What are your favourite TV shows?

We’re calling you out Quickflixers! It’s time to represent. We want to know what your 10 FAVOURITE TV SHOWS are!

Last year we similarly asked for your 10 favourite movies, and you responded in force. We were able to put together a pretty solid Top 50. Now, with your help, we’d like to do the same with TV shows. More importantly, we want to prove once and for all that our members have premium taste in the arts.

Here are a couple of examples for inspiration:

Simon Miraudo’s Top 10:

1. Arrested Development
2. The Wire
3. The Simpsons
4. The Micallef Program
5. Monty Python’s Flying Circus
6. Lost
7. Battlestar Galactica
8. The Sopranos
9. The Office
10. Seinfeld

DVDman’s Top 10:

1. Dexter
2. Deadwood
3. Entourage
4. Arrested Development
5. 30 Rock
6. Red Dwarf
7. Blackadder
8. Six Feet Under
9. The Sopranos
10. My Name is Earl

But enough from us! Let us know in the comments section what YOUR 10 FAVOURITE TV SHOWS OF ALL TIME ARE. Don’t be afraid to share – we’re all friends here.

176 Responses to “What are your favourite TV shows?”

  1. 1. That 70s Show2. Malcolm in the Middle3. Seinfeld4. MASH5. Grand Designs6. Heroes7. Romeuhh, too tough to pick the rest!

  2. Hiya, my top 10 tv shows are:1. Desperate Housewives2. Grey’s Anatomy3. Amazing Race4. House5. Fawlty Towers6. Friends7. Seinfeld8. Neighbours9. Ab Fab10. ER (the early years)

  3. Lookit!1. The X-Files2. Entourage3. Underbelly4. Transformers (Original Cartoon)5. The Simpsons6. Astroboy7. Knight Rider8. Dr. Who9. Family Guy10. South Park

  4. This is a challenge. Here goes:(ok, so the last few are showing my age)1. Seinfeld2. West Wing3. Frontline4. The Hollow Men5. ER6. The Office7. Fawlty Towers8. Combat9. Number 9610. Matlock

  5. 1. Flight of the conchords2. Mighty Boosh3. Arrested Development4. South Park5. Family guy6. Harvey Birdman7. Deadwood8. Dexter9. Seinfeld10. Lost

  6. 1. The Sopranos 2. The Simpsons 3. Deadwood 4. Oz 5. Flight of the Conchords 6. Family Guy 7. Wildside 8. Astroboy 9. Seinfeld 10. The Secret Life of Us

  7. 1. Seinfeld2. Red Dwarf3. NYPD Blue4. Young Ones5. Men behaving badly6. Black adder7. Love my way8. Summer Heights High9. Chasers war on everything10. The Late Show

  8. 1. Love My Way2. The Young Ones3. Flight Of The Conchords4. Twin Peaks5. The Mighty Boosh6. Top Gear7. Seinfeld8. Long Way Round / Long Way Down9. Skins10. Epicly Later’d

  9. 1. Neon Genesis Evangelion2. Battlestar Gallactica3. Twin Peaks4. Arrested Development5. Curb Your Enthusiasm6. Shameless7. Full Metal Alchemist8. Le Chevalier D’Eon9. The Young Ones10. Skins

  10. 1. Mash2. Two and a Half Men3. The Vicar of Dibley4. The Glass house5. The Chasers War On6. Family Guy7. Battlestar Galactica8. Get Smart9. The Simpsons10. Seinfeld

  11. 1. Family Guy2. South Park3. American Dad4. Futurama5. Burn Notice6. Supernatural7. Doctor Who (modern series)8. Stargate Atlantis9. Buffy10. NCIS

  12. 1. Chuck2. How I Met Your mother3. Battlestar Galactica4. Grey’s Anatomy5. Supernatural6. The Big Bang Theory7. IT Crowd8. Reaper9. Two and a Half Men10. Top Gear

  13. Here are mine:1. Buffy the Vampire slayer2. Doctor Who3. Avatar: The last air bender4. Bones5. Skins6. The Office (US)7. Robin Hood (BBC)8. Ghormanghast9. CardCapture Sakura10. Dragon Ball Z

  14. Now this one opens a can of worms – what do you like (credibility) and what do you actually watch (often governed by the wife/partner and includes an unhealthy % of reality TV and American soaps!)1. The Young ones2. How I met your mother3. Fawlty Towers4. Friends5. NCIS6. McGyver7. House8. Moonlighting9. Mash10. Happy Days

  15. My 2 cents:1) Lost2) Dexter3) Mash4) The Simpsons5) Family Guy6) The X-Files7) Survivor8) The wonder years9) The Young Ones10) Fawlty Towers

  16. 1. Smallville2. Babylon 53. 244. Heroes5. How I met Your Mother6. Supernatural7. Deep Space Nine8. Angel9. Buffy10. Friends

  17. 1. The X-files2. Dr Quinn Medicine Woman3. Black Books4. Firefly5. Red Dwarf6. Vicar of Dibley7. Absolutely Fabulous8. Sex & the City9. That 70s Show10. NCIS

  18. 1. The X-Files2. Firefly3. Doctor Who (new)4. Torchwood5. Dark Angel6. Ed7. How I Met Your Mother8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer9. Seven Days (with Jonathon LaPaglia)10. Angel

  19. *is hiding in shame*Forgot to put NCIS 😦

  20. And does Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog count as a TV series? This is too hard.OK, enough of me spamming now…

  21. i think Dr Horrible is closer to a short film than TV show, but its so awesome, im going to allow it.

  22. 1. Friday Night Lights2. Once & Again3. Everwood4. Slings & Arrows5. Love My Way6. Arrested Development7. Dexter8 . 249. Mad About You10. Moonlighing

  23. Reply to Simon Miraudo:Yay :)If you have to take one off my list to do so, then take off Dark Angel 😉 But that still leaves me without NCIS. I was thinking on it overnight, (because, well, I’m a huge nerd with lots of time) and decided to swap Seven Days for NCIS. Or Ed. Or Seven Days? *gets out coin* Came up heads, so Seven Days.

  24. 1. The x Files 2. Greys anatomy3. Nip/Tuck4. Two and a half men5. All saints (but the old ones where mitch and terri were in it)6. Californication7. Private practice8. Gilmore girls9. will and grace10. So u think u can dance

  25. 1. Stargate SG12. Stargate Atlantis3. Satisfaction4. American Idol5. Heroes6. America’s Next Top Model7. Anthony Bourdain: No Reservation8. Grey’s Anatomy9. Dark Angel10. Melrose Place

  26. In alphabetical order:1. Air Crash Investigation2. Chappelle’s Show3. Daria4. Oz5. The First 486. The Wire7. Top Gear8. Unit One9. Veronica Mars10. Wire in the Blood

  27. 1. Peep Show2. Curb Your Enthusiasm3. Arrested Development4. Seinfeld5. I’m Alan Partridge6. Bottom7. The Young Ones8. Red Dwarf9. South Park10. Extras

  28. 1. The West Wing (definitely my most favourite ever – the rest are in no particular order)2. Northern Exposure3. Cold Feet4. Six Feet Under5. LA Law6. Wire in the Blood7. Yes Minister8. The X-Files (minus the last season)9. Seachange10. Frontline

  29. 1. Stargate SG-12. Firefly3. Dr Who4. NCIS5. Stargate Atlantis6. Bones7. Angel8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer9. Dark Angel10. Mythbusters

  30. 1. The Wire2. Twin Peaks3. Doctor Who (old)4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer5. Seinfeld6. Battlestar Galactica (new)7. Arrested Development8. The Office (UK)9. The Office (US)10. Veronica Mars

  31. Probably in no particular order, well for the bottom few atleast. 1. Startrek (TNG, Voy, Ent, DS9)2. Simpsons3. Entourage 4. Scrubs5. That 70’s show6. Dexter7. True Blood8. Red Dwarf9. Arrested Development 10. Buffy

  32. It’s hard to narrow them down, but here goes (in no particular order):1. Veronica Mars2. Bones3. Lost4. Burn Notice5. How I Met Your Mother6. Family Guy7. House8. Spaced9. Black Books10. CSI: NY

  33. 1. Friends2. Alias3. Scrubs4. Charmed5. Bones6. Veronica Mars7. Prison Break8. King of Queens9. Everybody Loves Raymond10. Sabrina The Teenage Witch

  34. Hmmm OK I have to actually think now1. Buffy2. Criminal Minds3. Bones4. South Park5. Simpsons6. Firefly7. Kitchen Confidential8. How I Met Your mother9. House10. Angel

  35. 1. Friends2. Desperate Housewives2. Grey's Anatomy3. Scrubs4. Ugly Betty (earlier seasons)5. Will & Grace6. The Simpsons7. House8. Thank God you're here9. Two & a half men10.Family Guy

  36. 1. House2. So You Think You Can Dance3. America’s Next Top Model4. Top Gear5. South Park6. Amazing Medical Stories7. Air Crash Investigation8. How I Met Your Mother9. Lie To Me10.Burn Notice

  37. 1. Supernatural2. Buffy3. Angel4. Grey’s Anatomy5. Bones6. True Blood7. Dexter8. Smallville9. The X-Files10. MillenniumThat was actually pretty hard… other faves include Xena, Reaper, Lost, Private Practice, Charmed…. hang on… I discern a pattern! Supernatural nonsense or medical dramas, anyone?

  38. 1. Extras2. Chaser’s War on Everything3. The Office (British version only)4. Black Books5. IT Crowd6. Fawlty Towers7. Spaced8. Peep Show9. Little Britain10. Lost

  39. 1. Dexter2. How I Met Your Mother3. Life4. Flight Of The Concords5. NCIS6. CSI – The Original, Las Vegas7. Supernatural8. Friends9. Lost10. RoveNewbies i’m starting to like:Lie To MeThe MentalistLife On Mars

  40. 1. Six Feet Under2. Boston Legal3. Brothers and Sisters4. Packed to the Rafters5. Sex in the City6. Nip Tuck7. Seinfeld8. Friends9. Absolutely Fabulous10. Flight of the ConcordsI’d like to get Box Sets for all of these!

  41. 1 Absolutely Fabulous2 Daria3 Seinfeld4 That 70s Show5 The Office6 Black Books7 Skins8 The IT Crowd9 Arrested Development10 Teachers

  42. 1. West Wing2. Sex and the City3. Deadwood4. True Blood5. Grey’s Anatomy6. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip7. X-files8. Entourage9. Rome10. Buffy

  43. In no particular order:1. Dexter2. Weeds3. Good Guys Bad Guys4. Seinfeld5. The Persuaders6. Naked Wild On7. Colbert Report8. Countdown9. The Goodies10.F-Troop

  44. 1: M*A*S*H2: Tour Of Duty3: Scrubs4: All CSI’s5: N.C.I.S6: Knight Rider7: Vicar of Dibley8: Fawlty Towers9: Dad’s Army10: Eastenders

  45. 1. Doctor Who2. Torchwood3. Star Trek (Original & NG)4. The Twilight Zone5. Sapphire & Steel6. Quatermass7. Creature Comforts8. The Darling Buds Of May9. "V"10. The Telegoons

  46. 1. Dexter2. Heroes3. Underbelly4. Survivor5. Life6. Dead like me7. All Saints8. Packed to the Rafters9. Life on Mars10. Amazing Race

  47. 1. Scrubs!2. South Park3. Good News Week (even if they’re revoltingly biased towards the Labor Party)4. Desperate Housewives5. Parliament Question Time 20066. Taxi Cab Confessions7. My Super Sweet 168. Dead Like Me9. Simpsons10. Futurama

  48. My top ten tv shows are1. Mash2. Transformers G1 (from the 80’s)3. House4. Supernatural5. Bones6. My Family7. NCIS8. Lie to me9. Dr Who/Torchwood10. Dexter

  49. 1. The Wire2. The Pretender3. Rome4. Veronica Mars5. House6. Top Gear7. Grand Designs8. The Eagle: A Crime Odyssey9. Buffy10. Full Metal Alchemist

  50. 1. True Blood2. Battlestar Galactica (new)3. Babylon 54. Rick and Steve5. The Librarians6. Ugly Betty7. Noah's Arc8. Heroes9. Dr Who (old & new)10.Dexter

  51. Buffy the Vampire SlayerArrested DevelopmentLostTwin PeaksSouth ParkDexterFuturamaSeinfeldOzThe Shield

  52. 1. The Wire2. The West Wing3. The Sopranos4. Six Feet Under6. Buffy7. South Park8. Arrested Development9. Mad Men10. Frontline

  53. My ten favourite TV shows of all time1. Stargate SG12. Supernatural3. Stargate Atlantis4. MacGuyver5. DeGrassi High6. Dr Who7. Buffy8. South Park9. Press Gang10. AngelThere are three types of people in the world: those that can count and those that can’t.11. Lost12. Red Dwarf13. Battlestar Galactica14. Jericho15. Melrose Place16. X-Files17. Gruen Transfer18. New Inventors19. Spicks n SpecksI would love to see the Sci-Fi channel’s Ghost Hunters.

  54. 1. All Saints2. Seachange3. AFL or Netball4. The Amazing Race5. Packed to the Rafters6. Grand designs7. The Vicar of Dibley8. MASH9. Sea Patrol10. Farmer wants a wife

  55. 1. Rome2. Six Feet Under3. Riget(Kingdom)4. Dexter5. Kingdom(UK)6. Friends7. Boston Legal8. Desperate Housewives9. Skins10 Family Guy11. Air crash Investigation

  56. I watch religiously: 1. Two and a half man2. Heroes3. Reaper4. 30 Rock5. Scrubs6. The simpsons7. Friends8. Prison BreakI enjoy these a lot:9. The Mentalist10. Rovethe rest is crap…

  57. 1. Arrested Development2. 30 Rock3. Seinfield4. The Amazing Race5. Curb your enthusiasm6. Agatha Christie’s Poirot7. Agatha Christie’s Marple8. The X-Files9. The Simpsons10. CSII’m also a fan of The Mentalist, The Office(US version), Project Runway,Extras, South Park, The Chaser’s War On Everything, Entourage, Scurbs, Top Gear and America’s Next Top Model.

  58. 1. The West Wing2. Gilmore Girls3. House4. One Tree Hill5. Brothers and sisters6. Greys Anatomy7. ER8. MASH9. Chasers war on everything10. Fawlty Towers

  59. 1. Eureka2. Deadwood3. Angel4. Buffy5. Dexter6. Supernatural7. Scrubs8. Black Books9. Firefly10. Top Gear

  60. So this is tough as once I started thinking about the shows I do and have loved over time I didn't know where to stop…however, I chose to stick with recent TV show addictions!1.Packed to the Rafters2.Grey's Anatomy3.Sea Patrol4.Criminal Minds5.The Simpsons6.Friends7.Brothers & Sisters8.Two & a half men9.Private Practice10.All SaintsAll time faves of all time would have to be A Country Practice, Always Greener, Sea Change, Alf, Punky Brewster, Family Ties, Happy Days, Different Strokes, Family Matters oh so many good shows that have been on and long gone!

  61. Desperate HousewivesGrey's AnatomyHouseCriminal MindsMediumBondi RescueRSPCA Animal RescueSecret Diary of a Call GirlKath & KimSummer Heights High

  62. my fav tv shows:1. The Simpsons 2. 2 and a half men3. Lie to me4. House5. Family Guy6. how i met your mother7. wipeout australia8. Futurama

  63. 1. Buffy2. Lost3. The Office (US)4. Heroes5. Two Guys, a Girl & a Pizza Place 6. Alias7. The Tudors8. Summer Heights High9. Seinfield10. Veronica Mars

  64. 1.simpsons2.top gear3.deadwood4.sopranos5.dr who6.star trek (all versions)7.scrap heap challenge8.ncis9.firefly10.buffy/angle (they tie)

  65. 1. Buffy2. Firefly3. Gilmore Girls4. The Vicar of Dibley5. Battlestar Galactica6. Grey’s Anatomy7. The West Wing8. MASH9. Top Gear10. Band of Brothers

  66. My top 10..1. West Wing2. Millennium3. Oz4. ER5. St Elsewhere6. Stargate SG17. Cold Feet8. Sex & The City9. Gilmore Girls10. Will & Grace

  67. 1. Six Feet Under2. The West Wing3. Life4. Criminal Minds5. The Tudors6. The L Word7. Top Gear8. Skins9. MASH10. Bad Girls

  68. 1.Buffy The Vampire Slayer2.Angel3.Gilmore Girls4.How I Met Your Mother5.South Park6.Underbelly7.Sex and the City8.Friends9.The Simpsons10.Scrubs

  69. 1. Cupid2. The West Wing3. Felicity4. The X-Files5. Flight of the Conchords6. The IT Crowd7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer8. Wildside9. Six Feet Under10. Grand Designs…with special mentions to Veronica Mars and Weeds!

  70. 1. Seinfeld2. Black Books3. Sex and the City4. King of Queens5. Family Guy6. Aboslutely Fabulous7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer8. The X Files9. Friends10.Felicity

  71. My top 10 are in no particular order:1. Friends2. Will & Grace3. Casualty4. Home & Away5. Matlock Police (show from 70s)6. Spicks n Specks7. Are you being served8. Keeping up Appearances9. Mind your Language10. The Secret Life of us

  72. 1) Top Gear2) Dr Who3) 30 Rock4) Mad Men5) Deadwood6) Long Way Round/Down7) Entourage8) Heroes9) Skins10)Shameless (didn’t like it after Fiona and Steve left)

  73. 1. The Simpsons2. M*A*S*H3. I’m Alan Partridge4. The Office (UK)5. Futurama6. Fawlty Towers7. House8. King of the Hill9. Family Guy10. Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist

  74. 1. Red dwarf.2. arested development3. Mash4. dexter5. the officeUS5. the officeUK6. the wonder years7. Friends8. southpark9. Flight of the Conchords10. black books

  75. In no particular orderdeadwoodcarnivalefireflybattlestar galacticawest wingsopranossix feet undersex and the cityspooksrome

  76. 1. Kenny vs Spenny2. Curb Your Enthusiasm3. The Office (US)4. Dexter5. Seinfeld6. Da Ali G Show7. The Office (UK)8. Entourage9. The Sopranos10. Survivor

  77. 1. Dr Who2. True Blood3. Firefly4. Torchwood5. Rome6. Buffy7. Six Feet Under8. Sex and the City9. Grand Designs10. Seinfeld

  78. 1. Stargate2. Stargate Atlantis3. Dr Who4. NCIS5. Top Gear6. How I Met Your mother7. Sex & the City8. Ghostwhisperer9. Grey's Anatomy10. Packed to the Rafters

  79. 1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer2. The West Wing3. Six Feet Under4. The Wire5. Love my Way6. Scrubs7. Ab Fab8. Mad Men9. Dexter10.French and Saunders

  80. C'mon … Think back people!1. Prisoner2. The IT Crowd3. Blackadder4. Grey's Anatomy5. Sons & Daughters6. Let The Blood Run Free7. Ghost Whisperer8. Will & Grace9. Ally Macbeal10. Absolutely Fabulous

  81. 1. Curb Your Enthusiasm2. Fawlty Towers3. 30 Rock4. The Office5. The Late Show / D-Generation6. Flight of the Conchords7. Twin Peaks8. Fast Forward (Vizard era)9. Blow Out 10. The Goodies

  82. 1. the games (john clarke/bryan dawe)2. arrested development3. hustle4. jonathon creek5. house6. coupling7. grand designs8.hollowmen9. sea patrol10. 30 rock

  83. 1. Doctor Who2. Roswell3. The Office (UK & US)4. Battlestar Galactica5. Life on Mars (UK & US)6. Red Dwarf7. Smallville8. Arrested Development9. Rome10. The Mysterious Cities of GoldHonourable Mentions:Lost, Prison Break, The X-Files, Stargate (SG1 & Atlantis), Mythbusters, Home and Away

  84. In no particular order, just as I thought of them.1. Stargate SG12. Battlestar Galactica3. Star Trek Next Generation4. Eurekaok I think I see a theme developing here!!!5. Firefly6. Andromeda7. Farscape8. Babylon 59. Voyager10 Heroes

  85. 1 Top Gear2 Friends3 Press Gang4 Star Trek Voyager5 Babylon 56 Frasier7 Yes Minister8 The Good Life9 Numb3rs10 Crossing JordanThe top 5 are easy to pick, but the next 5 not so easy to pick from the other faves.Honorable mentions to NCIS, Stargate (Both), 30 Rock, Curb you Enthusiasm, Arrested Development, Monk, Black Books, Family Ties, Jonathan Creek, Moonlighting, The Cosby Show, Becker, Black Books, Mythbusters and The Games.

  86. 1. Battlestar Gallactica2. Deadwood3. Flight of the Conchords4. Curb your enthusiasm5. Entourage6. Survivor7. Arrested Development8. Lost9. Top Gear10. The Gruen Transfer

  87. 1. Grey’s Anatomy2. Rome3. Dexter4. Deadwood5. The X-Files6. Gossip Girl7. Seinfeld8. Friends9. Buffy10. Journeyman

  88. 1. The Wire2. Seinfeld3. Mad Men4. Gilmore Girls5. 30 Rock6. Arrested Development7. Daria8. Grey’s Anatomy9. Veronica Mars10. American Dreams

  89. Sex And The CityPrison BreakLove BoatRoseanneNip TuckDesperate HouswivesSeinfeldKing of QueensEveryone loves RaymondBiggest Loser

  90. Secret ArmyMashSeinfeldThe Ascent of ManThe Story of EnglishGrand DesignsAb FabThe Forsythe SagaHill St BluesChicago Hope

  91. 1. Battlestar2. Buffy3. Angel4. X-Files5. The Closer6. Medium7. Seinfeld8. West Wing9. Veronica Mars10. Supernatural

  92. 1. NCIS2. Gilmore Girls3. Vicar of Dibly4. Bones5. JAG6. Top Gear7. 248. Robin Hood (BBC)9. Pretender10.Lois and Clark

  93. My favs:1. Roswell2. Smallville3. X-Files4. Stargate(s)5. Supernatural6. Buffy7. Angel8. Faulty Towers9. The Office (UK&US)10. CharmedHorourable mentions: Dr Who(new); Veronica Mars; Xena; Little Brittan; Dark Angel; Lost; Prison Break; Bones; and quite a few of the new shows and more of the old that evade memory at the moment.

  94. 1. Last Man Standing (2005 Oz/NZ show)2. Once and Again3. Big Love4. The Hollowmen5. Reckless (UK mini-series)6. Against the Wind7. Weeds8. Little House on the Prairie9. Felicity10. Sea Change

  95. 1. Arrested Development2. Seinfeld3. Boston Legal4. Flight of the Conchords5. The Office (UK)6. The Simpsons7. M.A.S.H.8. The Micallef P(r)ogram(me)9. Important Things with Demetri Martin10. The Sarah Silverman Program

  96. 1. Doctor Who (there is only one….. 🙂 )2. The Goodies3. Blakes 74. The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy5. Fawlty Towers6. The Young Ones7. Yes Minister8. Blackadder9. Callan10. A Very Peculiar PracticeHas anyone noticed how The News is **never** in anyone’s top 10? Hmm?

  97. 1. Lost in Space2. The Monkees3. Batman (Adam West)4. The Waltons5. Medium6. Monty Python’s Flying Circus7. Underbelly8. Family Guy9. Sabrina10. Drew Carey Show

  98. 1. Mighty Boosh2. Green Wing3. Dr Who4. Twin Peaks5. League of Gentlemen6. Takin’ Over the Asylum7. Queer As Folk (original UK)8. Black Books9. Spicks and Specks 10. Dexter

  99. 1. Seinfeld2. X Files (early years)3. Oz4. Drew Carey Show5. Picket Fences6. Ally McBeal7. Outnumbered8. Summer Heights High9. Malcolm in the Middle10. 1st season Survivor

  100. 1. The Goodies2. Monkey3. House4. Life5. Blake 76. MASH7. Faulty Towers8. Blackadder9. How I Met Your Mother10. Seifield

  101. In order of age, oldest first:Hammy Hamster F-TroopDoctor Who (both old and new, so it throws the chronology out)CountdownBuffyAngelScrubsKitchen ConfidentialSpicks and SpecksGruen Transferps – could Lost in Austen count? best thing on tv for a very long time.

  102. 1. The Chaser’s War on Everything2. Kath and Kim3. The OC4. Mark Loves Sharon5. The Simpsons6. Underbelly7. Friends8. Seinfeld9. CSI

  103. I love all these shows, in particular Blue Murder, it is in my opinion the single greatest achievement in Australian television, love it always will. 1. Blue Murder2. Scrubs 3. Sex and the City4. The Sopranos 5. The Wire6. Wire in the Blood7. Skins8. Brideshead Revisited9. Spicks and Specks10. Underbelly (it’s crap but it’s crap that I like)

  104. Battlestar Galactica (reimagined)The SimpsonsFuturamaFawlty TowersEdge of Darkness (BBC miniseries)FireflyRed DwarfTop GearHouseScrubs

  105. In no particular order…1. Rescue Me2. Footballers Wives3. Mile High4. Cutting It5. Sea Patrol6. The L Word7. 248. Arrested Development9. Beverly Hills 9021010.Star Trek: VoyagerReally do I have to pick only 10??

  106. 1. NCIS2. True Blood3. The Nanny4. Battlestar Galactica5. Stargate6. Lie to Me7. Mission to Mars8. The Ghost Wisperer10. The Medium

  107. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER…DeadwoodThe West WingArrested DevelopmentFawlty TowersScrubsLostInsight (SBS)We Can Be HeroesThe TickThe Shield

  108. 1. Dexter2. Tru Calling3. Alias4. X-files5. Lost6. Heroes7. Sliders8. Dead Zone9. Charmed10. Amazing Race

  109. Boston LegalThe PracticeGrey’s Anatomy24AliasMashPretenderGilmore GirlsCarson’s LawA Country Practice

  110. 1. Whose Line is it anyway?2. Lost3. Dexter4. True Blood5. The Chasers War on Everything6. Drawn Together7. Life on Mars (UK)8. The Big Bang Theory9. The IT Crowd10. Coupling (UK)

  111. 1. The West Wing2. Seinfeld3. Frasier4. Black Books5. Family Guy6. Gilmore Girls 7. Astro Boy (Original 1960’s series)8. Blackadder9. Cheers10. The Late Show

  112. BuffyBoston LegalDr WhoThe ChasersBrideshead revisitedFireflyScrubsBonesUpstairs DownstairsThe Onedin Line

  113. The Pretender (Does not seem to be available in Australia though)Dark AngelTop GearAliasHeroesMonkLas VegasSmallvillePrisonbreakFriends

  114. 1.The Wire2.The Simpsons3.The X-files4.The Sopranos5.Deadwood6.Homicide: Life on the Street7.The Prisoner8.Twin Peaks9.The Office (UK)10.Millennium

  115. 1. Doctor Who2. Torchwood3. Ugly Betty4. Heroes5. The Chaser’s War On Everything6. Seinfeld7. Monty Python’s Flying Circus8. The Late Show (Australian)9. Are You Being Served?10. The Amazing Race

  116. This was really freakin’ hard to decide…1. Red Dwarf2. Scrubs3. Dr Who4. The Simpsons5. Young Ones6. Stargate7. Frontline8. Black Books9. Top Gear10. House

  117. 1. Birds of a Feather2. As Time Goes By3. My Family4. Men Behaving Badly5 Only Fools and Horses6. Keeping Up Appearances7. Minder8. Matlock9. The Rockford Files10.Doc Martin

  118. 1. the practice2. the mentalist3. packed to the rafters4. law and order – svu5. city homicide6. domestic blitz7. find my family8. cold case9. rove10.brothers and sisters

  119. 1. The Mighty Boosh2. Malcolm in the Middle3. Kenny Everett Video Show4. Monkey5. Medium6. Fawlty Towers7. Simpsons8. Bananaman9. Amazing Race10. My name is Earl

  120. 1. Dr Who2. Torchwood3. Scrubs4. My name is earl5. Greys Anatomy6. That 70s show7. Gilmore Girls8. The Mighty Boosh9. Heroes10. FriendsI could go on…

  121. Greg said……I think you need to have categories, Reality TV, Drama, Comedy, Sci Fi, Thriller, Crime, etc. I cannot do justice to all genres in one list, but here goes!How good have TV shows got in the last 5-10yrs? Brilliant!1. Sopranos2. 243. Terminator Sarah Connors chronicles.4. Breaking Bad5. Fawlty Towers6. Prison Break7. The Mighty Boosh8. Seinfeld9. Amazing Race10. Red Dwarf

  122. 1. The Wire2. Seinfeld3. Mad Men4. Gilmore Girls5. 30 Rock6. Sex and the City7. Arrested Development8. American Dreams9. Veronica Mars10. Grey’s Anatomy

  123. 1. Family Guy2. Oz3. Stargate: Atlantis4. The Simpsons5. Dexter6. Firefly7. Buffy The Vampire Slayer8. Charmed9. Big Bang Theory10. Supernatural

  124. 1. Stargate SG-12. Blackadder3. Blood Ties4. The Young Ones5. Macgyver6. Dark Angel7. Monkey8. Kenny Everett Video Show9. Chef10. Monkey (Magic)

  125. Something along the lines of:1. How I Met Your Mother2. The Soup3. The Mentalist4. Scrubs5. Cold Case6. Desperate Housewives7. Friends8. Skins9. Two and a Half Men10.Family Guy

  126. Not in any particular order.1.Doctor Who -modern series2.The West Wing3.The Gilmore Girls4.Sea Change5.Yes Minister/Yes Prime Minister6.The Amazing Race7.Top Gear8.Star Trek- original and TNG9.Fawlty Towers10.To The Manor BornWould have included M*A*S*H but it’s on TV so often that as much as I like it I think you can have too much of a good thing.

  127. Not in any particular order for sure.. 1) Alias2) Ed3) Buffy4) Survivor5) X Files6) Supernatural7) Grey’s Anatomy8) Prison Break9) The Pretender10) 24

  128. The West WingBuffyCrime StoryMurder One (season one)The WireHomicide: Life on the StreetArrested DevelopmentFamily GuyVeronica MarsThe Games

  129. 1. Greys Anatomy2. One Tree Hill3. How I Met Your Mother4. Packed to the Rafters5. Eli Stone6. Desperate Housewives7. That 70’s Show8. Private Practice9. Friends10. House

  130. 1. Firefly2. Buffy3. Angel4. Dr Horrible5. Battlestar Galactica (reimagined)6. Boston Legal7. Daria8. Star Trek: Voyager9. Coupling10. Black Books

  131. Sandra Said1. F Troop2. Criminal Minds3. The West Wing4. Arthur, The King of Camelot (animation)5. Fawlty Towers6. Men Behaving Badly7. Doc Martin8. Welcome Back Kotter9. Dallas10. Dynasty


  133. in no particular order:- the west wing- the wire- wonderfalls- life on mars (UK version)- family ties (i wanted to be in that family!)- 30 rock – buffy the vampire slayer- american dad- extras- arrested developmenthonourable mentions, law and order franchise (svu, criminal intent, original), pushing daisies, dr who, homicide life on the street, curb your enthusiasm, firefly, the simpsons, lost, cold case, skins, medium, the amazing race, entourage, later with jools, water rats before friels and mcclemmans left, fantasy football league with baddiel and skinner, mad men, lie to me…should be broken down into categories… and i watch way too much tv!

  134. 1. Boston Legal2. Weeds3. Dr Who4. Southpark5. Scrubs6. Brothers & Sisters7. 30 Rock8. Futurama9. Two and a half men10.So you think you can dance

  135. 1. Dexter2. Morse3. Stargate4. Wire In The Blood5. New Tricks6. Firefly7. Hamish Macbeth8. Cheers9. Rockford Files10. Dark Angel

  136. Hard to put them in the right order…. But here goes:-1. Top Gear (The orginal not Aussie)2. Spicks & Specks3. Firefly4. Stargate SG15. Buffy:the Vampyre Slayer6. Kolchak: the Night Stalker7. Red Dwarf8. Six Feet Under9. Get Smart10. MonkeyNear miss: Stargate Atlantis & X-Files (1st 5 seasons)Damn… That's hard work. And I don't watch a lot of tv

  137. 1 Ghost Whisperer2 All Saints3 Bones4 CSI Miami4 City Homicide5 Home and Away6 Jonathon Creek7 Packed to the Rafters8 Neighbours9 Find My Family10 CSI

  138. 1. West Wing2. Jack and Bobby3. Sex and the City4. Thirtysomething5. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip6. Northern Exposure7. Queer as folk (US)8. Star Trek (original and Next Gen)9. Six Feet Under10. Coupling (UK)

  139. 1. Hawaii 5 O2. Colombo3. Ironside4. MASH5. Hogans Heroes6. Wiseguy7. McGyver8. Seachange9 Boston Legal10. Perry Mason

  140. 1. the sopranos2. seinfield.3. doctor who4. buffy5. chances6. northern exposure7 twin peaks8. x files9. night stalker (the original)10. bold and the beautiful

  141. Suzie saysSeinfeldThe Office (UK and US)SimpsonsMary Tyler MooreFawlty TowersBewitchedFlintstonesStar Trek (original)Monty Python’s Flying CircusLost in Space

  142. 1.Bad Girls2.The L Word3.Queer as Folk(US)4.This Life5.Black Books6.Dexter7.Six Feet Under8.Boston Legal9.Shameless10.Twin PeaksMust have a No.11 The Games

  143. 1. Twin Peaks2. Paul Hogan Show3. Friends4. Seinfeld5. Gilligans Island6. Arrested Development7. Kath & Kim8. Desperate Housewives9. AFL Footy Show10. The Goodies

  144. only 10…1. Grey’s Anatomy2. packed to the rafters3. gilmore girls4. criminal minds5. medium6. ghost whisperer7. CSI8. Desperate Housewives9. seinfeld10.scrubsand so many more…

  145. 1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (best. show. ever.)2. Blackadder3. MASH4. Law & Order SVU5. Firefly6. Masters of Horror7. Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law8. Lost9. Friends10.The Simpsons

  146. Gotta say, a lot of you have good taste – yes to Battlestar Galactica (the new one), That 70s show, Arrested Development, the quality US reality shows The Amazing Race/Survivor and a nod to classics such as MASH, Fawlty Towers and AbFab. The huge variance in shows on peoples’ lists shows that there is something to please everyone. Surprised to not see Neighbours and Home and Away on the list (only kidding!)

  147. 1. 30 Rock2. Arrested Development3. Entourage4. Family Ties5. Will & Grace6. Real Stories7. King of Queens8. Monarch of the Glen9. Rosanne10. Law & order: Criminal Intent (the ones with Det. Robert Goran)

  148. 1. Scrubs2. Buffy3. Firefly4. Whose Line is it Anyway?5. West Wing6. Friends7. Queer as Folk (US)8. Prison Break9. Arrested Development10. Spicks & Specks

  149. 1. Seinfeld2. Sopranos3. MASH4. South Park5. Dexter6. X Files7. Yes Minister8. Six Feet Under9. The Shield10. Get Smart

  150. My Top Ten Sows are1.Terminator Sarah Connor Files2.Ghost Whisperer3.Top Gear (UK Version)4.Life5.Jericho6.Numb3rs7.Heroes8.C.S.I New York9.Baywatch10.The X Files

  151. 1. Dr Who2. Top Gear3. The Mentalist4. Torchwood5. Spooks6. Time Team7. Ladette to Lady8. Red Dwarf9. Poirot10. Babylon 5

  152. 1. Friends2. Gossip Girl3. Gilmore Girls4. Arrested Development5. The Office6. Lost7. Summer Heights High8. Seinfeld9. Scrubs10. Sex and the City

  153. 1. Doctor Who2. The Muppet Show3. The Singing Detective4. The Prisoner5. The Simpsons6. Hill Street Blues 7. Fawlty Towers8. Blackadder9. The West Wing13. Monty Python’s Flying Circus

  154. 1. Simon and simon2. Fallguy3. Matt Houston4. Battlestar Galactica- the orignal series5. Dukes of Hazzard6. The Virginian7. Riptide8. Bones9. McGyver10. NCIS

  155. 1. Doctor Who 2. Star Trek (all)3. Dead Like Me4. Stargate SG1 & Atlantis5. Agatha Christie's everything6. Sliders7. Hustle8. Farscape9. My Family10. Jonathon Creek So tough, so many shows I wanted to add like NCIS; all CSI Dark Angel & beastmaster; and no where do we get the great anime shows like Inu Yasha, Kenshin, except through Quickflix.

  156. 1. Arrested Development2. Six Feet Under3. The Wire4. Dexter5. Mad Men6. Deadwood7. Big Love8. Curb Your Enthusiasm9. Twin Peaks10. The West WingThat was exceedingly difficult, and I had to leave out some great shows, but I'm happy with my list. Sorry, Freaks & Geeks, I promise you would make my top 20!

  157. 1. Lost2. Friday Night Lights3. The Simpsons4. Seinfeld5. Friends6. Frasier7. Degrassi8. Futurama9. Buffy10.The Office (US)

  158. 1. Survivor2. The Amazing Race3. The Office (UK)4. The Office (US)5. Australia’s Next Top Model6. America’s Next Top Model7. 30 Rock8. The X-Files9. Red Dwarf10. The Simpsons

  159. 1. Dexter2. X Files3. MASH4. Top Gear5. Moonlighting6. Family Ties7. Veronicas Closet8. Queer as Folk US Version9. Three’s Company US and Uk Version10. Bionic Woman

  160. 1. The Office (US)2. The Office (UK)3. Arrested Development4. Trailer Park Boys5. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia6. 30 Rock7. Wilfred8. Futurama9. Aqua Teen Hunger Force10. The Mighty Boosh

  161. 1. 2 & 1/2 Men2. Xfiles season 1-73.Buffy 4.Angel season 2-5.Bones season6. Dr Who7. Law in Order early seasons8. CSI early seasons9. Iron Chef10. NCIS all

  162. 1. Edge of Darkness2. Babylon 53. Doctor Who4. Arrested Development5. Ultraviolet6. The Mysterious Cities of Gold7. Press Gang8. Yes (Prime) Minister9. Daria10. The Simpsons

  163. 1. Scrubs2. Grey’s Anatomy3. House4. Gilmore Girls5. Northern Exposure6. Firefly7. Stargate SG-18. Farscape9. Lost10.Spics and Specs

  164. 1. Buffy2. Angel3. Supernatural4. Lost5. House M.D6. Heroes7. Dexter8. Doctor Who9. Scrubs10. Blackadder

  165. These are the ones that I am always happy to watch over and over.1. Twin Peaks2. Northern exposure3. The X-Files4. Fawlty Towers5. Arrested Development6. MASH7. Seinfeld8. The Simpsons9. American Gothic10. Blackadder – series 3&4There are a few shows I love that are actually screening currently, but these will always be my faves.

  166. 1. Weeds2. Battlestar Galactica (the new one)3. The Wire4. Mad Men5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer6. Joan of Arcadia7 Dark Angel8. ER (the first 4 or so seasons)9. Oz10. Flight of the Conchords

  167. My faves are:1. West Wing2. Thirtysomething3. Sex and the City4. Coupling5. Queer as Folk6. Northern Exposure7. Secret Diary of a Call Girl8. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip9. This Life10.Capital City

  168. Mmm hard not to think American and what’s on at the moment. All these shows I can remember at one stage making a ritual over watching them each week.1.X-files2.Wildside3.six feet under4.Buffy5.Batman (Adam West)6.The Micallef P(r)ogram(me)7.The D-Generation / Late Show8.south park9.the young ones10.Yes MinisterOne the outside: Firefly, Big Love, Lost, Blackadder, Fawlty Towers, Flight of the Co nchords, Sea Change, The Games, Dr WHo

  169. DVDSETCollection! -The most popular DVD:Charmed Seasons 1-8 DVD, The Sopranos seasons 1-6 DVD, Cold Case Seasons 1-5 DVD Boxset.

  170. In no real order:1. Black Books2. I.T. Crowd3. Big Bang Theory4. Seinfeld5. How I Met Your Mother6. 30 Rock7. House MD8. Coupling9. Pushing Daisies10. Skins

  171. Okay, so I'm a bit late, but here goes:Grey's AnatomyLostDexterCalifornicationSix Feet Under30 RockSex & the CityBoston LegalThe PracticeSeinfeld

  172. Love My WayFamily TiesSeinfeldHouseER (early days only)CharmedThe Secret Life of UsFriendsSex & The CityMelrose Place

  173. 1. Battlestar Gallatica2. Dexter3. ER (in its prime)4. Grey's Anatomy5. Stargate SG-16. NCIS7. CSI8. Firefly9. Red Dwarf10. The West Wing

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