forget this Academy.

Best Director

Very surprised not to see Christopher Nolan in here, but even more surprised to SEE Ron Howard in here. Not that Howard didn’t do a great job, but I just figured he would step aside for Darren Aronofsky (The Wrestler). Pending a Benjamin Button sweep (unlikely), I think Danny Boyle might be the safest bet in the game.

Best Actor

Good set of fellers here. Although I predicted Clint Eastwood would get a nod for Gran Torino, I’m happier to see Brad Pitt get love for his performance as Benji Button. And can I get a ‘what what’ for Richard Jenkins! Very nice to see him in the 5!

Best Actress

A whoooole bunch o’ surprises here. Angelina Jolie managed a nod for Changeling, as did Melissa Leo for Frozen River (congrats Patrick for calling it in the comments section!) Kate Winslet also grabbed a nod, but for The Reader instead of Revolutionary Road. Uhh, okay. Sally Hawkins was robbed of a nomination for Happy Go Lucky, which ironically, makes me endlessly sad. I had called her FTW!

Best Supporting Actor

Slumdog Millionaire’s best chance for an Oscar nod in the acting categories was here, but sadly, Dev Patel missed out. However, you can’t really fault a single one of these performers. Whoever grabs this one, I’ll be happy.

Best Supporting Actress

With Kate Winslet moving from Supporting to Lead with The Reader, a space opened up for Marisa Tomei. This is her third Oscar nomination. Ironic to think that she was a punchline back in the early 90’s for winning for My Cousin Vinny! Again, all five ladies are deserving, although Amy Adams holds a special place in my heart.

Best Original Screenplay

I couldn’t be happier to see WALL-E, Happy Go Lucky and In Bruges get recognition here, but it is an absolute war crime that The Wrestler didn’t get love in this category. For shame!

Best Adapted Screenplay

If the Academy understood just how impressive it was for Jonathan Nolan and David S. Goyer to adapt decades of Batman canon into an original, thought provoking film, we would see it here. But they didn’t, so we don’t. Instead, Generic Holocaust Movie #823 takes its spot against four superior competitors. And again, no I haven’t seen The Reader. But damnit it makes me angry!

Best Original Song

Oh, hellll no! Bruce Springsteen and Clint Eastwood BOTH miss out on nominations!?!? I was certain the final race would be between the two of them. Saying that, very happy to see two nominations for Slumdog Millionaire here. There is something so wonderful about M.I.A. being an Oscar nominee. Shotgun get down indeed.

Which nominations made you happy, angry, sad, frightened, perlexed, hungry or aroused this year?

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