You want more Wolverine? You GOT more Wolverine!


Well, as promised we have the 2nd 60-second TV spot for X-Men Origins: Wolverine. This installment is entitled “Brothers”.

This clip focuses on the relationship between Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Sabretooth (Liev Schreiber), and I get the feeling this will be the main arc of the entire film. There are a couple of slight spoilers in the clip, but nothing too shocking for anyone familiar with the Wolverine back story. I think this one looks even better than the previous teaser. But, hey, what do you care? Find out for yourself!

OK, so the confusion from the last clip caused a heated discussion around the office over here. I guess the two enemies share a father, who Logan killed as a child. Still not sure whether or not Victor (Sabretooth) is aware of this. Don’t worry. We’ll be debating this baby until we can be sure!

Or, if anyone has some theories, we’d love to hear them.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine opens April 30, 2009. Directed by Gavin Hood, it also stars Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool.


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