New Moon’s new poster as boring as expected


The latest poster for The Twilight Saga’s New Moon has debuted online, continuing the series’ current trend of photoshopping actors to the point that they stop looking human.

OK, Robert Pattinson has never seemed human, so it’s not so strange to see him look like a shiny, pouty alien. But Kristen Stewart is quite pretty in real life. In this poster, they’ve managed to suck all the expression out of her face and shrink her down to Linda Hunt-size.

For what it’s worth, at least it’s an improvement on this Menudo-looking poster we reported on last week.

Ah Twilight – why is it so fun to hate you?

Oh right…

Discuss: Does my constant reporting of Twilight news represent a latent, insatiable crush on Robert Pattinson? Should I tell my girlfriend?

8 Responses to “New Moon’s new poster as boring as expected”

  1. I was so surprised when I saw Twilight and found myself *not hating it*! But that’s only because I’d suffered for so many weeks trying to finish the damn book. In comparison with the turd of a book (though is the prose more offensive than Dan Brown’s English-challenged Da Vinci code, hmm… ), the movie is a chewy, caramel flavoured lolly. Or pink cordial. At worst, it’s only less than 2 hours out of the rest of your life. It’s a quickly realised loss. Not this festering struggle to wade through pages and pages of 14-yr old teenage girl monologues about Edward Cullen’s “perfect face”. Dear Lord, never again. If I find myself losing interest after page 50, out it goes.

  2. Discuss: Does my constant reporting of Twilight news represent a latent, insatiable crush on Robert Pattinson? Should I tell my girlfriend?Answer: Yus. It is now too late for you. We can burn you at stake if you think it will help? ;D

  3. I think it might be necessary.

  4. omg ppl this is even better then the other poster that ppl are debating over!!!!!!!

  5. Yep – no hope for you (hee hee). This is the type of blog I like to see – you always hit the nail on the head. You rock.

  6. While I have to admit this is a pretty horrendous poster, it is better than the other one. I mean, at least the two freakish non-humans kind of look their part.And then there’s Bella, but unfortunately she has to be there. As vapid as she is in the books.If you have to chose one though, chose the movie. At least that’s only two hours of your life wasted, whereas reading the book (which is just as bad, if not worse than, the movie itself) drains your very faith in humanity. Or at least the younger generation.I should know, I’m young enough to be one of the screaming teenage fangirls. And it hurts me every time I see someone defend the indefensible.

  7. Oh, and I forgot to mention – yes I think you do have a crush on Robert. But as a Sparklevire, he is quite irresistable.I don’t think your girlfriend should worry too much though. I doubt anyone with half a brain would put up with his mood swings and controlling nature.

  8. Sme, I think you’re confusing Robert Pattinson and Edward Cullen. But that DOES raise the question as to which one is being lusted over. If it’s Edward, then I’ll have to call an exorcist or something… cause damn. *shudder*

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