Fast and Furious trailer is both fast and, obviously, furious


The second teaser trailer for Fast and Furious has hit the web, and damn if it doesn’t look amazing.

Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster return to The Fast and the Furious saga’s fourth installment, to reprise the roles that made them stars. I bet they’re hoping lightning can strike twice, because let’s face it, Brewster and Rodriguez aren’t exactly turning down job offers left, right and center.

I’m not much of a fan of the other films in this series, but even I think this trailer looks incredible. At least until they start speaking, and it begins to sound like an episode of Power Rangers.

I might not be a ‘car-guy’, but even that has me ‘revved up’, and come April I’ll be ‘firing on all cylinders’ (that’s a thing, right?)

Saying that, the explosion at the end might be the worst I’ve seen in a film since this one:

Fast and Furious (sans definite articles), is directed by Justin Lin and opens April 16th. And yes, Tyrese will cameo. Because YOU asked for it!

Check out Trailer #1 here.

One Response to “Fast and Furious trailer is both fast and, obviously, furious”

  1. Haha. Next challenge is to link in the immortal “Garbage Day” YouTube clip from that very same movie…Adam Q

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