Valentine’s Day Movie Guide

Valentine’s Day has come around once again. Some young teens will be out on their first date; others will see their burgeoning romances blossom; couples will get engaged, others will get married, and a few bitterly distant husbands and wives will succumb and go out for dinner for the first time in a year.

Going to a romantic Valentine’s movie is a tradition as old as time itself (or at the very least, the advent of cinema). I’m sure men and women around the country are panicking about which film will guarantee a night of romance, and which film will simply lead to a handshake. Well fear not – Quickflix’s Valentine’s Day Movie Guide is here to make sure you make the right decision tomorrow night.
He’s Just Not That Into You

Probably the most obvious choice, but not necessarily the best. A bunch of women get rejected, burned and cheated on by a bunch of commitment-phobic guys. Sure, the ladies will probably love it. But they may not be feeling very “pro-guy” at the end of it all. Be wary, fellas.

If you’re looking for a solid romantic comedy, this is your best bet. Ricky Gervais stars as a curmudgeonly dentist who can see the dead walking among the living. He begins to romance the widow of a deceased philanderer, and believe it or not, she starts to fall for him! The film is incredibly sweet, and everyone knows movies about death encourage people to embrace life. Perfect!

One for the indie crowd. Just because it stars Anne Hathaway and has Wedding in the title don’t mean this is Bride Wars 2. A slow-burn dramedy about a black sheep returning home from rehab for her sister’s wedding. So, not exactly laughs-ahoy, but it is apparently very, very good.

OK, if anyone walks into the cinema expecting a romantic film based on the title alone – well, you deserve what’s coming. A gloriously gory slasher flick in three dimensions of blood, guts and nudity! Now ladies, if your man suggests seeing this – go easy on him. And fellas, if your lady wants to see MBV3D – you marry her.

Other recommendations: Slumdog Millionaire is the best film in cinemas right now. And it’s a romance. How convenient! Go see it.

Avoid: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is three hours long. That kind of cuts into the night. And Revolutionary Road will make you want to enter a murder/suicide pact with your date. And that’s kind of a Valentine’s no no.

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