Kung Fu Panda demolishes WALL-E at Annie Awards. Wait, WHAT?

source: annieawards.com

Kung Fu Panda has collected Best Director and Best Animated Feature at yesterday’s annual Annie Awards, the highest honour in animated films.

Panda’s 15 nominations are a new record, and the film went home with 10 awards in total. The short film Secrets of the Furious Five (a spin-off of KFP) also picked up four prizes. To add to the total, the Kung Fu Panda video game also won an award. Conversely, six-time Oscar nominee WALL-E, one of the best reviewed films of the year and game-changer in the world of animation, did not receive a single prize? What the hell!?

There are now serious doubts as to whether WALL-E is a sure bet in the Animated Feature Category at this month’s Oscars. After all, this is not just some back alley vote count; the Annie’s are a (formerly) respected organisation, and their votes may coincide with Academy members. I maintain that WALL-E was the best film of 2008, and its failure to get recognised at the Annie’s is very, very sad. What could have suddenly made voters turn away from that little robot? Was it the environmental themes? Was it all the sci-fi? The constant Hello, Dolly references?

Don’t get me wrong; Kung Fu Panda is a great film (and far better than other DreamWorks pictures such as Shrek and Madagascar). But better than WALL-E? And not just a little better – 15 awards better?! Epic fail Annies.

Sigh, the Academy Awards will be held February 22nd.

One Response to “Kung Fu Panda demolishes WALL-E at Annie Awards. Wait, WHAT?”

  1. WHAT??Something can’t be right about that

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