Aussie grabs lead in Zack Synder’s Sucker Punch


Melbourne’s own Emily Browning has scored the lead role in Zack Snyder‘s upcoming action fantasy Sucker Punch. She will join an all-girl cast that is likely to include Vanessa Hudgens, Emma Stone, Evan Rachel Wood and Abbie Cornish.

Browning, who is best well known for her performances in Lemony Snicket and The Uninvited, will replace Mamma Mia‘s Amanda Seyfried as Baby Doll.

Seyfried was originally cast in the lead in March, but was forced to withdraw due to scheduling conflicts with the television show Big Love.

Snyder is coming off the artistic success/relative financial failure of Watchmen. However, Warner Bros have entrusted him with another $100 million budget for the feature. Snyder will co-produce with his wife Deborah.

The story follows a young woman called Baby Doll committed to an insane asylum who fantasises about escaping with her fellow female inmates. Snyder has described the film as “‘Alice in Wonderland’ with machine guns.”

Zack Snyder’s next film will be Guardians of Ga’Hoole, an animated feature based on the book series by Kathryn Lasky. Production began in Australia in February, and will be animated by the same team that made Happy Feet.

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