"Dude von dudenstein" – Crazy German ads for I Love You, Man

source: impawards.com

UPDATE: Well kiss my grits. These ain’t German. These are legitimate U.S posters, and those are legitimate quotes from the film. I’ve embarrassed myself.

Those Germans, they have a word for everything. Although foreign marketing material doesn’t usually get much play on our blog, we couldn’t pass up the German one-sheets for the upcoming Paul Rudd/Jason Segel bromance I Love You, Man. Pop a squiznot, and let us know what you think.

Call me crazy, but I have a feeling “Sweet Sweet Hangin'” is going to be the catchphrase of 2009.

The pic opens June 4th, but you can check out the trailer RIGHT NOW if you follow this link.

P.S – In Germany, the film Sex Drive is called Spritztour. I thought you should all know that.

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