Tony Scott confirms Alien prequel

Well this was unexpected. Tony Scott has confirmed that a prequel to his brother Ridley‘s classic film Alien is in the works.

Scott told Collider that he and Ridley would produce the prequel at 20th Century Fox, which would be helmed by commercial director Carl Rinsch. The film is expected to go into production by the end of the year.

Bloody Disgusting got their hands on this tip a couple of days ago from the same source that gave them news of the Predator reboot (which also turned out to be true).

It’s strange to think that Alien is 30 years old. It still holds up as one of the scariest movies of all time, and James Cameron‘s sequel is one of the most impressive action films ever made. Although the franchise has suffered since Aliens, I’m ready to see these horrifying creatures raise terror in a worthy film. The news of Ridley Scott’s involvement is pretty promising.

I wish I had more news to report, but since I don’t, let’s make some up. Let us know what you would like to see in an Alien prequel. Are we talking about starting on the Alien home planet, or do we want to see Ellen Ripley and the crew of the Nostromo back in action?

Discuss: Hypothetically, who could play Ripley? Call me crazy, but Ellen Page would nail that role.

4 Responses to “Tony Scott confirms Alien prequel”

  1. Well, you couldn't do a back story to the crew without replacing the entire cast with younger versions (a la the latest Star Trek). Maybe the story would revolve around how the transmitter came to be set up on the planet that the crew of the Nostromo eventually visited. It would have to go into the background to the corporation behind the planting of the transmitter; the crew that were unlucky enough to be sent there; how the alien spacecraft was discovered in the first place; and so on.

  2. This smacks of studio greed and laziness….they've obviously seen how well $$$$ the new Star Trek has done (and to such widespread critical and fan acclaim). Gee if they're going to do this they'd better have a damn good storyline, perfect casting and spot-on everything otherwise the franchise is dead in the water. Why can't studios come up with totally brand new ideas? The constant rehashing of old ideas is annoying unless it's done perfectly.

  3. Perhaps show a downed 'Predator' ship as the source of the original aliens? Tie it in to the predator vs aliens line up. It would be cheesy and bad, and yet fit in with the American style.

  4. Ummm, guys a prequel would mean that a completely new crew will star in the movie.

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