Quickflix’s 50 favourite TV shows!

Congratulations Quickflixers! We asked for your favourite TV shows, and you DEFINITELY made yourselves heard. We received our greatest ever number of comments, and it was clear you are all passionate about your television.

We’ve spent the past two weeks compiling over 1600 votes; distributed amongst more than 350 television shows. There were plenty of surprises; a lot of them good (check out that top 5!), and some of them not so good (Family Guy above Futurama!?, NCIS above The Sopranos? Come on).

Let us know what you loved, and what you hate about this top 50. However, whatever you may think, you can’t argue with the facts. These are Quickflix’s 50 favourite TV shows.

10. MASH

11. Scrubs
12. Friends
13. Firefly
14. Battlestar Galactica
15. Top Gear
16. The Wire
17. Fawlty Towers
18. Stargate SG1
19. House
20. Lost
21. Deadwood
22. The Office (UK)
23. Gilmore Girls
24. How I Met Your Mother
25. Heroes
26. Six Feet Under
27. NCIS
28. The Sopranos
29. South Park
30. Angel
31. Sex and the City
32. 30 Rock
33. Bones
34. Family Guy
35. Twin Peaks
36. Supernatural
37. The Office (US)
38. Red Dwarf
39. Star Trek
40. Boston Legal
41. Flight of the Conchords
42. Desperate Housewives
43. Packed to the Rafters (Awaiting DVD release)
44. Black Books
45. Criminal Minds
46. True Blood (Awaiting DVD release)
47. Curb Your Enthusiasm
48. That 70’S Show
49. Entourage
50. Futurama

Let us know what you think! Also, if there are any shows here you haven’t heard of, then at least give them a try! You never know – your next favourite show might be in this top 50!

One Response to “Quickflix’s 50 favourite TV shows!”

  1. Most agreeable list.

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