Are the Wachowski’s rebooting Superman?


UPDATE! Sorry gang, looks as though this was just a rumour after all. According to Slashfilm, The Wachowski’s were never even offered the opportunity … yet. Ah well, it’s fun to dream every so often.

A source over at AICN has spilled one of the juiciest rumours in the history of juicy online rumour spilling: The Wachowski Brothers are possibly in line to reboot the Superman franchise for Warner Brothers.

Apparently James McTeigue (V For Vendetta) revealed in an interview on Berlin television that the Wachowski’s next project, Plastic Man, had been indefinitely delayed due to a shake up over at WB. McTiegue was set to helm the second unit, as he did on the Wachowski’s Matrix Trilogy and Speed Racer.

The seeds of this ‘shake up’ were planted in August, when Warner Bros President Jeff Robinov announced plans to utilise DC properties following the success of The Dark Knight, and release around 8 tentpole flicks by 2011. This included a reboot of Superman, following Bryan Singer‘s disappointing 2006 film Superman Returns.

According to McTeigue, Singer has refused to undertake a reboot, and WB executives have been left with no choice but to head in a new direction. This included approaching the Wachowski Brothers to helm a brand new trilogy.

It is unknown whether or not this trilogy is the one developed by comic scribe Mark Millar back in October, but if so, that would be incredible. Millar did state he was working with a big name action director on his pitch. Could he have meant the Wachowski’s?

McTeigue then stated the Wachowski’s are considering their options, but are not immediately ready to give up on Plastic Man. In the event of the Wachowski’s taking on Superman, McTeigue would likely helm Plastic Man instead.

Now nothing is finalised, so don’t get too excited yet. BUT, hypothetically, how would you feel about the following:

The Wachowski’s taking on The Man of Steel?

Would you like them to take on Millar’s proposed trilogy, in which it “starts on Krypton, a thousand years ago, and end with Superman alone on Planet Earth, the last being left on the planet, as the yellow sun turns red and starts to supernova, and he loses his powers.”

Or would you have preferred to see Bryan Singer redeem himself?


3 Responses to “Are the Wachowski’s rebooting Superman?”

  1. Although The Wachowski Brothers did an absolut brillant job on The Matrix and pretty good job on V for Vendetta.That being said, i don’t think the brothers have a vision that best suits the Superman’s outcome.Bryan Singer did a good job on Superman Returns, I think he should return to do another. If not then i think Brett Ratner will be the obvious choice…

  2. Bryan Singer once again for me..he did a superb job on supermans last outing I thought.bring him and Brandon Routh back together.

  3. I think seeing the Wachowski version of the Superman would be very interesting, and very exciting(I am, sadly, a Speed Racer apologist)However, I was a big fan of Brandon Routh as Superman, and I too thought Bryan Singer was actually a good fit for the Superman series.I would also have loved to see Singer redeem himself, and bring a little more fun and action to a sequel.Here’s a point though: People hated the morose morbidity of Superman Returns, however, The Dark Knight is at least 100 times more depressing. I AM IN NO WAY SAYING THAT SUPERMAN RETURNS IS ANYWHERE NEAR AS GOOD AS THE DARK KNIGHT…but, it’s just kind of interesting that one film would be chided for being too dark, and the other celebrated.of course, Batman has always been a darker character. Anyway, who cares, I’m rambling…

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