The 10 toughest, craziest and yummiest movie mums

With Mother’s Day coming up, we thought we’d take a look at our 10 favourite movie mums. It’s a veritable smorgasbord of tough mums, funny mums, crazy mums and yes, even some sexy mums. Take a look down the list, and let us know which movie mum is like your own! P.S. Please don’t say it’s the sexy ones.

10. Sabrina “Bree” Osbourne – Transamerica

Ahem. And what better way to kick off our list of best movie mums than with Stanley, umm, I mean Sabrina Osbourne. Although Bree only meets her son Tony at the age of 17, she’s ridiculously understanding of his dream career: to enter the world of adult homoerotica. Well, different strokes.

9. Meg Altman – Panic Room

Meg puts it all on the line to keep her diabetic daughter (played by a young Kristen Stewart) alive while facing some brutal home invaders. It’s unknown whether she would have gone to as much effort if she knew that her daughter would go on to star in Twilight.

8. Edith “Big Edie” Beale – Grey Gardens

The misunderstood (read: insane) relatives of Jackie O live in squalor and isolation down at old Grey Gardens. And while “Big Edie” may drive her daughter “Little Edie” crazy, she never leaves her side. Maybe because they love each other. But probably because they’re insane.

7. Laura – The Orphanage

Laura is one of the most noble, well-meaning mothers in film history, but even the best intentions can lead to horrifyingly devastating conclusions. Yikes. We’d be lying if we said she didn’t make this list out of pity. Seriously, watch The Orphanage. You’ll know what we mean.

Guem-ja has been in prison for most of her young daughter’s life, but she’s determined to make it up to. She promises. Oh, the times they’ll have. But, first things first. Guem-ja has to exact her revenge on the man responsible for her jail time in the most brutal, drawn-out and blood-drenched way in human history. And then, time for cake!

5. Elaine Miller – Almost Famous

People don’t give Elaine Miller much of a chance, and she usually finds her way onto the lists of “Worst Movie Mums”. Cut her a bit of slack. When was the last time your mum let you travel America with a hard-living rock band and their sympathetic groupies (and I mean sympathetic).

Who would have thought that the only grandmother on this list would be sexy Catharine Keener? She may not have the best taste in men (until Steve Carrell’s Andy turns up of course), but she raised three kids all on her own, and still found time to keep her body looking fiiiiiiiiine.

3. Wendy Torrence – The Shining

If Jack Nicholson ever went crazy and tried to hunt me down with an axe, I would probably just prepare myself for the worst. But not Wendy. She does her darndest to keep herself and her son Danny safe from Jack, despite the fact that not even Scatman Crothers could stop him. And I always project the probability of something based on whether or not Scatman Crothers can do it.

2. Edwina “Ed” McDonnough – Raising Arizona

Some of the best mothers in the world happen to be infertile; but their adopted or surrogate children never feel less than adored. Such is the case for Edwina McDonnough, who implores her husband to steal her one of the “Arizona Quints”. And bless her, she loves that baby, even as they face off against the po-lice, escaped convicts, and the lone biker of the apocalypse. Because that’s what a good mother does.

1. Sarah Connor – Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Look – she saved humanity, and raised a kid all on her own. Do I gotta spell it out for you why she’s number 1?

Let us know who your favourite movie mums are! We’d love to hear your thoughts!

11 Responses to “The 10 toughest, craziest and yummiest movie mums”

  1. we’ll need more yummy mums in there to impress even the most lenient of us.

  2. what about Geena Davis in the Long Kiss Goodnight – there is one tough, crazy and yummy mummy!

  3. jamie lee curtis in true lies? for the hotel room dance sequence alone!

  4. You missed Uma Thurman in Kill Bill! Sure she’s called ‘the bride’, but it’s really about being a mum…

  5. Good pick on the number one there; I’m right there with you one that one.

  6. How was this post allowed to be published when it doesn’t include the coolest (and one of the hottest) mum’s in cinema history: Rose Darko (Mary McDonnell)?! I mean seriously, if that gets left of a 10 ten list I have grave concerns for the authenticity of all those to come, and even those gone before.Come to think of it, Mary would go on to play Laura Roslin in Battlestar Galactica. Her role in that was essentially a mother figure for the entire human race. That’s two mothers in one acting powerhouse!

  7. What about THAT Sharon Stone leg cross??……..And she’s still looking stunning today!!

  8. Love the No1 – let’s face it she is smokin’ and any mum that can do chin ups in jail is rockin’!

  9. simv, I’m as big a fan of Laura Roslin as anyone out there. But you must be smoking the same stuff that Richard Kelly was when he wrote Donnie Darko if you think Mrs Darko is one of the greatest movie mums.Frankly, I question her commitment to sparkle motion.

  10. How about the Alien in Aliens – or was it Alien3? And thence we go the reverse termination at the end of A3 as well?

  11. I'm gobsmacked that Uma Thurman (The Bride) in Kill Bill 1 & 2 didn't make it. Frankly, it's pretty hard to take the list seriously without her in it. I mean, why did she want to Kill Bill????

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