Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg team up for buddy cop comedy

source: variety.com

It looks as if it is up to Will Ferrell to save Mark Wahlberg‘s career. The duo is set to star as law enforcement officers in the comedy “B Team”. The project will be helmed by Anchorman director Adam McKay.

The script has been written by Chris Henchy, co-writer of Ferrell’s upcoming Land of the Lost and co-executive producer of Entourage. Wahlberg is the executive producer of Entourage, thus completing the chain.

There is no plot synopsis as of yet, but EW are reporting that a bidding war has broken out amongst the studios based on the above details alone. Hell, I want to buy the rights to this film!

Wahlberg’s career has stumbled since his Oscar nomination back in 2006 for his performance in The Departed. His involvement in Max Payne and The Happening marked him as one of the Least Valuable Players of 2008. Hopefully, Ferrell and McKay can bring out his funny side. I mean, intentionally funny side.

One Response to “Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg team up for buddy cop comedy”

  1. Ridiculous. Mark is possibly one of the best actors i have ever seen! leave the poor guy alone

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