The New Moon trailer is pretty terrible


Yep, it’s going to be another antiTwilight article. I know, I clearly have some unresolved issues that are manifesting themselves in my hatred of this completely inconsequential film series. I just can’t help myself though. Especially when the trailer for The Twilight Saga’s New Moon looks so stupid.

OK, so the fans already know that shiny vampire heartthrob Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) is so concerned about killing his beloved Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) that he runs off to Italy for her own protection. Enter smitten neighbour Jacob (Taylor Lautner) to pick up the vulnerable, crumbling pieces. The thing is, Jacob’s a werewolf! You really know how to pick ’em Bella. So, how does this terrifying werewolf look?

You are kidding me right? This is the werewolf? This is the terrifying werewolf? This is a dog. This isn’t even a scary dog. It looks like director Chris Weitz has pulled this shot straight out of The Golden Compass. Sigh. Check out all the whole angsty business below, and let us know your thoughts.

In equally depressing news, Twilight swept the MTV Movie Awards over the weekend, picking up Best Movie, Best Female Performance, Breakthrough Male Performance, Best Kiss and Best Fight scene. It sadly missed out on Best Fingersucking Scene, but it will always be the winner in my heart.

Discuss: Shiny vampires or cuddly werewolves? What’s stupider?

21 Responses to “The New Moon trailer is pretty terrible”

  1. Ahhh Twilight! Why is it so much fun to hate you? If there were no outraged responses to posts like this it would not nearly be so fun.

  2. To tell you the truth Kim, riling up the Twilight fans is my favourite part of this job.

  3. You’re right Simon, it looks nothing like a werewolf, and the actor looks like he belongs in briefs, in a kmart catalogue. And I should know, I worked there once.I think your unresolved issue is partially to do with you not being female. Or young, or old enough.Also probably because you’re a reviewer of movies.

  4. I'm starting to feel old now… because Twilight is just so teenagy… I read the books and actually liked them, well the first two anyways.. And then the movie came out and I just can't think whether i want to laugh or scream at it.. I wonder how much of a watered down version they're going to make for the third and fourth book of the series, when Edward and Bella "consumate" their marriage, she gets pregnant and nearly dies and becomes a vampire and all the war and crazy things…

  5. Werewolf?? Come on peoples, if you read the book you would know that they are shapeshifters and so hence Jacob's pack are wolves, and that is what Jacob pretty much looks like in the film don't you think!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Well I really think you just need to watch this film in the spirit it is intended. I'm 26 and I am on the third book of the series and while I can certainly agree about the characters being a little pathetic it is all just a bit of fun and I don't think we need to get too serious. I noticed the first part of the trailor was fairly bland with a lot of kristen Stewart looking around with that dumb confused pathetic look on her face which is so ideal for the portrail of Bella's character but then there is a little bit of action and I think it will be fun. I'm not expecting it to be the film of the year but I'm still going to go see it anyway and if I'm going to enjoy myself I will try to leave the cruel, critical eye at home and not worry about looking for ways to tear the film to peices. I think the kids will like it and that is why they made it – for the fans – not for you!

  7. i love the trailer except for the wolf there is nothing realistic or powerful about it, it looks to animated kinda cartoonishim a complete Twilight fan but im not blind, they need to go back to the drawing board and improve the dog cause of i was standing in front of it id start laughing.

  8. Jacob is not a werewolf but a wolf, as his descendants are shapeshifters who have taken the form of wolves. So there u go, before u rant on, get ur facts straight.

  9. stupid thing is, i didnt mind the first movie when i first saw it. nothing to rave about, but not as pathetic as some ive seen (high school musical anyone?? or Hannah Montana?? *vomit bucket please…..NOW*then i read the books. why is it for film adaptations they get NOTHING right?and some of the nutters whom are obsessed by any of the above mentioned movies, if you are going to flame me for them, get a grip, they arent real! they are FICTIONAL.get a dictionary and look up the meaning of that word. F-I-C-T-I-O-N-A-L. Fiction. It may just be educational.

  10. My favourite part is the facepalmingly awkward Birthday scene. They look all wooden and like they can't act. The dialogue is just so crappy!

  11. Well, if Twilight swept the MTV movie awards it's no wonder that all anyone is talking about is the Bruno stunt. The book was bad, the movie was worse, but there will always be an angst ridden teenage girl out there ready to vote for it.

  12. Hey I think you like the Twilight saga but you just are playing around with us to find out how many of us really like them.Oh I agree the movie didn't live up to the book but it was light and short but hey at least we've been saved a lots of whining and moaning (I found a lots of things been repeated again and again in the books) but there is a lot of pages to fill. I also agree with you that the trailer for New Moon is not what we are waiting for and I’ve seen fan made trailers superior to this, but we are fans of the actual books and we like to see it unfold in pictures so we forgive some mistakes. I always liked to be able to transform the books I read into movies so I can see them in my eyes not just imagination, now we have this happen with Twilight and the rest so I’m pretty excited. Even if they're not up to the high expectations some of us demand. Don’t forget they’re mostly unknown actors and I think they’re trying their best, so who should we blame the director, the actor or the screen writer OR better sit down and enjoy what we can because I’m sure there is a lots and lots of worse movies out there and this is just one example of many(Disaster movie 2008)I wont say no more.

  13. Hey PamyThat was an excellent, sensible comment from a Twilight fan, which we rarely get to see on blogs, so thankyou.But I assure you, if I was actually a fan of the film, I would admit it. I promise you, I've made far more embarrassing confessions on this blog (ie, my insane fan-love for Tom Cruise and Nic Cage).

  14. After reading all the comments I was expecting the preview to be really bad. Look, if you hate the books and the movies just don't watch or read them. It's easy to sit back and judge but hey, what talents do you have? if any!!!! The books and film wouldn't have done so well if they were really that shit.

  15. jesus. what the hell is wrong with the lead guy's hair??

  16. What do vampires have against cute doggies? i thought there was always the war between vampires and werewolves,not a dog that would rather go for a smackos then someones jugular. Looks like the same brilliant acting and dialogue is back.I think we should start a charity for the actors and writers of twilight, raise money for acting and writing classes,so by the time the last movie comes a long it might be worth watching for someone with half a brain!

  17. Okay. Just a few things.I am SICK TO DEATH of all the chat speak- u, ur, etc. are all really annoying me. A little bit of proper grammar and spelling wouldn't hurt, either.Moving on to the Twilight movie and books… I was part of the original fandom. I read the first book barely a day after it came out. It was okay; a little childish, but otherwise good. And then New Moon came out, and everyone was suddenly obsessed. And my friends and I abandoned it…We don't think it's worth all the praise and adoration that it's getting, and from what I saw of the movie (which I walked out on), it was awful. So don't expect to catch me watching New Moon any time soon. Or ever.

  18. I loved the books – they were so deliciously bad, one can't help but love them. As for the first movie, I reckon they got it right. They missed a whole lot of Bella's angst and 'chagrin' (honestly, I will never use that word again) and actually made it resemble a story.I've got high expectations for New Moon. I expect it to be a piece of movie drivel that I will happily watch again if ever I feel like mindless entertainment. Just like the first one.

  19. Meh, its a bit of a nothing, this trailer.I guess any hopes that a new director may have spiced up what is readily becoming a dry as sawdust franchise have been to no avail.Yeah, the books were alright in a trashy kind of way. I found myself enjoying them while they were in front of me, but when i stopped, there was no resounding feeling left behind. Like eating fairy floss, all sugar, no substance.If nothing else, well, its getting pretty cold, so at least we have a warm theatre seat to look forward to.

  20. I actually thought Twilight wasn't too bad despite being dragged there by my girlfriend, but this trailer is terrible. Anyone else notice how when Bella cuts her finger she like launches her present at the floor? And Edward really didn't have to be so rough, he could have held the other vampire back (who is supposed to be super fast because blood drinking does that to you) instead of you know… pushing him into the out of place piano. I'd be pissed if I owned that piano, but everyone seems to be chilling around like nothing happened. And the wolf is really upsetting. I thought the vampires looked weak and too gentle but the big bad werewolf is even worse. It looks more like my neighbors dog, seriously.

  21. why does everyone keep asuming its just teenage girls into the twilight books & movies! where i am its both male & females that r into it & ranging from the ages of 15 to 60 & we all love it!!

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