The Twilight Saga’s New Moon has worst poster ever


Some people say I’m too harsh on Twilight . I called it the worst film of 2008, I named Bella and Edward the creepiest movie couple of all time and I called the Cullen’s the most unbearable movie family in history. Sometimes I wonder if I am being too harsh. But then I am given a gift like this poster for New Moon, the second film in the Twilight Saga, and all doubts subside.

OK, so the above picture features newcomers Alex Meraz, Chaske Spencer, Bronson Pelletier, and Kiowa Gordon as the werewolf pack in the sequel to the hit film Twilight. Honestly, who saw this poster and thought “not only is this NOT a ridiculous image, it is suitable to promote our film.”

Here is the official synopsis from Summit Entertainment:

In NEW MOON, Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) is devastated by the abrupt departure of her vampire love Edward (Robert Pattinson) but her spirit is rekindled by her growing friendship with the irresistible Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). Suddenly she finds herself drawn into the world of the werewolves, ancestral enemies of the vampires, and she finds her loyalties tested.

Translation: The weak-willed teenage girl crumbles into depression when her cruel boyfriend leaves her without explanation. As a result of her inability to show a shred of independence, she shacks up with the enemy of her ex.

In surprisingly appropriate news, a copy of the New Moon script was found by a St Louis woman in the trash. She returned the film to the studio, and was “rewarded” with tickets to the premiere.

The Twilight Saga’s New Moon opens November 19th in Australia. Please please please see Let The Right One In instead.

Discuss: Seriously, who is looking forward to this movie?

60 Responses to “The Twilight Saga’s New Moon has worst poster ever”

  1. You are correct, this is possibly the worst movie poster ever.Who is looking forward to this movie. Every single 15 year old girl. It’s true.

  2. If you hate Twilight so damn much, why bother writing a whole bloody article about it? People like you make no sense what-so-ever.Just because it's not one of your favourite movies! Look how bloody popular the books & movie are, think you can do better? I think not.And so what if it's 15 year old girls looking forward to the movie? What the hell do you think Disney movies are aimed at? Adults? No. So, are you going to bag every Disney movie now too?Grow up & get a life & spend your pointless time reviewing movies you ACTUALLY care about.

  3. Grow up and get a life? I’m sorry, i don’t usually write on blogs…but i feel the particular need to say something about your harsh and unthought out comment.Aren’t we are trying to teach kids to be critical of what they see and hear (on the internet and otherwise), if they are just given movies (and books) like twilight, how will they ever become imaginative adults?Disney movies are never just for kids-they should be univseral…these movies my anonymous friend, are not. Articles like this show people that there is alot to be said for movies like twilight…both good and bad…If you feel so compelled to write such a critical comment…maybe you should get in line with the rest of the 15 year olds out there!

  4. I’m not a huge fan of the Twilight film franchise, but I can’t see what makes this the most ridiculous movie poster ever. They are obviously attempting to appeal to their female target audience by depicting men as women are routinely depicted in many other movie posters. For example, other than The Hot Chick poster, all of these:'s ridiculous about sexualised depictions of MEN which are intended for a female audience?

  5. Oh, I’m sorry my dear “Twilight h8ter friend”.What’s even the point of that name? h8ter? Why not just put the ‘a’ in? It doesn’t make the word any shorter…It should be h8r, but anyway.You are a perfect example of my apparently “unthought out comment”.Why are you reading articles about Twilight if you’re such a hater?And was your comment, “maybe you should get in line with the rest of the 15 year olds out there!” meant to offend me or something? Cos damn right I’ll be getting in line with the rest of the 15 year olds even though I’m 19. I’m not ashamed to admit I like Twilight. It doesn’t offend me that you think I’ll get in line with them… god damn, I’ll probably be FIRST in line in front of the 15 year olds!Have a LOVELY day. 🙂 /endsarcasm

  6. To “Twilight FAN who doesnt understand stupid” you wrote “/endsarcasm” does that mean your whole post was being sarcastic? Cause it sure sounds like it. I mean 19 and liking Twilight, that is a real good joke!

  7. That poster’s a savvy piece of marketing, actually. The target audience for “New Moon” consists largely of the 100-zillion teen girls who obsessively read the Twilight books. They know the story already, and they’ll be going along to swoon through another darkly sexual adolescent romance story. A poster showing four hot shirtless guys they can fantasize over between now and the release date is a great hook. It works in at least two other ways, too: (1) It creates a buzz, people will talk about it (as we are now); and (2) It’s an effective “mystery poster”: people who know nothing about the Twilight saga might be prompted to go look it up. The top two audiences for the Twilight product lines (books + film) are under 18 females and gay males of any age. I can’t think of a poster that would appeal to those groups more.

  8. Your right, this is a ridiculous movie poster. If these guys are supposed to be werewolves they are remarkably hairless. Are we to believe that werewolves in the 21st century have body waxes and spray on tans?

  9. You’ll no doubt be pleased to know a far more boring/conventional poster has been leaked:,22049,25509789-5006013,00.html

  10. haha yes, this new poster is closer to the boring Twilight I know and love. Although it is severely lacking in hairless were-boys. I like the fact that it has been released by Perez Hilton, who is arguably the only worse thing than Twilight to emerge from my generation.

  11. how can anyone even like Twilight? I mean OK so it’s some kind of romantic story… All twilight is is a cheap and shitty rip off of a much better Vampire series known as Buffy, with Edward as Angel and Bella as Buffy. Seriously go through the plot of the Twilight romance thing in the first movie and the parallels are insanely obvious. This entire series just proves that marketing can make any old crap popular

  12. OK…we get’re NOT a Twilight fan. But honestly who really cares? Isn’t this just you’re opinion? Let’s face it, opinions are like arseholes, everyone’s got one. As for the 15 year old girls…my 15 year old niece, 21 year old daughter, 46 year old sister, 65 year old mother in law, 70 year old mother and myself (48) have all read the books and actually enjoyed them all immensely. You do understand it’s FICTION right? Lighten up love..don’t take it sooooo seriously, there are much worse books, movies and posters out there. Who can forget the last of the Matrix movies??? It is what it is….entertainment! Mind you, kudos to you for getting all this certainly managed to press some buttons. As for the poster, dare I ask if it might be a bit of envy..they are a bit of eye candy and as far as being hairless, they’re actually guys..the werewolf hair comes later.

  13. I note that it is almost exclusively males that dislike the poster (with one exception who shows he has a big enough personality to handle it). Jealous or just don’t the fact that we are finally getting our turn to see buffed men…?

  14. Well Im 32 & most of my friends are around the same age & my mother who is 55 We ALL Love Twilight! Have read all the books & loved it Love the movie aswell & cant wait for New Moon 2 b released. Also just so you know Twilight the Movie has topped the list 4 the biggest selling DVD of all time! WooHoo!

  15. I really love your posts. I love to hate Twilight. I saw the first movie and thoroughly enjoyed it because it was so damn funny! I went with a bunch of friends and we all mocked it together, scored evil eyes from many teen girls in the crowd. I intend to see this one too! Man I love to hate Twilight, it’s just so easy!

  16. people get really fired up about twilight! i think the poster matches the story – Accessible to the mindless masses, with minimum thought put in for maximum benefit (benefit for the movie producers)

  17. Haha your little write ups about Twilight and other things associated with always brighten my day and give me a good giggle. Keep it up, you’re hilarious.Looking forward to viewing “Let The Right One in”. I’ve had that in my reserved queue for ages now!

  18. Aw, cheers Lolliepod! But you may have to wait a bit longer for Let the Right One In to hit DVD (looking like SEP/OCT). Depending on where you live, it should be playing at a couple of the arthouse cinemas. Definitely worth a ticket price!

  19. To die Twilight,with your comment of twilight being a rip off buffy and angel…how wrong you are. True the storyline may be similar but this storyline is sooo old it isn’t funny. If you have actually read the book then you would see connections between this book and wuthering heights, romeo and juliet and im sure many many more!! does that mean buffy and angel is a rip off those books???i cant see how the movie poster is bad as it does appeal to the intended audience. it is effective. just because it doesn’t appeal to you doesn’t mean it is the worst movie poster!!I do think the movie wasn’t great.. (pattersons acting makes me cringe) but the book is fantastic.

  20. Ssomeone asked why they have spray tans and body waxing, well they are supposed to be American Indian – so there is the dark skin accounted for – and they are supposed to be 15 and 16 years old – most boys that young DON’T have hairy chests…That said – I have to agree that the movie will probably be as terrible as the first. I LOVED the books (I know – I’m 30-something and oh so sad) but I thought the movie was appalling. It could have been good – but it was poorly cast (Carlisle – hello? – I had to laugh), badly acted, apallingly scripted and just plain awful. I thought at first that perhaps it was just rushed to capitalise on the success of the books, but I think that is actually not the case – it was just badly directed.

  21. Looks like a poster for a gay porn movie!!

  22. Come on every one! a little imagination won’t hurt anyone, for all the nevgative comments/opion about twilight, it’s a pity that you don’t have any??? imagination that is!!!!! What a sad life you all must live……. :(:(:(

  23. “What’s ridiculous about sexualised depictions of MEN which are intended for a female audience?”I absolutely agree with the comment above.Has nobody ever read about Keira Knightly’s (sorry can’t spell her name) boob retouching scandal for the Pirates of the Caribbean poster?Twilight is just a precursor to full length romance novels.90% of adults will pretty much hate Twilight. Get over it. This movie isn’t made for you. Surprise – you are not always the intended audience.

  24. I absoulutly love the twilight books, however the move was a bit of a flop for me, i was hoping that the movie would correspond with the book. As for the poster being the worst poster ever, i don’t see anthing wrong with a these beautiful images of boys/young men, i mean we have female gracing the cover of swimwear magazine all the time, let us ladies have a bit of fun.

  25. Being in my 30s and having mostly avoided the mass hysteria surrounding books and films (par example those of Dan Brown), I haven’t gotten into the Twilight books and films. But just reading the angst caused to the fans (or fan) when others express dislike of the twilight brand, well, I am intrigued as to the power these stories must hold!However, the more intersting topic to come out of your post was Bad Movie Posters. Has this been discussed before? Would love to hear of other terrible ones.

  26. don’t get me wrong, I love Twilight but I think this poster is ridiculous. It would be good if they add Robert, Kirsten and Taylor on it:)

  27. This discussion is getting pretty heated…But seriously ppl, why we all hating on eachother? I mean, it’s just another movie. Some like; some don’t. Who the heck cares?If the man wants to rant about how bad he thinks the movie is, let him.I’m 19, male, and unafraid to admit that I liked the books and the series, but I don’t feel any pressing need to squash the opinions of others who don’t share my views or opinions.Now I’m going back to watching “Lie to Me”. Peace, ppl!

  28. I totally agree with the comment that it’s mainly men that will hate this image. it’s nice to see a movie poster of healthy, good looking men. Why is it most guys are offended when men are depicted to be objects of desire and yet you’d be hard pressed to find a female in a movie that isn’t either sexy and scantily clad or made to be masculine instead (i.e Ripley, sarah connor) Is there no middle ground? It seems that men have to be either masculine or gay??

  29. oops I meant *macho* or gay. =)

  30. As a man, I’m not at all offended by the fact that these guys are shirtless. Who cares?What makes the poster stupid is that it looks like a promotional image from 1986 of the boy band Menudo.

  31. lol.. i can understand that although in boy bands doesnt there have to be one blonde one 😛

  32. haha, of course how could I forget.Also, they’ve ignored the traditional rule of having only ONE ugly member by filling the band with hideous imp-men. Nice abs though.

  33. These arguments are hilarious. The poster looks like it’s for a soft core gay porn movie. The first twilight sucked big time, i’m not saying that because i’m a 26 year old bloke.(i’ll watch pretty much anything, i don’t have a favourite movie genre, i”l watch bloody anything and everything) i’m saying it because it was a bad movie, the acting was terrible and the dialogue sucked arse. by the end of it i felt like punching the lead actors out, to put them out of theirs and our misery.I think this movie will make a killing in kings cross!

  34. I’m female, and I find this poster laughable. Honestly. Flesh parade, much? I didn’t even think about the male/female thing…it’s just a rather bizarre poster.It’s also somewhat ridiculous that people are lambasting others for not liking something…this is the internet. Bloggers have the right to write whatever they want, and readers have the right not to read it.

  35. Perhaps you should do your research – if you did, you’d know that this isn’t the poster for New Moon, it’s fan-made.

  36. Hmm, well this was being pushed on IMDB as the official poster, but I do realise that this image has been out for a couple of weeks, without the New Moon tagline. Regardless, the picture IS an official photo from the film.For an even newer, less ridiculous, but equally lame poster – check out ANOTHER Twilight article I wrote today:

  37. To all who hate and like Twilight and agree or disagree on a poster, have you noticed that your opinion is not really making any difference, they are going to put the posters they like and the actors they want and the directors they choose and all what we can do is go and see it or stay at home. So as you can see everyone is different so accept that. I don’t agree with harsh comments, I think there is a lot more bad movies aimed for young adult and I can’t see anyone saying something about them. And by the way I’m 42 and I like the books and the movies and can’t wait till it’s showing. So to who likes the books and the movie keep it up we are on the same frequency, and to whoever don’t like the books or the movie please go and find something else to brag and fill your time about it’s not always cool to attack.

  38. As a 38-year old woman this poster (& movie) doesn't appeal at all. However I tdo recall drooling over Rob Lowe/Patrick Swazyne posters & movies as a 15-year old. Some things just don't change. Thank god we all grow up & grow out of it. Love the blogs – keep up the good work 'yall!

  39. Simon I’ve just read your comment about this looking like a poster for boy band Menudo. This is the funniest thing I’ve read all day. I snorted out loud with laughter – you rock!

  40. It isn’t true that every 15 year old is going top adore this movie. I’m a 15 year old girl, and am definitely NOT loking forward to New Moon. In fact, I feel extremely offended that they think everyone is just going to swoon over an image of four very unexceptional guys.Twilight was a terrible movie, and I have no patience for Robert Pattinson or Kirsten Stewart. The books I deemed as passable, but the fuss that has been made over them is hugely out of proportion.Thank you so much for comforting me with the knowledge that there are other people in this world that can see this movie is destined to be absolute rubbish. And I pity all those poor girls my age, who think anything else of it.

  41. All i can say is that the guys in the poster are hot… and if it was a gay/sex type movie lots would watch it

  42. OPEN TWILIGHT HATER TALKING!!!!!!Jesus EFFING CHRIST!!! SHIT BOOK, SHIT MOVIE, SHIT SEQUELS!!! ANYBODY SEEING A PATTERN?!And please, none of you twilight fangirls reply to this saying “I don’t agree with you because Twilight is this and that and the characters are SO good” because:1. I would firstly like to congratulate you on becoming another of society’s fangirl robots.2. I do and will ALWAYS hate Twilight, it’s nothing but sickening cliche word vomit.3. Stephenie Mayer has destroyed our expectations of vampire fiction completely, if something this AWFUL can be so successful, why should aspiring authors even bother trying to do a good job. If I want to read a good vampire story, I’ll pick up an Anne Rice book thank you very much!And 4. I think Twilight should be made ILLEGAL!!!Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT reply with ” If you hate Twilight so much, why bother writing about it?”I do so, because I have an opinion and it’s my right to express it however I please.P.S. (Greatest Site EVER!! Give it a peek)

  43. I am soooo glad someone else is of the same opinion of Twilight as myself AND my 14 almost 15 year old daughter. I was curious because of all the hype. My daughter was already cynical because of all the hype. We watched it separately, but both came up with the same conclusion. WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP! Definitely one of the worst movies I’ve ever watched. Pathetic story, pathetic acting, pathetic ending. NOT looking forward to seeing the sequel..won’t waste my time! You’re right, the poster is sooo bad! What are they trying to acheive? Thank god my daughter is intelligent, free thinking and discerning!

  44. I’d never even heard of Twilight until the first movie came out, but I didn’t rush out to the theatre to see it, just waited until the dvd was realeased then watched it out of sheer curiosity.I thought Robert Patterson was a strange choice for the lead, as I don’t think he’s the best looking guy I’ve ever seen, and his acting was pretty crappy. In fact my favourite part of the movie was when he was playing the piano, love the Debussey piece.Yeah, it wasn’t just his acting that was sus, there was bad acting from some of the others, and some of the special effects made me laugh out loud, like when he was running up the hill with Bella on his back, and climbing / jumping from tree to tree..pleeeeease !They must have had such a low crappy budget, they just got the bargain barn actors and special effects people.By the way, I’ve skimmed the books, skimmed, not read, cos I just got soooo sick of Meyers repeatedly telling us about Edward’s cold smooth skin, I mean, yuch ! She writes about it over and over and over and over and over……… GET OVER IT ALREADY !!!They’er not the worst books I’ve read, but definately not even close to the best, and the movie perhaps isn’t the worst I’ve seen, all you people out there who are trashing it, just remember the directors only have so much to work with, as it’s not an entirely original script, it’s taken from a book, so blame the author for not doing better.I won’t be rushing off to the cinema for the sequel, but might rent it out of curiosity, when it’s released to DVD, just to see if they’ve used some of the HUGE amount of money they’ve made to hire some better actors and special effects people, in fact I’m kinda looking forward to seeing how crappy the werewolves are !!!!!!

  45. OPINIONs GALOREI found Twilight the book rather revolting in all its disgraceful clichés and terrible grammar, spelling and punctuation in certain spots.I found Twilight the movie quite indulgent. Very cheesy and corny and unrealistic. Although, I will agree that the Cullen family just looked like they slapped talcum powder on their faces and did not bother patting it down.So I think I will watch New Moon. Even though the book was hopeless and is the worst form of literature – actually, I can’t call it literature – I do think that the movie will entertain me with a secret pleasure; watching ‘lovers’ being corny and cheesy.What can I say? Girls will be girls. 🙂

  46. People are overlooking the real reason this poster is made of epic fail- bad photoshopping people!Forget the crap story and its’ many sequels and look at the guy in the front and the positioning of his head.That does not look right at all.

  47. Oh, thank you for making me laugh tonight. The Twilight series is the most appalling load of drivel so it’s no surprise that the movies are equally as preposterous. Thank god there are movies out there like 30 Days Of Night that show damn good vampires as they’re meant to be – mean, nasty, vicious and smart – instead of how SMeyer sees them – pretty, vapid, idiotic and worst of all….. *sparkly*.And that is am appalling poster. Looks like it’s advertising a soft porn film. Why can’t Hollywood show men as real men and not plastic, waxed, hairless Ken dolls?

  48. Being a 40 something mother of teenage girls who became obsessed by twilight, I read the series and yes enjoyed it. The movie failed to live up to the hype but I usually find this when I have already read the book, my imagination is much better than the film makes. Leave the kids and twilight lovers alone, they could be into much worse stuff. I know my girls read deep and heavy books too, so reading something frivolous like twilight brings some balance back. It is fiction and is supposed to be light and entertaining, if you dont find it so dont read it or watch – simple.

  49. I thought the first book was “ok”. Good for a read but not much to comment about. I haven’t seen the movie or would I rush out to hire it but I can see that the poster is pretty pathetic. (if it is an official poster). It gives you no information on what these four boys are supposed to be except that they might be part of Manpower.

  50. I am really glad I read Kirsti’s comment about the movie being so terrible. I am busy reading the last of the 4 books and I totally LOVE everything about Twilight, I love the romance, I love the way it is written with the plot twists that you aren’t expecting, and I think it’s just really good fantasy and escapism – it’s not meant to challenge you, or have some “deeper hidden meaning”, I think it’s just a cool story that you can get lost in for a while. But there is no way in hell I want to go and see the movies because they could NEVER be anything as good as the books, and I definitely don’t want to be disappointed! I think the poster is cool because of all the controversy it has sparked – and the best kind of publicity is the kind that gets people talking about it (or yelling at each other in blog posts!). Oh, and I am 32, but definitely a romantic love-struck 15-year old girl at heart!

  51. Nicole – I feel the same as you about the books. No – they are not fine literature, but sometimes you need to escape – and what better place for a 36 year old mother to escape to but the freedom of being a teenage girl in love for the first time.

  52. Yeah I pretty much agree about the poster – in fact I was confused when I saw it – why leave out the main characters from the film to replace them with supporting cast? Seems a bit odd. I enjoyed Twilight the film and the book. It wasn’t the best movie I’ve ever seen but I’m glad I saw it. I’m currently about half way through New Moon and I have to agree also that I was disappointed that Bella was unable to show any independence and ran straight on to a new man instead of growing up and getting over it and being strong. Doesn’t set a very good example for young girls who try to find their sense of value in the arms of another so when they get dumped they are back to feeling worthless all over again til the next guy comes along. Still a good book nontheless and I am enjoying the read. I hope the movie is better than the crappy poster!

  53. I loved the twilight books and own all 4. The movie wasn’t nearly as good but it was still enjoyable and I’ll definitely be watching New Moon when it comes out. I don’t care what people think about the twilight books or the film, people can trash the film as much as they want, it just makes people who haven’t read the books curious. By all means keep it up. As for the poster, I think it was very effective in gaining publicity. Even people who hate twilight are posting about it. It seems to be working.

  54. LMAO I think you are my new favourite person ever.This promo poster is utterly atrocious, and I don’t understand why people are so eager to defend it.Twilight is indeed the most ridiculous cult to happen since Scientology, and I commend you for your harsh words on this dribble. At least someone’s thinking clearly.

  55. My what a bitchy bunch you all are. I’m 50 and I thought the movie was wonderful. The special effects, the scenery. The charisma of the characters. Not every movie has to spoon feed us comedy or violence. Sometimes you just need to chill and enjoy. Instead of hissing and booing why not try to find something positive.Gratefull Gran

  56. Hey Simon. Seems you’ve created quite the controversy here. But it is all correct and true. Opinions are invalid in this context, you are bringing us the cold hard facts! RAH!!!!To all those haters out there, Simon is merely reporting on the goings on in the world of entertainment. This poster looks like the cover of a fantasy book you’d order from Bookclub in primary school, not a very expensive hollywood movie. It’s very poorly done, regardless of what the movie is (but you know, I think the poster is an indication of how good this ‘film’ will stand up as a…film) it looks incredibly amateur. What I’m saying is if you were to just see this poster, without knowing what it was for, you’d think, ‘gee, that kid might only just pass their digtal design class’.

  57. Hey Grateful Gran, should we really forsake our opinions in favour of not ever offending anyone? Why don't you look for the positive elements in our posts instead? Just a thought.

  58. After really not wanting to get involved in the whole "twilight sensation" I caved and read the books. The books, although not terribly well written, were surprisingly good in an escapist kind of way.The movie on the other hand, was shockingly bad. Whoever cast the movie should think about getting a new job. Considering the lack of thought put into the first movie (and all I keep hearing in response to this is the lack of budget, which is rubbish) I'm sure the second will be just as bad, especially if that poster is anything to go by.

  59. Vampires in a modern setting? Now that's original (*cough* Blade, Buffy, Interview with the Vampire *cough*). A human in love with a Vampire in a modern setting? Never been done before (*cough* Buffy *cough*). And now Vampires and Werewolves are mortal enemies? (*cough* Underworld *cough*). So where are the original ideas in Twilight? Or is it just another Harry Potter, stealing ideas from other sources?

  60. Oh, I just LOVE Twilight *cough cough* What could be more romantic than a guy who wants to eat you, hmm?I wrote a whole funny story about how vampires are so emo these days. . . I am copping some hate, but I *think* my story is funny (and, despite being rather short due to being released through twitter, I think it has more plot than "Twilight"). It's at (manually add final underline).

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