Idiot investors worry about Pixar’s financial prospects


You would think after Wall Street collapsed last year, the advice of billionaire industry watchers would be seen as “a charming contribution” rather than “legitimate counsel or guidance”.

Sadly, the latter is still the case, with leading financial researchers expressing concern over the box office potential of Pixar‘s latest adventure Up!

According to the New York Times, Wall Street and toy retailers are anxious about the marketability of the film.

Richard Greenfield of Pali Research does not believe Up! will reach previous Pixar benchmarks, due to the film’s unique storyline and eclectic characters. Greenfield doubts younger boys will be engaged by the film’s lead, a septuagenarian named Carl Frederickson who travels the world from the comfort of his own balloon-lifted home. He also complains about the lack of a female lead in the film, which co-stars a chubby male boy scout and a talking dog named Dug.

Industry ‘professionals’ have also expressed concern over the gradual decline in performance of Pixar’s films. The last two films from the studio, Ratatouille and WALL-E, only grossed around $220 million domestically, far short of Pixar’s previous features.

However, what the watchers don’t state are the success of WALL-E and Ratatouille worldwide. Accounting the film’s grosses from around the globe, Ratatouille is the 3rd most successful Pixar film, and WALL-E is the 4th.

Of course, the $180 million budgets of WALL-E and Up! are far greater than the $30 million budget of Toy Story back in 1995. Combined with inflating ticket prices, comparative grosses are not what they used to be.

Regardless, Pixar’s filmography is probably the most solid, over-performing and critically respected of any studio in history. When bean-counters get all into a tizzy about the marketability of a crotchety old man, it only impresses me further that Pixar continue to make groundbreaking and unprecedented works of art.

So, Wall Street – back the hell away from my Pixar!!! Up! is going to brill, and whether it’s a massive hit or not, at least it wasn’t responsible for destroying the world’s economy and plunging us all into financial disaster and destitution! Snap!

Up opens September 3rd in QLD and VIC, September 10 in SA and WA and September 17 in NSW. Shortly after, the debate about an animated film’s ability to score a Best Picture nomination will be reignited.

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