Come play the Watchmen video game!


Watchmen has already given us so much, I feel as if we could never fully repay Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons/Zack Snyder. If only movie tickets were more expensive; then I would feel as if I had contributed wholeheartedly to a worthy cause.

A beautiful side scrolling 2D game is available to play for free RIGHT HERE. The game has apparently been developed by Veidt Industries, the corporate arm of Adrian Veidt’s (AKA Ozymandias) exploits. Or, for those unaware of the Watchmen universe, it is a tasty piece of viral marketing.

You can play as either Nite Owl or Silk Spectre circa 1940’s, and battle street thugs on the road to finding the villainous magician Moloch!

Click HERE or on any of the pictures to get playing!

Watchmen opens March 5th Australia wide (yes, exactly 3 weeks). Doing anything other than seeing Watchmen will be unacceptable. That includes working, eating or caring for your children.


How to make your very own Rorschach, as seen in Watchmen!

Smile! Final Watchmen poster revealed!

Nothing can stop it now! First Watchmen TV spots

New Watchmen Trailer Replaces Moon Landing As ‘Most Important Piece of Footage Ever

Watchmen Trailer Debut – Eye Bleedingly Good

Who Watches The Watchmen? We Do!

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