Follow Quickflix on Twitter!

Welcome to the world of tomorrow … today! Much like the Grandpa that has just learnt how to use the Internet, Quickflix has finally joined Twitter.

You can follow our official twitter page here, where you can get blog updates as well as other fun and funky facts.

Plus, you can follow DVDman here, and hear his cantankerous take on films/society/existence.

Or if you’re so inclined, follow my twitter page here, and bathe in all my awesomeness.

So come and friend us, or follow us, or tweet us, or whatever it is you kids call it. We’d love to hear from you. Web 2.0 baby! Woohoo!

Quickflix Official Twitter


Simon Miraudo

One Response to “Follow Quickflix on Twitter!”

  1. I think that post required a screen shot from Futurama.

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