500 Days of Summer – The next quirky cult classic?

source: cinematical.com

A short clip from Sundance favourite 500 Days of Summer has landed online, featuring button-cute Zooey Deschanel dropping an anvil of sexual innuendo.

The Fox Searchlight production played out of competition at Park City earlier this month, and has already garnered a ravenous following. Although I hate it when people say this, it looks like 500 Days of Summer might be this year’s Juno. I wonder if a day will come when Fox Searchlight will release their stranglehold over quirky romantic comedies and leave some good movies for the other studios. Ah well, I’m not complaining!

(P.S. – There is a short ad before the clip; it’s only 15 seconds long, and then it heads straight to Zooey)


I’m getting more and more excited to check this film out. Joseph Gordon Levitt and Deschanel are two of the most talented and underrated actors around. Here’s hoping this is the breakthrough! There is no Australian release date as of yet.

Check out the trailer here!

5 Responses to “500 Days of Summer – The next quirky cult classic?”

  1. Are you sure this clip works? The only thing that loaded on my computer was an advert for the Chaser’s War on Evertyhing. Intersting that will be shown in America though!

  2. yep – just let the Chaser clip play (it’s only 15 secs) and it goes straight to Zooey.

  3. Do you know when we will be getting this movie in Australia?

  4. It opens July 24th in the US; although I doubt we’ll get it at the same time. Hopefully round September/October – doesn’t look like Searchlight are saving it for a December Oscar push like they did with Slumdog/Juno/Little Miss Sunshine/Sideways etc etc.

  5. Fox Searchlight are so damn good at promoting the “little indie underdog” towards Oscar glory.But hey, at least they are all strong films. Maybe Fox Searchlight’s biggest skill is in picking these relatively cheap movies of high quality that can go all the way. Still, the frothy-mouthed mania that surrounded LMS and Juno bordered on lunacy. Where’s the Academy Love for Paul WS Anderson’s Death Race huh?

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