Micheal Cera goes Christian Bale-crazy on the set of his new flick

source: youtube.com

During the course of our non-stop Michael Cera reporting, we neglected to mention that he would soon be playing the lead role in the adapatation of the popular teen novel Youth in Revolt by C.D Payne.

In an attempt to cash in on Bale-Out 2009, a video from the YIR set has “leaked” in which Cera completely flips out at his colleagues.



Cera stars as Nick Twisp, a sex-obsessed and sardonic 16-year-old, who falls for smart Sheeni Saunders while on holiday. However, he must first contend with Sheeni’s ex-boyfriend and his own divorced parents.

Youth in Revolt has been wrapped for months, and is still awaiting a release date in the U.S. The film is directed by Miguel Arteta.


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