Quickflix interviews the stars of 2 Fists, 1 Heart

The local film industry has something in common with all the great boxing heroes in cinema history – it’s a real underdog. It coulda been a contender, that’s for sure. But lately audiences seem less interested in Australian productions and more interested in fighting robots or emotionally crippled superheroes.

For our underdog tale to be complete, we would need an unlikely hero to rise up against insurmountable odds. Well, the story of Western Australian production 2 Fists, 1 Heart has that in spades. Who would have thought that one of the most anticipated local films of the year would be written by the controversial Perth identity Rai Fazio. Based on his relationship with his Sicilian father and his boxing past, the picture is shaping up to be Australia’s own Rocky.

I caught up with Rai Fazio and lead actor Daniel Amalm last week to chat about the screenplay’s origin, sharing a Sicilian heritage and what it’s like to have a Top 30 chart hit.

Rai Fazio


Simon: Boxing movies are almost a genre of their own. You know, outside of all the sports movies. There are the ones that stand out like Million Dollar Baby, Rocky. Did you look at a lot of movies like that?
Rai: I watched them all. Absolutely. I watched every single one of them. And what was important to me, was that people look at me and say “this guys an ex-boxer”. What we wanted to do was make the boxing look real. And it was. So like, a lot of the boxing was sort of, anywhere between … 40% and 100%, if I can put it that way. There was nothing, sort of fake in it.

Simon:Well as a local Perth boy myself, AND someone of Sicilian heritage…
Simon:… I’m looking forward to seeing the film.
Rai:(Laughing) Oh you’ll get it, you’ll get it.

Daniel Amalm


Simon:Now I read that you actually have had a Top 30 Chart Hit.
Daniel:(Laughing) Yeah back in 1994, 95.
Simon: Is music something you want to keep going at?
Daniel: I think the good thing about music is, as much as I like acting, it seems like you’re in control of your destiny. You can book a gig; …”I need some work, yeah well lets book some gigs”. Whereas acting you can’t ring up a director and go “look mate, I need a gig can you just book me in a movie”.

If you would like to see more interviews, let us know in the comments section below. In the future we will hopefully be able to provide video footage, complete with better audio! I’ll even attempt to make my voice sound nicer too. Huzzah!

2 Responses to “Quickflix interviews the stars of 2 Fists, 1 Heart”

  1. nice work simon!Always happy to hear/read exclusive interviews.

  2. any chance you can have these published / written as well as the audio??PS – great work on Quickflix News – always enjoy it

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