Michael Cera madness continues! Full length Year One trailer!

source: traileraddict.com

The feature length trailer for Harold Ramis‘ upcoming Bible spoof Year One has landed online. Haters of awkward-Michael-Cera-characters be warned – you are not going to enjoy this film. However, regular Cera fans can rejoice! It’s George Michael in a wig!

The film stars Jack Black and Cera as two wandering souls trying to find the meaning of life in year numero un. The trailer hints at an interesting marriage of Monty Python and Apatow Improv.

While there are only a couple of laugh out-loud moments (Cera striking a pose at the end), I’m confident the film will be pretty damn funny. It’s always worth waiting until the redband trailer to see a TRUE indication of the film’s naughtier content. In the meantime, enjoy some good old fashioned family fun.


Year One opens June 18th, 2009. That’s 2009, not 1. I repeat, the year 2009.

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