What did YOU think of the Oscars?

Well, after all those months of anticipation, it all went down in Los Angeles last night. The winners of the 81st Academy Awards were announced, and you can check out all the victors over here. Of course, there were no real surprises, but there were plenty of great (and not so great) moments. Let us know what you thought about the following!

The Talented Mr. Jackman

He pulled it off! Of course, we all knew he had it in him, but who wasn’t a little nervous about seeing Wolverine sashaying and skipping across the stage in front of millions of viewers. It was a risky move on the Academy’s part, but Hugh provided the best opening monologue of the past decade. And he’s so handsome! Check it out here!

Slumdog Sweep

It was written. Slumdog Millionaire picked up 8 Oscars, including Best Picture, Director, Cinematography and Film Editing. Legendary Bollywood composer A.R Rahman claimed 2 Oscars for Best Score and Best Original Song. In general, it was great to see a truly deserving film take the top prizes. Jai Ho indeed!

The Acting Prizes

Even though I confidently put my money on Mickey Rourke, Sean Penn took home Best Actor. Sure, Penn was great in Milk, but I’m so upset that The Wrestler didn’t get more Oscar love. Kate Winslet finally called an end to her award ceremony onslaught by picking up Best Actress for The Reader. Penelope Cruz collected her Best Supporting Actress trophy early in the night, to nobody’s surprise. And of course, the late Heath Ledger was named Best Supporting Actor for his performance in The Dark Knight, with his family taking the stage on his behalf.

Handing out the Acting Prizes

Was it just me, or did this set up seem less like the handing out of awards, and more like the initiation into a skull-esque brotherhood or a witches coven?

Screw You The Reader!

The film nobody cares about, The Reader, somehow managed to finagle a Best Picture nomination out of the Academy over much worthier flicks. Did the event organisers feel a tinge of regret about selecting the much maligned film for consideration? During Jackman’s opening number, he spoofed all the major nominees including Frost/Nixon and The Dark Knight. However, when he got to The Reader, he danced the robot while exclaiming “I haven’t seen The Reader!”, surely a nod to its dismal box office returns. Later on during Judd Apatow‘s hilarious short film (which you can watch here) Seth Rogen and James Franco giggled uncontrollably while watching a particularly wrenching scene from Kate Winslet.

Baz Luhrmann’s Tribute to the Musical

In hell, the cast of High School Musical sing the songs of ABBA EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Wouldn’t it have been better if Hugh and Beyonce had just done the full choreography from her Single Ladies music video?

Let us know what you loved, and hated, about this year’s Oscar ceremony!

Check out the full list of winners here!

7 Responses to “What did YOU think of the Oscars?”

  1. I thought Hugh Jackman was great, its about time the Oscars took itself a little less seriously. The Reader skit was hilarious!!Now heres what i didn’t like….Kate Winslet. It’s not because she is a greedy award desperado,which she is. And its not because no-one saw the reader, because they didn’t. It is because she was so apalling in Revolutionary Road, she never deserves to be recognised for anything ever again. Sorry!

  2. How about Alan Arkin announcing “Seymour Phillip Hoffman”? Poor guy,hes won an oscar before and still nobody knows who he isI agree with the Kate Winslet comment too. Overhyped and underskilled.

  3. I was glad to see Sean Penn win the Best Actor award. He is a fantastic actor and very deserving of such an honour. I was impressed by his acceptance speech. Hugh also did a great job of hosting and I hope they have him back again.

  4. *shrug* I think Kate Winslet is excellent, through The Reader shouldn’t have been the vehicle to get her the golden statue.Hugh Jackman did liven things up, though he also probably reduced the gross of the upcoming movie Wolverine by about half.No-one wants to see Wolverine doing showtunes.

  5. I thought Hugh did an awesome job. I totally enjoyed the show, a real improvement from the drudgery of previous years. And my only gripes awards-wise were Heath winning (I maintain that if he wasn’t dead, he wouldn’t have won. And yes, I know it was an excellent performance, but Oscar worthy??) and Sean Penn over Mickey Rourke for Best Actor (in what was one of the strongest line-ups on a long time)

  6. I've seen "The Wrestler" twice, & I just can't understand why Rourke didn't win that Oscar. His own comment about how the Oscars isn't always about the quality of the material seemed apt indeed. He carried that entire movie himself, & I think it will be remembered as one of the iconic roles in cinema in years to come.DVDman, I respectfully disagree about Heath Ledger's role in The Dark Knight; his rendition of The Joker reminded me of a greater version of Jack Nicholson's; both of them were the best part of each movie, & both were what actually made those two movies. Both threw themselves wholeheartedly into their roles. Whenever he was off scene, I was waiting with bated breath for The Joker to return. This to me is what good, no, brilliant acting is all about.At the end of "The Dark Knight", my friend looked at me sadly & said "Noooooo!" After asking him why the long face, he said, "We're never going see a Joker like that again!" Sadly, I have to agree.Nuff said

  7. I really liked it, actually. It felt like a celebration of film and filmmakers and not as much a “whose there?” type of event. Jackman was good value and I actually really enjoyed the actors presentation (the “welcome to the club” mentality felt quite special and unique – only at the Oscars) although it does need some tidying up. Did Michael Douglas really say Frank Langella’s Richard Nixon puts everyone else’s to shame… while standing next to Anthony Hopkins? hah. And I don’t think Eva Marie Saint had actually seen “Doubt” since Viola Davis only has one scene yet she talked about “only a few small scenes”. Hmmm.BTW, “The Reader” has made more money than “Frost/Nixon” and will probably end up making more than “Milk”. just sayin…

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