Terminator Salvation trailer reaches new heights of badassery

source: traileraddict.com

A brand new trailer for Terminator: Salvation has landed online, promising the kind of crazy action we’d always dreamed about after Judgment Day.

Drinking game: Take a sip everytime cheeky DP Shane Hurlbut walks into frame.


I really dig this new trailer, and am suddenly filled with more faith in McG‘s ambitious project. Here’s hoping the whole film delivers.

Over the weekend McG confirmed that he is in talks with the T-1000 himself, Robert Patrick, to star in Terminator 5. McG said:

“I like the idea in a prospective next picture that you meet Robert Patrick the way he looks today, and he’s a scientist that’s working on improving cell replication so we can stay healthier and we can cure juvenile diabetes and all these things that once again sound like good ideas — and once again live as an idealized expression of ourselves. So imagine seeing a sixty-year-old Robert Patrick and knowing, ‘Holy shit! That’s gonna be the T-1000 – who comes back perfect, lean and the whole thing.”

Umm, yes please.

In the meantime, Terminator: Salvation opens June 4th, and stars Christian Bale, Sam Worthington and Bryce Dallas Howard.

One Response to “Terminator Salvation trailer reaches new heights of badassery”

  1. It look’s BAD man a real “BADasss” man good stuff.

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