See Megan Fox go corset-crazy in Jonah Hex


The first images of Megan Fox dressed in western-garb for Jimmy Hex have landed online. And of course, she looks ridiculously attractive. You can see the rest here.

Fox will play Leila, a gun-wielding beauty and love-interest of Josh Brolin‘s Jimmy Hex, a disfigured bounty hunter in the middle of the Wild West. John Malkovich will star as a voodoo practitioner who intends to free the Confederate South with an army of zombies.

The film is the first live-action adaptation of the famous DC character. It will be directed by, ahem, Horton Hears A Who director Jimmy Hayward. Considering it has been written by Crank-scribes Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, he’s quite a surprising choice.

In Hayward’s defence, he was previously an animator for Pixar – and if anyone knows how to put together a perfect sequence, it’s the Pixar bunch. Here’s hoping he brings some cartoonish fun to the tongue-in-cheek action comedy.

Anyway, enough talking. More Megan.

Jonah Hex is currently filming in Louisiana. The film is expected to hit cinemas in 2010.

Looking forward to Jonah Hex? Any other comic characters you’d like to see brought to life? Did these Megan Fox pictures just make your day that much better?

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