Another awesome reason to look forward to Up


I know, I know, I’ve gone a bit Up crazy. Just a short little story today that I thought was pretty interesting.

Pete Docter, the director of the upcoming future classic, has revealed that Thomas McCarthy will have a final screenwriting credit on Up.

Not familiar with the name? Well, McCarthy is the writer/director of The Station Agent and The Visitor. He picked up a BAFTA for his original screenplay to The Station Agent, and was named Best Director at the Independent Spirit Awards for The Visitor.

He is also a fairly prolific actor. The more awesome of you will recognise McCarthy as the lying journalist Scott Templeton from Season 5 of The Wire. He has also appeared in Flags of Our Fathers and Duplicity. So basically, we’re fans.

McCarthy became involved when Up co-director Bob Peterson left the project to work on Ratatouille for a few months.

“For some time I really needed someone to spark off of and I met Tom before and really liked his films, The Station Agent especially — which was actually one of the models for the story, a family coming together… So he came in and wrote two drafts. He was here for three months and then Bob came back,” said Docter.

According to Peterson, McCarthy is responsible for the character Russell the Wilderness Explorer.

Discuss: Does the inclusion of a talented dude like McCarthy mean Up will be an even bigger masterpiece? What are your thoughts on The Station Agent and The Visitor?

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