Bruno trailer debuts, rendering all previous comedies obsolete


The trailer for Sacha Baron Cohen‘s latest feature Bruno has landed online! And if you only see one trailer about a gay Austrian fashion designer this year, make it this one.

I honestly cannot remember the last trailer that made me laugh out loud so hard, and so often. I’m not even going to attempt to sandwich any more jokes into this article, because let’s face it – I’m up against some serious competition.

WARNING: Features nudity, very sexual references and some coarse language. DO NOT WATCH if you are under 17!

Bruno, directed by Larry Charles, is set for release in Australia on July 9th. It is still in the process of fighting the MPAA for a lower rating. Here’s hoping not too much gets cut from the film, because it looks like they’ve got gold on their hands. Solid, solid gold.

2 Responses to “Bruno trailer debuts, rendering all previous comedies obsolete”

  1. how do you defend against a man with 2 dildos

  2. This looks too funny – can’t wait!

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