Buffy heading to the big screen … without Joss Whedon

source: reuters.com

Buffy fans rejoice! The Vampire Slayer is heading back to cinemas! Woah, not so fast Joss Whedon. We didn’t say you could come too.

In news that is certain to devastate the millions of adoring Whedon fans around the world, Fran Rubel Kuzui and Vertigo Entertainment are planning on creating a brand-new big screen incarnation of Buffy without the involvement of the TV series mastermind.

Kuzui directed the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie back in 1992 (yes, the one with Luke Perry), from a script by then-unknown Joss Whedon. She later helped Whedon adapt the film into a television series, and had an executive producer credit on both Buffy and its spinoff, Angel.

Kuzui has held the rights to Buffy since 1992, and has decided that now is the right time to bring a big-screen Buffy to the masses. Although Kuzui and Vertigo Entertainment do not yet have a studio for their project, they are now hearing different pitches for the project. The possibility of Whedon’s involvement has not been ruled out by the producers, but they have not yet contacted him.

Whedon’s take on Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a favourite of mine during high school, and to hear he is not attached to the project is terrible news. The name Buffy the Vampire Slayer isn’t iconic because of Kristy Swanson now, is it?

Discuss: It is still early days; we have no idea if this thing will even get off the ground. Hypothetically though, what are your thoughts? Would you like to see Sarah Michelle Geller play a 30-year-old Buffy? Or is a complete reboot in order? Or is a Buffy without Whedon just to horrible to comprehend?

23 Responses to “Buffy heading to the big screen … without Joss Whedon”

  1. With or without Joss Whedon, my question is do we need another Buffy movie or can we all just come up with new ideas? 🙂

  2. I see Jessie’s point — BUT — as a HUGE fan of Joss Whedon I think that a movie spinoff should have the creator of that series involved. Buffy TVS isn’t Buffy without all the cast and creator! So either have everyone involved or think of something new! ** But as a P.S. Joss Whedon is a god and his talent for great TV series is unparallel and will continue to be unchallenged!!

  3. if joss whedon wrote the script with a new fresh story line with the tv serirs cast then it may be a goer as buffy the tv series has a mass following but if joss whedon doesnt have any part could be a flop

  4. no joss whedon = no buffy.

  5. I don't know what's worse, that Fran is getting another chance to ruin the movie (Like she did the first time) or that her first stop wasn't to talk to Whedon. If you want to make a Buffy movie you talk to the guy who created it and get him on board from the beginning otherwise it's not Buffy, it's fan fiction. Thanks to a legal technicality she's allowed to do this without Joss's permission however thanks to a very good fan base I can bet if she leave Joss out of it then it will fail

  6. I don't know if I would bother to go see it without Joss' involvement. It just wouldn't be the same Buffy TVS, the characters would seem different (even if played by the original actors), the jokes wouldn't work as well (because, as we all know Joss came up with all the best lines) and the story just wouldn't fit right with all of Joss' seasons of Buffy (because as we all know Joss also came up with all the best storylines and episodes).To me it would seem almost like a betrayl to Joss to pay money to see it at the movies, the whole time I would be thinking what does Joss think of this?If Joss was involved, with the same amount of involvement as he had with the show I think the movie could be a big hit, but if he's not involved I think it will be a big flop because most of the audience will be fans of the show and I think that most of the fans of the show will refuse to see it without Joss involved in it.

  7. if there is no josh whedon & no sarah im not seeing it no point seeing rubbish movies theres enough outthere already!

  8. Only the Whedon genius could take such an absurd premise and make it into classic viewing. The movie was rubbish and this one will be unless they get Josh on board.

  9. Way to go Kuzui(s). What was that phrase… "snatching defeat from the jaws of success"?First make a film, legendary for its suckiness. Then miraculously it gets revived as a TV series and becomes insanely loved, mainly because of the writing. Series finishes and is fondly missed by the fans. Then ten years later, hey, let's revive it again, but this time, exclude the man responsible for why the TV show did so well. CAPTCHA word = "fecki".. how appropriate.. Fecki you, Fran Kuzui!

  10. I think Joss has lost his 'gift' as of late. Take Dollhouse for example, he dosn't seem to be able to write characters as good as he use to for both Buffy and Firefly. The guy should stick to trying to get another season out of Dollhouse after it magically got renewed instead of focusing on a movie thats going to Bomb anyway

  11. I think we dont need another buffy movie it was an awesome series and was rapped up very nicely at the end of the 7th season what we do need is an angel movie i know it got cut from tv because not enough where watching it but it has become a cult series since hitting dvd, but was never finished off it was just left with a cliff hanger so i reckon they need to do a stargate and make movies to finish the story line of angel and give the fans the ending they wanted.

  12. Yeah, why not wrap up Angel at the same time; though the aging vampires could be problematic. Perhaps having souls Angel & Spike have slowly begun to age?The 1st film was beyond dreadful & it's the wonderful cast & script that made the TV series such a standout in TV history. It would be good to see how they're progressing, how does being an ageing slayer work & do any of them have a "normal" life? I know Joss has been keeping us updated via the graphic novels, so are they going to just ignore them?This, could be wonderful or it could be a whole new horror, a sequel to the original film

  13. I soooo agree that it should be and ending to Angel.

  14. I would go mad for it if Joss and Sarah were on board =D. If not… LAAAME!!

  15. Erm, I smell a total disaster on this one. Why have the original team that ruined the story as a movie working on this? BRING JOSS BACK!!! And DON'T CHANGE HIS SCRIPT!!! Which is why the first movie turned out to be such a wash out! Its because of the first movie that I didn't give the brilliant series a look until a friend lent it to me a few years later and said, "The movie is crap, but this is heaps good!" I instantly became a fan.I repeat:BRING JOSS BACK!!!DON'T RUIN HIS SCRIPT!!!Oh, and:WITHOUT SARAH MICHELLE GELLER THERE IS NO BUFFY!!!Erm, just an idea, don't we all think that wrapping up "Angel" properly is a much better idea?

  16. There is no true Buffy without Joss and Sarah. I can't believe they would even imagine making a new Buffy movie without them. It would be so easy to have a 30 year old buffy…i dont see what the big deal is.

  17. We need Joss Whedon, we need a vampire slayer – but at 30 it might be time for a new slayer. I don't think anyone else can be Buffy – it's *sooooooo* SMG. And by the way, I was a huge fan of Buffy – but some new teen angst could be fun (as long as we get another Oz)

  18. Yes an ending to Angel would be better, but a story about a new slayer could be cool too, no point doing it without Joss though… just no point.

  19. As a person who watched the show, loved it and then named her son after a character (Xander – king of the cretins) I think that a revisit to the show 10 years after it finished could only work if you had the original cast, writers and directors. Revisits are traditionally a difficult movie to make a hit – think Get Smart and I Dream of Jeannie. It may be, unfortunately, that that time has passed… *sob*

  20. I'm a HUGE Buffy & Angel fan, and I'd definitely go to see it if Whedon and Sarah Michelle were both involved again….I mean, c'mon, Sarah Michelle Gellar IS Buffy…

  21. Forget Buffy, it had it's run, (and great run at that). It's time for Angel to hit the big screen. What a story…evil vampire given back his soul to spend eternity living in remorse and guilt, trying to find a way to make good for his sins or bimbo learns wood kills vampires, hmmm I know which I prefer…

  22. the winning recipe is joss wedon & the original cast of buffy. the cast aren't too old yet & make-up does wonders if hollywood thinks they are.buffy & angel are the all time classic forbidden love, vampire/slayer story.big screen, new story, weddon, original cast & characters. everyone will love it, you can't go wrong….

  23. Sarah Michelle Gellar had her day and it was fantastic, entertaining and damn satisfying.But we don't need another tale of Buffy. Haven't we already seen the long story of Sunnydales young teen slayer progressing into young woman slayer?Let Joss Whedon back in (com'on we all know no-one else will do) and create a new character in the same 'verse.PS. I've loved both buffys! 😛

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