Kevin Smith bitter about Zack and Miri’s failure


Director Kevin Smith has revealed his disappointment in the financial failure of his latest film Zack and Miri Make a Porno in an interview with the Toronto Sun.

The well reviewed film, starring Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks as two poverty stricken housemates, opened in the U.S last October to dismal figures.

Zack and Miri collected only $31.5 million in its entire run; to put that in perspective, the Rogen headlined comedy Knocked Up grossed only $1 million less in its opening weekend. And that was before Seth Rogen was an international comedy superstar.

Listeners of Kevin Smith’s regular Smodcast know that Smith entered a pot-infused seclusion following the film’s failure.

Now as he promotes the film’s DVD release, he is willing to place the blame on The Weinstein Company’s failure to market the film adequately.

“I know it works. I know we brought the goods. I know it wasn’t our fault that it didn’t connect the way it could have,” he said.

Smith was critical of the controversial marketing campaign in which stick figures replaced the faces of Rogen and Banks.

“That always helps if you’re trying to sell a picture. If you want people to know the dude’s in the movie, you might want to put him on the poster.”

The Weinsteins are known for their aggressive marketing tactics, which often works wonders for unspectacular dramas that later grab Oscar gold.

“Unfortunately, this was a studio comedy and needed to be sold like that.”

Zack and Miri Make a Porno opens February 19th in Australia, and I encourage all Smith fans to go out and remind him that people down under still love him.

One Response to “Kevin Smith bitter about Zack and Miri’s failure”

  1. I have seen this film. And i am still VERY confused why this was not huge. It was laugh out loud funny during the whole film. Maybe the name was a bit of a turn off to those Americans?

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