Head to Head – Natural Born Killers

Welcome to the latest instalment of Head to Head, in which our Quickflix critics enter into a relentlessly bloody battle to the death based on the merits of a particular film. This week, our critics get really violent over Oliver Stone‘s Natural Born Killers.

DVDman will argue FOR the film and Simon Miraudo will argue AGAINST it. Let us know in the comments who you agree with. Let the bloodshed begin!

DVDman – 5/5

Simon is sadly a little bit too young and a fair bit too naïve to fully appreciate the impact of Natural Born Killers. The film perfectly satirises the way the public are manipulated by the media into forming opinions about even the most violently criminal of people. With Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis playing the charismatic lead couple and Robert Downey Jr. playing the soulless tabloid TV journo desperate to befriend, interview and potentially join them on their murderous spree, this movie is a scathing review of the power of media over the masses. Shot on 18 different formats of film, this is a precursor to what is now known as MTV film-making, despite being several levels above anything that has come since in the same style. NBK is a complex machine both technically and cinematically, with clips and references from a multitude of movie classics that would probably go straight over Simon’s head. As he works his way through his list of classic films and weans himself off comic book adaptations, real masterpieces of film history will start to make more sense (hopefully).

Simon Miraudo – 2/5

Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers is about as subtle as being slammed in the face with a sledgehammer out of a flying helicopter and into an open volcano. Maybe that’s the point. In fact, I’m sure it is. But even satire gets to a point where it becomes ineffective. This fifteen-year-old film pretty astutely predicted the increasingly sadistic media storms around societies more disgusting individuals. However, the drenched colours, overused technical tricks and a long stretch in the desert all combine to make this film impossible to take serious, or even be shocked by. Perhaps viewers like DVDman need the themes of certain films to be SHOUTED AT THEM AS LOUDLY AS POSSIBLE. Mr. DVDman, if that is your real name (and I sincerely doubt it is), it doesn’t matter that I’m much younger (and hipper) than you. I know bad filmmaking when I see it.

Now it’s over to you! Who do you agree with? Do you think like DVDman, and believe that NBK is a work of art? Or do you side with Simon, and think that the film is too crazy for its own good? Let us know! Choose your side! There can only be one winner!

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6 Responses to “Head to Head – Natural Born Killers”

  1. I’m with Simon on this one – this movie thinks it is far more clever tha it actually is. If Tarantino thinks its a bit too obvious and over the top, you know the movie has gone too far

  2. Tarantino is just dark that he wasn’t allowed to have creative control, then disowned it and went around badmouthing both the film and Oliver Stone. Not an opinion that should be used as back-up for your own, or viewed as credible. Besides, when a comment is attributed to “Anonymous”, it just makes me think it’s Simon trying to back himself up.

  3. I’m with DVDman on this one. Natural Born Killers is a satire classic. It seems a little over the top, yes, but that’s the point. It is highly relevant to the time it was made, as well as today.I hate to say this Simon, but I’m finding it really hard to respect your taste in movies ever since the shocking 10 best War films of all time. Also, anyone who compares “Jason X” to “2001: A Space Odessy”, (one of the greatest movies of all time), as equal number one science fiction movie of all time, has got some serious taste issues. You might as well say that “Dot and the Kangaroo” is comparable to “Akira”.

  4. Well anonymous; I find it hard to respect anyone that didn’t understand that placing Jason X in the top spot of the space movie list was clearly a joke; evidenced by the fact that i said “PSYCH!” at the end of it, and then went on to say the “real number 1 is 2001”.How awkward for you.

  5. That felt harsh; I feel bad now.I hope in time ‘anonymous’, the wounds of our relationship can heal.

  6. LOL its all good Simon; looks like my brain matter was leaking out of my ears on that one. Any way I’ve seen you take much worse abuse from many other people.Maybe its a generation gap thing, but I still don’t really get how “PSYCH!” makes it a joke…, but the pure shock of seeing it in the number one spot muat have made me miss the very end bit. Touche

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