The parallels between Mickey Rourke and Barack Obama

There are only a couple of days to go until the Academy Award winners are announced, and the pundits favourites are starting to take form. For instance, Slumdog Millionaire is the clear darling for Best Picture. Heath Ledger is considered a shoe-in for Best Supporting Actor. And Mickey Rourke is emerging ahead of nearest competitor Sean Penn for the Best Actor prize.

Who would have thought that Mickey Rourke would ever be nominated for an Oscar, let alone be a favourite for the win? Sure, he was a promising young performer; but times have been tough in the last couple of decades. But perhaps this victory was written in the stars? I am reminded of another underdog who emerged as a favourite and eventually swept the top prize in one of the most coveted races of all – The Presidential Race. Observe:


As a teen, Barack Obama experimented with alcohol, marijuana and cocaine. Rourke was a hard drinker during the 1980s and 90s. He has been spotted dating Courtney Love.

Barack Obama is a published author, having written Dreams from My Father and The Audacity of Hope. A book has been written about Mickey Rourke, entitled High and Low.


Barack Obama competed against the humourless, aloof and previously in-Government John McCain. Mickey Rourke is competing against the humourless, aloof and previously rewarded Sean Penn.


Obama’s grandmother died the day before the US Election. Rourke’s beloved Chihuahua Loki died the day Oscar ballots were due.

I know what you’re thinking – flawless logic. The Oscars are held February 22nd. Barack Obama is currently the US President.

4 Responses to “The parallels between Mickey Rourke and Barack Obama”

  1. It was Obama’s white American grandmother who died before the election, not his Kenyan grandmother as that photo suggests.

  2. The first thing I thought of when I heard Loki had died was the death of Obama’s grandmother on the eve of the election.I’ve always thought Mickey Rourke was the front runner for Best Actor. Fingers crossed I’m right.

  3. my bad on the photo Evie!cheers

  4. Having seen “The Wrestler” I am not sure how much “acting” Mickey Rourke did but I can tell you I thought he was fantastic.As a fan of Wrestling in my youth it brought back memories of a mixture of Curt Henig, Brett “The Hitman” Hart, Hulk Hogan etc. Also knowing the tragic early deaths of Eddie Guerraro,Davy Boy (The British Bulldog) and many others from steroid abuse and how “yes” it is not “real” but the risks are. Owen Hart died in the ring during a Wrestlemania while performing bigger and better stunts for the crowd.Mickey Rourke played the role to perfection and to be honest at times I forgot it was actually Mickey Rourke. He is just that good in this role. He’s got my vote!

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