Wild Things poster makes my heart sing!

source: s-jonze.blogspot.com

The official one-sheet for Spike Jonze‘s long gestating adaptation of the classic children’s book Where The Wild Things Are has debuted on a fan’s blog. And it’s perfect.

The film has gone through plenty of woes during production, but now that we’ve finally seen the poster, I’m filled with optimism.

In other WTWTA news, CHUD has revealed that the first trailer will debut ahead of Monsters vs Aliens next weekend. A scooper has described the 3-minute trailer as “beautiful and gorgeous and breathtaking.” Although we can’t be sure that the scooper actually has seen the trailer, they did reveal that it will be set to The Arcade Fire’s great song Wake Up.

So if you hear the below song in the trailer, you’ll know the truth:

Where the Wild Things Are hits Australian cinemas December 10th, 2009. In the meantime, purchase the albums Funeral and Neon Bible by The Arcade Fire, lest I judge you mercilessly.

2 Responses to “Wild Things poster makes my heart sing!”

  1. Man, i’m really lookin forward to this!

  2. Ugh, Arcade fire suck. That’s a bummer.

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