Come on! Sam Worthington is not replacing Bale as Batman.


I normally don’t like to post rumours on this blog, unless they come from at least a couple of trustworthy sources. However, I found an article on The Herald’s Sun website that I had to show you all.

This will never, ever happen. As Peter Sciretta of Slashfilm sagely reminds us, Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros are nowhere near the casting stages of their next Batman film.

Nolan and Bale have a strong working relationship, having teamed up on both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, as well as the period-drama The Prestige. Bale has said that he would be interested in returning to the Batman series provided Nolan was involved and the story was interesting.

The Herald Sun notes that Worthington‘s star is on the rise, with lead roles in the upcoming films Terminator: Salvation and Avatar. Yes, good point. They also argue that Bale’s profile has been damaged since the leak of his outburst on the set of Terminator. Again, kind of true.

But who honestly think Warner Bros would fire one of the best actors of the last decade (who also just carried their last film to a billion dollar gross) from their tentpole franchise?

Well, no one. There are no sources in the article – all speculation. So in conclusion, Worthington will not replace Bale as Batman. That is all.

3 Responses to “Come on! Sam Worthington is not replacing Bale as Batman.”

  1. I agree. Gossip at it’s finest. I highly doubt that WB would replace Bale based soley on the fact of him losing his temper on the set of Salvation. I hear the top exec at WB loses it all the time and in worse ways than Bale did. And let’s not forget Bale’s 3 deal contract.

  2. You just walked right into their traffic-generating trap.Of course it was never going to happen.The same way that there were all of these leaks earlier about Batman 3 starring Angelina Jolie as Catwoman and Johhny Depp as The Riddler.Perhaps Quickflix could give it a shot to drive some more traffic through?Step 1 – Make bold & outlandish claim that is ~somewhat~ believable, and will no doubt cause fanboys to react with passion one way or another.IE: Chris O'Donnell to reprise role as Robin opposite Christian Bale in Batman 3.Advanced Move: Make sure that the star called into question is a current "hot" media star to help stretch the reach of the story. Bonus if you can get fanboys believing it and being outraged…IE: Jonas Brothers to feature in extended cameo in new Batman film, as the three leaders of a teenage street gang. The gang, which reportedly helps Batman rescue Robin (played by Chris O'Donnell) from The Riddler's (Depp) lair.Step 2 – Use quotes from an anonymous insider. Include photos of both stars. Setup multiple accounts across all major news/movie blog sites and breathlessly report the new development, with a link to the article. (chud, aintitcool, slashfilm, darkhorizons, firstshowing etc etc)Step 3 – Watch the story get picked up and linked to around the world from entertainment news sites and blogs just like this one.Step 4 – Profit.

  3. Look forward to our upcoming report – Miley Cyrus to star as Silk Spectre in Watchmen 2: Still Watchin’

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