What is the worst film of all time?

We’re calling you out Quickflixers! We want to know which movies rile you up, ruin your day or just plain bore you to tears. Basically, WHICH MOVIES DO YOU HATE?

We’ve asked for your favourite movies and TV shows, and you didn’t disappoint. The thing is, we’re dying to know which movies really get your goat. Consider this an open forum for the movies that truly, truly disgust you. Think of the movie that got you so angry, you had to be physically restrained before hurling your coffee table into the television screen. We’ve all got one. For example:

Simon MiraudoFunny Games

“The single most infuriating, condescending and tedium-relishing picture in the history of time. The thing is, Austrian director Michael Haneke wants you to hate his film, and that makes me even angrier! He even remade the film in English, just so he could lecture American audiences too. ARGGH!”

DVDmanDisaster Movie

“Maybe because it is a recent insult to my film-watching history, but any mention of Disaster Movie makes my blood boil. I think the creators of this pap need to be publicly humiliated and stripped of any possessions bought with the profits(?) from this abomination.”

But enough from us. WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER TO BE THE WORST FILMS OF ALL TIME! There is no limit to your suggestions, but try and think of THE VERY WORST! Don’t be shy now! Get hating!

167 Responses to “What is the worst film of all time?”

  1. My pick would have to be Adam Sandler’s Going Overboard. I couldn’t finish it, it was that bad my partner made it through but his comment was “I should of just walked away too. That is time I will never get back.” Adam should have to pay everone who has seen this one.

  2. I have pretty wide or broad tastes in movies and can usually find something to like in most movies.So for me there is one movie that stands head and shoulders above all others. That movie is “Doom”, the movie of that famous video game. Really, really terrible! I felt embarrassed for Carl Urban for being in it (loved him as Bones in the Star Trek reboot). If one were to rate movies on a scale so that “Worth Seeing multiple times at the cinema” is at the top of the scale, then “Not worth the effort of pirating from your mate” is at the bottom. And that is where Doom. Not worth the cost of a blank DVD.

  3. Awww, why no love for the kitschy B-Grades? I’ll stand up for Doom and Battlefield Earth! Karl Urban as Reaper rocked. My nomination for worst movie has to be THE HAPPENING. There’s two painful hours I’ll never get back.

  4. “National Security” with Martin Lawrence. As if being boring and ugly and completely unfunny wasn’t enough it had to go and be the most racist movie since “Birth of a Nation”. At one point Steve Zahn’s policeman character seeing Martin Lawrence’s character with his arm inside a car window (he’s trying to get his own car door open) and so Zahn goes over and asks what he’s doing and, of course, Lawrence goes on a tirade and calls him a “nazi” amongst other things. It’s spiteful, derogatory, insulting and maddening.Then there are titles like “Spun”, “Caprice Italian Style”, “Footy Legends” and many others. Movies like “Glitter”, “Showgirls” and “Xanadu” have no place on any so-called worst list though.

  5. The Last Woman on Earth (1960) has to come pretty close to the worst film ever made. The film I hate more than all others is Pearl Harbor.

  6. My uber-disappointment of the year was "The Dark Knight". For the life of me, I can't understand it's popularity. I almost choked on my popcorn, and this is why:-The scene at the end where the two boatloads of people refrain from blowing each other up, which is meant to prove that people, at their core, are kind and loving. Yuck. Is this Batman, or CareBears? Why does the average person assume themselves to be so moral? People don't behave like this. Period.-Batman is a moron. Everyone with an IQ more than a toilet bowl can see that the Two-Face guy, right from the beginning, is a weirdo. Yet, Batman trusts him without doubt.-The whole troubled Batman thing, where he can't decide whether he wants to be a superhero or not, is childish. Get the guy a shrink already.-The Joker isn't scary, or cool. The cyber-punk enemies in Jackie Chan's "New Police Story" were cooler and funnier than The Joker, and that was like ten years ago.-The ending of the movie, where Batman doesn't want to tell the city what really happened, is just plain weird.Sorry. But that's just how I feel.

  7. Yup. Have to agree The Dark Knight was pretty lame but my worst movie pick MUST go to Australia(narrowly edging out Cocktail/Saving Private Ryan/Pretty Woman). Nothing redeeming about historically/geographically inaccurate dross with a characters so unbelievable they actually suit the botoxed face of 'our Nic' and pinheaded Hugh Jackman. (And before all the 'patriots' scream and say I'm dissing Aussie film, shush! My fave film is Picnic At Hanging Rock). I was squirming with frustration at about 15 minutes into this stupidity and it only got worse. Epic? You're kidding. What makes it so galling is its claim to be a great Aussie film and the incredible hype that only made the let down all the worse. Stone the bloody crows, mate!

  8. The movie I love to hate is 'Killer Clowns From Outer Space'. So bad it is laughably good.

  9. Chicken Park.That movie was just plain wrong. It didn't even work for a Z grade spoof…

  10. Oh Brother Where Art Thou – I'm a huge movie buff and this is literally the ONLY movie I have EVER walked out of before the end. Absolutely painful!

  11. Hitch! The necessary rom-com 'conflict' was so unbelievable it made me want to jump into the movie and beat Eva Mendes' character about the head for being such a moron.I mean noone is expecting too much of a challenge from a rom com but seriously…plot lose.

  12. Maid in Manhattan (JLo stick to spruiking perfume), The Happening (MNS stop making movies) and Speed Racer (some cartoons shouldn't be made into movies by untalented directors), Scarface (load of overblown dramatic nonsense), Batman with Michael Keating (he's not not superhero worthy). Oh the list could go on.

  13. DONNIE DARKO by far the WORSE movie.. ARGGHH i hated it.. there are so many shockers these days though..

  14. Nacho LibreTried watching it twice, haven't seen the end of it and it is several hours of my life that I won't get back, I feel like I was robbed!

  15. Shakespeare in Love. No contest.

  16. Bram Stoker's Dracula's Guest has got to be the worst movie I have ever seen. The acting is absolutely atrocious I couldn't stand watching all the movie, where do they find these actors? out of a trash can???The script was so predictable it was hard to imagine it wasn't a spoof movie, these guys were actually trying to be serious!!!!

  17. "Caligula", with Malcolm McDowell. The 3 hour director's cut. There is no word in any human dialect that can possibly encapsulate the depths to which this movie sank. Apparently it is currently being utilised in some of the more cruel subject interrogation strategies by intelligence officers in Guantanamo Bay.

  18. wow, i can't believe no one has mentioned 'plan 9 from outer space'… there's 80 minutes of my life i won't ever be getting back… still, ed wood ROCKS.

  19. Master of Disguise – worst movie in the history world. 2hours just gone (sobs)

  20. Cold Mountain (or anything with Nicole Kidman). This film tops the list of movies where so much happens and yet absolutely nothing happens and you are left wondering how you can possibly get the last 4 hours of your life back. The whole thing was just a crock. Just before he dramatically falls to his knees & kicks the bucket, I distinctly remember angrily commenting to my movie companion "so help me if this guy dies after all that I've just sat through to get here" and voila! down he goes. Whatever Jude.

  21. K-Pax with Kevin Spacey… he obviously didnt read the script before filming.Erin Brokovich and Sliding Doors – for obvious reasons. Both awful.Its hard to be conclusive as many females will probably disagree with the last two. Looking through the comments I disagree with Spun, The Dark Knight, O Brother Where Art Thou, Donnie Darko.. they arent fantastic but come on … worst film ever? They all have appeal in some ways to some people. Grow up.

  22. I'm pretty careful in anticipating the dross, but Highlander 2 would make the shortlist.Once Upon a Time in Mexico was downright offensive.

  23. I would have to say that the "promotion" a new movie starring Seann William Scott as Doug Stauber and John C. Reilly as Richard Welhner and Jason Bateman as Camp Instructor. The Promotion is a 2008 American "so called" comedy film written and directed by Steven Conrad. Apparently a look at the quest for the American Dream, it focuses on two grocery store managers trying for a promotion. very very pointless movie i kept watching hoping for it to get interesting right til the last minute extremly pointless and boring and 120 mins of my life wasted that i can never get back …

  24. spun spun you say spun was very well made…lol

  25. General rule of thumb is be wary of anything Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, Mel Gibson and Jo Lo.Other than that specifics could be Mr Hollands Opus and Sister Act.

  26. Puma Man.You-Tube it….

  27. silent Hill, easily. I sat through that piece of crap and after the first 20 minutes I was hating it with a passion but I kept hoping and praying it would get better… it didn't. I sat through the entire movie because I was deluded into believing that it had a chance of getting better… next time I have the feeling I walk out

  28. My Best Friends Wedding. I fell asleep half an hour into the damn thing and walked out when i woke up.it was hideous.Rabbit Proof Fence. *YAWN*4 weddings and a funeral………*vomit*war of the worlds, the remake of the planet of the apes, I could be here all day!

  29. "Australia" – just what the hell was that all about?

  30. Worst movie I have ever seen was Children of Men – I actually rang up foxtel and asked for my money back after watching it on Box Office. They built it up as this great movie with twists and turns, but in the end it was predictable and flat.

  31. Gangs of New York for being poorly cast.hated it and couldn't wait to leave

  32. I thought "The Dark Knight" was the worst I have seen. My sister in law and I actually walked out about a third of the way into the movie. The boys watched it but were not too impressed either. We found the "love of violence" in particularly displayed by the joker as offensive and inappropriate. I kept thinking that this movie had some influence on the mental state of Heath Ledger which lead to his accidental or otherwise suicide. It should have been banned!

  33. Anything that Uwe Boll has directed – Alone in the Dark, Bloodrayne, In the Name of the King – I have to say though Tunnel Rats wasn't that bad it was watchable at least.

  34. A Little Bit of Soul (1999) tops my list. Geoffrey Rush, Frances O'Connor & David Wenham how could you? The only film I have ever walked out from and asked for my money back. The only DVD I have never finished is Windtalkers (2002) with Nicholas Cage. What a piece of rubbish. These two would be followed closely by The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005) and Pearl Harbour (2001).

  35. Anonymous said…This is very difficult to decide as there are soooooo many really, really bad movies.BUT why would you bother to watch a bad movie all the way through if it is so bad?????Anything with Chuck Norris in it would get my vote.

  36. Ther only movie I have ever walked out of -so I can tolerate most was HUDSON HAWK Bruce sure let me down

  37. NATURAL BORN KILLERS! Good god, I've never been so bored in all my life. I watched the first half and had to turn it off cos it felt like it had already been going for 5 hours. So tedious.

  38. Worst films I have ever seen:Point BreakSurf Nazis Must DieStar Wars II: Attack of the ClonesAnd anything M Night Shyamalan has done since The Sixth Sense.

  39. Transformers.Yes, it was brilliantly made; but it had no storyline."OMG, MY CAR IS ALIVE!!!11!!"I barley got through the first hour of it.

  40. The worst movie would definetly have to be the Love Guru. What was Mike myers thinking when he made this movie. I can only imagine water torture would be along the same lines as watching this ghastly movie….The fact he got some big name celebrities to be in it and make cameo appearances. I bet they did not read the script. ATTROCIUOS

  41. Blue Chips with Nick Nolte and the Shaq was the worst two hours I ever spect in a cinema. Add that to being on a blind date with self-interested wet fish, which involved dinner afterwards, and you get an evening full of memories…ALL BAD! I agree with several comments, here, especially Cocktail, anything with Nicole Kidman (although Days of Thunder was passable for the racing action), O Brother where art thou (could not watch beyong 30 minute into it) and Shallow Hal (subject matter terribly handled)

  42. Now I may have already cast my vote, but It would be nice to see some Wicker Man hate on this message board. "Killing me won't bring back your goddamn honey!"Also, I think we're alllll forgetting about Twilight. But I maintain that Funny Games is the worst.And, just to clarify my position, I think Children of Men and Oh Brother are incredible.

  43. My first thought was a so-called 'cult' movie from the 80s called "Hairspray".No people, not the musical with John Travolta, the 'comedy' with Divine (rather obese drag queen) and if that didn't have enough pull (!), its other claim to fame was the SMELLOVISION (the audience got Scratch-n-Sniff cards……calling my therapist now…

  44. Taxi with Queen Latifah in it, i lasted 5 minutes…Moulin Rouge…NORBIT!!!

  45. The Dark Knight! Point Break?! Go back to the valley man!

  46. Days of Thunder – how come there are so many Nicole Kidman posts????

  47. Personally I woul have to say all 3 of the Star Wars prequels. They were complete garbage!Other offenders are Tank Girl, The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert.I also don't like either of the last 2 Bond films, but that is more because of my dislike of Daniel Craig as James Bond.

  48. i would have to say.. children of men wat the hell was that bout seriously i wasted time just watching that it was stupid but theres more like those stupid movies they make for lauphs but just end up really gay like meet the spartans (ridicoulas)and especially that comedy movie that copies spiderman but the actor get bitten by a dragonfly or sumthing i cant believe i went to the cinema for that HOT worth it at ALL…

  49. Manos: The Hands of Fate.

  50. The absolute worst movie I can think of is Team America: World Police! I absolutely HATED this film! This is the biggest load of absolute rotten stinking garbage ever made and I still cannot believe some idiot funded the production of it! UGH!

  51. 'Because I Said So' with Diane Keaton, Mandy Moore etc – if these characters are representative of western civilisation then the sooner we perish, the better. I was depressed for a week just thinking that I had wasted time and money on it.Also, anything with Nicholas Cage in it. He only has two facial expressions and National treasure was a very long ad for the Masons. National Treasure 2 was even more ridiculous. El Dorado underneath Mount Rushmore?But I do like Children of Men and O Brother Where Art Thou…

  52. Oh Missbee you just reminded me of two more terrible films – the two you said you liked! I agree about Nicholas Cage only having two facial expressions but I still thought National Treasure was ok.

  53. of late cos there are so many i cant think of at the moment, would have to be quarantine. i was really pissed to have wasted the two or so hours to watch it. i could go out with my video camera and shoot the same crap with same quality. again we are the ones who should be paid to watch it.also any of those stupid "comedies" they keep coming up with, like meet the spartans, epic movie and disaster movie which i didn't bother to watch

  54. The Strangers. Some will disagree with me im sure however there is nothing that makes me want to endure a second watching of this one. Liv Tyler is possibly one of the most mono faced actresses in the business.The eye with Jessica Alba also deserves a meantion.

  55. The Holiday . . . yaaaawwwwnnnn! Absolutely NO rapport between Jude, Cameron, Kate & Jack. No idea how this came to be released.Full Metal Jacket was probably 2nd worst for me as I found it so disturbing.

  56. TWILIGHT – this fild was painful to sit through! The acting was shocking and all those 2 little wierdo's did was look at eachother!0 out of 10 for me!

  57. These are the run from the room and don't turn around films. AI Artificial Intelligence-sadistically sad. Chicken Little-humourless and desperately trying to be meaningful when they run out of more humourless stuff. Billy Jack- 70's drek about a peace teacher who gets soooooo mad. I haven't seen it in 30 years but I can't forget it. Dark Knight-Bad mainly in contrast to the brilliant Batman Returns. One dimensional characters (strident, strident and more strident)seething away. Great Expectations-painfully hip and the winner by a mile Vanilla Sky- Tom Cruise in Chicken Little style. Desperately trying to be mystical they run out of mystical in the first minute and substitute ugly. Empty, irritating, endless ugly. It's a real prize winner

  58. Anyone who thinks that Team America: World Police is the worst ever must be so ronery. They should have a sense of humour transplant, same goes for the 40 year old virgin hater.

  59. Humour transplant? Oh yeah of course.. silly me. If you are trying to make me feel bad because I mocked your precious film I'm afraid it doesn't bother me. Comedies are my favourite genre and I am well known to those around me as a very funny person with an excellent sense of humour. In fact I have performed as a comedian to rave reviews so you could not be any more wrong. But of course you know all about me from my few sentences… *rolls eyes* The truth is I live for comedy – but Team America is plain drivel – no arguement!

  60. Re: Simon Miraudo – Twilight – some of us were sensible to have never seen it! Everyone who nominated THE DARK KNIGHT should count their blessings if that's the worst movie they've ever seen.

  61. Most probably these films for me are the all-time worst!1. Moulin Rouge2. Magnolia3. Match Point (or Scoop)4. Gigli5. Jersey Girl6. The Strangers7. Meet The Spartans8. Glitter9. The Love Guru10. Never Been Kissed

  62. Tigger83 is right. It was like being locked in a 14 year old boys room for a long, long time.

  63. bend it like beckham. was that supposed to be a comedy?

  64. waste-of-time-dont-bother-to watch-it movies are: Margot at the wedding (dont know what Nicole Kidman was thinking doing the movie), Ask the dust (plain boring),still plenty more, but these are which sucks at most !

  65. Thanks Dave 🙂 Nice to see someone else is with me on this one! The funny thing is, my husband loves that movie… but he thinks farts are funny… really funny… enough said! He's lucky I love him!

  66. Wow, the guy above me has tickets on himself. "Excellent sense of humour", "rave reviews"….For mine, there are many contenders:* – The Promotion – This is just a "nothing" film, relying solely on the name value of the two main actors to draw, and it fails miserably. John C Reilly is nothing without Wil Ferrell, Sean William Scott is nothing without being Stifler.* – Jumper – This solidified my idea that Hayden Christensen is the worst actor in Hollywood at the moment. The guy just has no range (unless it's "smug, cocky young guy" and…well, that.). The script is just horrible, the special effects not so great. I felt sorry for Samuel L.* – A Walk To Remember – This should prove the concept that if you make a bunch of 14 year old girls cry, it's therefore a good film. Tugs unnecessarily at the heart strings way too much to the point where too much happens in such a short time. A poor man's poor man's Notebook.* – the Jude Law remake of Alfie – Wow, Jude Law plays a guy who hates himself, then gets cancer, and then changes his life for the better, and then doesn't have cancer anymore, and then he decides not to change it, and then the film ends. Pointless. * – Into The Wild – Only gets the plaudits it receives, because there are so many late 30's-early 40's types out there who wish they had the balls to have these sorts of life changing experiences, but instead sit around and watch DVDs like this all day.Oh, and for the pseudo-intellectual who mentioned Team America….obviously never seen it's pre-cursor, "Disaster!"?

  67. I just saw Miss Congeniality 2.It sucked which was surprising as Miss Congeniality was quite good and Sandra Bullock is funny.I agree Nicholas Cage is a wooden actor but he must be doing something right as he has been in a lot of alright films, though I cannot recall any outstanding flick he has been in.Nicole Kidman is a good actor but obviously she grates on some people.

  68. Cam, I'm not a guy I'm a girl – and I don't have tickets on myself I just wanted to make a point. It doesn't bug me that the guy attacked my sense of humour but it does annoy me when people read a couple of sentences of someone's post and then assume to know everything about them. I agree with all of your worst films ever except for Jumper. I don't know why I liked that one I just did even though I wasn't expecting to. Into the Wild was painful for me and Alfie was equally as bad.

  69. The Blair Witch Project.

  70. As much as I hate to speak badly of my brothers and sisters, there are an awful lot of really crappy gay movies around. My partner and I thought we would have a gay film festival – it ended up with us watching the worst movies I have ever seen.In Almost Normal, the main character slips into an alternate universe where everyone is gay. Rather than enjoying himself, he decides he is straight – wtf? It seems he would rather fight oppression than get laid.Most movies aimed at lesbians are usually bad, especially if they are about sex. If there is any kind of money behind the movie, the main character usually ends up going straight ("Three of Hearts", "The Wedding Banquet").Don't get me started on the portrayal of lesbians in "staright" movies either. How would you like to be always cast as the serial killer / stalker of straight women?

  71. An easy way to spot an awful film is if it has one (or more) of these actors in it:• Sandra Bullock• Matthew McConaughey• Rob Schnieder• Nicholas Cage• Gary Busey• Steven Segal

  72. Stop! or my Mom will shoot was completely lame

  73. oh no Donnie Darko is an amazing film – loved it completely.I think the worst movie I have ever seen was The Watchmen. OMG there is something not right about close up thrusts of a "Supers" rear end!Tacky, corny and dreadful!!Oh and I also hated the Royal Tenenbaums

  74. KerrieB – you must be kidding!!! Australia is not the greatest film ever made but I still enjoyed it and Nicole was not that bad in it. And who cares if it is not perfectly historically accurate – it's fiction for God's sake!! I agree that Cocktail was not a great film but Saving Private Ryan and Pretty Woman were FANTASTIC films!!!!

  75. If I can be devil's advocate for a moment, let's not forget that Nicolas Cage was in great films like Adaptation, Moonstruck, Matchstick Men etc. And also, although these are harder to defend, i do love The Rock/Con Air/Face Off.BUT, as I mentioned earlier: "killing me won't bring back you're goddamn honey!"If I may also weigh into the "humour transplant" debate; The Forty Year Old Virgin IMO is one of the best films of the decade. Also, to the person who called Magnolia a worse film than Meet The Spartans – not cool. Magnolia is perfect. Now, rag on me as you see fit.

  76. anything with Kevin Costner is dreadful, but especially Robin Hood – how did anyone allow this idiot to play Robin with an american accent. as for most disappointing i'd have to say Babel, it was built up by reviews, etc to be fantastic and we thought it was rubbish.

  77. "they shoot horses dont they" i was forced to watch this depressing piece of carp in high school 20 years ago and i am still emotionally scared could have put me off movies for life

  78. Wow, where do I start.Traffic – has to be the worst movie I've ever seen. I actually threw the video away afterwards so my kids couldn't watch it – ever!Fur – with Nicole Kidman, so crap I couldn't finish it.Death Proof – OMG what a lot of complete rubbish.Cloverfield – the critics were right for once.The Messengers – predictable and boring.Riding The Bullet & 1408 were extremely disappointing if you've read the books and just plain silly either way.The Dark Knight – massive let down. Christian Bale is so painful to watch & what's with the 'darth vader voice' when he becomes batman!?!Also, let's not forget Waterworld………

  79. i would say "12 Monkeys" i had tickets to the premiere in Adelaide but by the end of the movie only about 1/3rd of the people were left to see the end. Atrocious film except for Brad Pitt who got robbed of the Best Supporting Actor Oscar. Without his outstanding portrayal of a schizophrenic, I to would have walked out. Now the tickets were free but it didn't stop most from leaving during the film.

  80. Snakes on a Train. It was so bad that it was painful to watch!

  81. The Bank Job — enough said!

  82. I can't believe all the hate for The Dark Knight. Even if you don't agree with the hype and rave reviews, surely you can't say it was the worst movie of all time. What about the previous Batman films (Returns, Forever, Batman & Robin). Are you honestly telling me they were better?For me, the one movie I remember finding so excrutiating I had to leave the cinema was The Cable Guy. I also couldn't stomach Love Guru. What drugs was Mike Myers on when he made that thing?

  83. GET SMART !!!!How to stay awake through the latest incarnation of "Get Smart"!Not funny, Not clever, Not interesting, Not worth watching…A mistake for the investors, the crew and the actors who even thought this would be a good idea…A mistake for in choosing to watch tripe…

  84. I would have to say that the worst movie ever is Moulin Rouge (and I agree also – anything with Nicole in it…or done by Baz).Wow – what a great story line – you find out she is a whore, he is a young impressionable man…then 10 minutes later you find out she is going to die. So the ending comes as a real SHOCK…snort…

  85. Dancer in the Dark with Bjork in the title role is the worst film I have ever not walked out on. I would have if I had been by myself and still resent those wasted hours. I should have gone to the Dome and waited for the others, who actually kept waiting in vain for the movie to improve. Apparently Bjork had a 6 month depressive breakdown after making it and decided never to make another movie. Bad story worse acting and music, and abominable camerawork and editing. And DEPRESSING!!!

  86. I can thank 'Eraserhead' for being so awful that I got a high distinction at uni for proving that to be the case!Having said that it was NOWHERE near as painful as sitting through:Voodoo MoonPlanet Terror orboth Mr Bean movies!Sheesh.

  87. And another movie that I'd rather not admit to watching is "Anne of Green Gables – The Continuing Story" Who wrote that tripe? didn't anyone involved in the production ever stop and think "this is just plain silly"? the storyline in the 'Anne' novels would be more worth filming…maybe the actors were hungry and needed the work…

  88. In no particular order:Crocodile Dundee in LAThe Love GuruHighlander 2With the sequels they both spoilt the original great movie.I really like Mike Myers by The Love Guru was so bad.

  89. Worst picks for me would have to be1. The Golden Compass – what a load of crap that was, and not just because of Nicole Kidman's frozen face2. 2001: A space odyssey – about the most boring film I have ever watched and I fast forwarded all the music and colour bits3. Far and away – well, pretty much anything with Tom Cruise in it I guess, but since this one also had Nicole Kidman it was extra bad

  90. I think that the worst movies i have ever seen are the "dubbed" ones that are speaking but thrie mouths move before or after

  91. Ok young 'uns, there's so many to pick from that you haven't seen yet! I walked out of Against All Odds. It was either that or bang my head on the seat from boredom. Blue Velvet (walked out of this one too) & Wild At Heart were absolute w@#nky sick drivel. What was David Lynch on or was it his massive ego affecting the rest of his brain? I loved Twin Peaks so I was ready to love anything he did, boy was I let down. Dusk Till Dawn was so atrocious in so many ways words fail me. Yet I love Donnie Darko, go figure.

  92. I have to agree that Speed Racer was pretty bad. Why was there a monkey? The worst movie though was Clockwise with John Clease many years ago.

  93. "A Perfect Fit" from 2005 with Adrian Grenier. I am still surprised that I made it through the whole thing. I am surprised also that "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" has gotten a few mentions as it's one of my favourites.It gets really annoying that so many people just have to add "that's however many minutes of my life that I'll never get back", as if that's such a validating and original thing to say.

  94. Seems a lot of people don't like Nicole Kidman. Did anyone see this that was in last Saturday's Sydney Morning Herald?:http://www.redbubble.com/people/rossman72/t-shirts/2168508-2-the-many-moods-of-nicole

  95. Anchorman 2. Yeah I didnt even know they made it either till I wasted 90 mins of my life. They made it from outtakes of the first (and totally awsome) movie and didnt bother with a plot or adding anything funny. If Will Ferrel actually endorsed this, then shame on him. Shame.

  96. Without a doubt, "Trojan Warrior", the Australian Martial Arts flop.Before this movie, I would have had trouble picking any one movie, but this one just takes the cake. Apparently, (I know someone who went to the free preview), most of the preview audience walked out on it. The star (Stan "The Man"; a real life kickboxing champion) showed the most acting talent, and he was shocking; the worst was Jacko. Ugghhh!

  97. The Love GuruSwept AwayGigliAnything with Paris Hilton

  98. The Talented Mr Ripley and Monsters Ball. They make The Lair of the White Worm look good.

  99. Worst movie of all time is Forest Gump.

  100. I’m glad others said Dark Knight. I don’t get the hype! It was bad. And here’s why: Joker’s hardly in it at all, there is no blood or bullet wounds (even when shot at point blank range with a shotgun), Batman does NOTHING special or awesome to make you go, ‘Yeah! Batman is so cool!’ and lastly, Batman’s voice. But other movies worth a mention are Babylon AD, Ballistic, The Pianist, Gangs of New York, Batman Forever, Batman & Robin, anything directed by Kevin Smith, X-Men Origins: Wolverine (for what they did to Deadpool), Spawn, Judge Dredd, most Adam Sandler movies (I’m sick of his overly happy endings!), Armageddon, Blade Runner, Mortal Combat: Annihilation, Street Fighter, and I’m sure some I can’t think of.

  101. Will, wash your mouth out! They Shoot Horses Don't They? is one of the best ever.My vote would have to go to Eyes Wide Shut, followed very closely (extremely closely!) by Vanilla Sky.Hmm . . . perhaps there's a bit oif a theme here!

  102. Just about anything with Mel Gibson appearing in it or any film made by him. Why?-because he distorts history in order to fit his religious or ethnic agenda.

  103. The Naked Gun series..or any "comedy" "starring" Leslie Nielsen" (Sgt Bilko,Pink Panther)What pathetic attempts at humour and in the process blemishing classics. Get original.Nielsen!!

  104. At the moment anything even remotely Twilight related is going to get my hate vote, but for controversies sake, I'm going to add Brokeback Mountain to the list. Yes, the cinematography was fantastic, but how they managed to stretch a 30 page short story into something so bloody long and tedious is beyond me.

  105. Eyes Wide Shut, What a bore

  106. I have two bad movies first is Bad Boy Bubby and second is Teeth

  107. My worst picks of all time include most things done by Adam Sandler.Two others that deserve a mention are 'Meet the Feebles' and 'Do the Right Thing', both terrible movies.

  108. Horror Hospital 1977 – Puke puke puke puke puke.Say no more. Its the worst film ever ever ever. Puke.

  109. My Best Friends Wedding. Plot could barely hold the script (what script?) together and vice versa. Yawn.

  110. The original Star Trek film, the most boring two hours ever!!

  111. Anything to do with Science Fiction.I watch movies for 2 reasons:1) to have a laugh2) to learn new stuff

  112. Steven Segal has definitely slid down that slippery slope that actors face when they get fat/old. And he decided that it would be quicker to find the cliff right next to that slope and jump off! 'Submerged' was quite possibly the worst action movie ever made, everything about it stunk! Worst movie I have ever seen by far!

  113. I believe this list will have a lot of people out there yelling at me – but here it goes.My Worst Movies EverStar Wars Prequel Trilogy – Sooo many problems, and what the f..k is a midoclorian???Akira – Poor story, poor visuals, overrated pile of tripe.Bob Roberts – The only movie I have ever walked out on.Baseball Bimbos in Hillbilly Hell – The title says it all.Children of Men – Had so much promise and delivered so little.Serenity – Joss…….you are just not as talented as everyone makes you out to be.The Anchor Man (or anything with Will Ferrel) – He is not even remotely amusing.I must say that I am kind of disturbed with the dislike of The Dark Knight. Yes, there are problems with it (mainly surrounding Christian Bale), but for any comic fan, Heath Ledgers portrayal of The Joker was nothing short of brilliant.

  114. 'EPIC MOVIE' – shame on whoever funded this piece of crap!!!!

  115. "Spiceworld"A truly awful piece of crap with no redeeming feature. I still strongly resent the person that made me sit through the WHOLE DAMN THING!Honorable mention to "Titanic" for being the dullest movie I've been forced to endure.

  116. Geez, people really seem to hate Dark Knight – don't get that at all, I thought it was great. I've been interested in reading other people's comments & it seems that USA comedies generally is a misnomer – obviously a lot of us don't get them at all – me in particular. I agree that ANY Adam Sandler movie would qualify, & Caligula would certainly make it into my hate list. Moulin Rouge was one of the rare films I walked out on. BUT, the absolute worst film I have ever seen, totally devoid of any merit, artistic or otherwise, I have ever seen, the GOLD ROTTEN TOMATO goes to Revenge of the Woman. Has anyone ever seen that piece of rubbish???

  117. Caligula – i fainted. The most god-awful gratuitous violence, the most decadent film with not one redeeming feature.

  118. Jersey Girli survived only 20mins of itYAAAAAWWWWWWWNNNNNNNGigli is nextbasically anything with ben affleck… boring

  119. "Meet Joe Black". 178 minutes, with a good 78 of those … being … the … inordinately … … … long … and … meaning … less … … pauses … in the … laregly trite … dialogue while the camera lingers self-indulgently on Brad Pitt in his floppy-haired 1990's mode. Worth seeing, though, for the absurdly bad digital car accident in the opening scenes where Brad is runover in the street.And shame on you, Simon, for hating "Funny Games". It's an awful experience, but it's brilliant at what it sets out to do: show how conventional thrillers encourage us to celebrate violence.

  120. "And shame on you, Simon, for hating "Funny Games". It's an awful experience, but it's brilliant at what it sets out to do: show how conventional thrillers encourage us to celebrate violence."phew, it only took someone 123 comments to defend Funny Games.Michael Haneke has complete contempt for his characters and his audience. This is a movie that quite literally spits in the face of the viewer. I can't condone Funny Games on any level.For an intelligent criticism/celebration of violence in cinema, check out Park Chan-wook's Vengeance Trilogy or any Sam Peckinpah film.Meanwhile, Haneke can eat it.

  121. Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes…what else can 1 say.

  122. gigli – turkey timeswept away – feminist icon begs to be raped and gets upset when she isn'tglitter – mariah attempts to solve racial disharmony, wears lots of blue dresses…

  123. I would have to say that the worst movies i have ever seen would be Face/Off- words cannot describe how much I hate that movie.Battlefield Earth- L. Ron Hubbard equals bad start, but that you move onto John Travolta playing Klingon cross Predator, and the camera work, oh god the camera work. Pointless movie.Rock Monster- This is a little heard of movie shot in some Post-Soviet Union backwater. No real point in seeing it unless your are a glutton for punishment.But as for more big budget failures, i would have to say that the worst movie of all time is Passion of the Christ, a two hour long guilt trip, if i was ever to convert to christianity, it would not be from watching this film, i dont think this movie ever had an audience. it wasnt going to convert anyone, all it managed to do was preach to the converted.

  124. Blair Witch project was a waste of space.Bram Stoker's Dracula is the only horror movie that I have fallen asleep in, after a couple of times I gave up, still haven't seen the whole movie.Disaster Movie was crap, mostly NOT FUNNY.

  125. I don't agree with O Brother Where Art Thou as a bad movie. I love all Coen Brothers films. Sorry but I think Never Been Kissed and Mr Holland's Opus were also great movies.I do however believe that anything with Will Ferrell, Ben Affleck or Paris Hilton in it is crap My other bad movie choices includeHancockMamma Mia (Boring)There Will Be BloodFool's Gold

  126. PEEPING TOM manages to combine nasty with incompetent. that's a winning combination. You'd have to dig deep into movie history to match that – THE HOODLUM, TURKEY SHOOT or just about anything by Tony Ginane.

  127. I have to agree with Tomato Dave – Vanilla Sky hands down is the worst film I've ever sat through! What a stinker! Snakes on a Plane was so bad it was almost entertaining! And I agree with Mike – I love They Shoot Horses, Don't They – brilliant film!

  128. I am surprised no one has mentioned Pluto Nash…..What a god awful waste of space. And in no particular order comes Saving Private Ryan and Bad Boy Bubby.I have to say on my list of movies not to see as the trailers were so pathetic, comes Titanic and Australia.

  129. Good to see Turkey Shoot get a mention. Bad acting and bad special effects

  130. My choice would have to be Adam Sandlers Going Overboard.I love Adam Sandler as a rule but this was easily the worst movie i have ever had the sad fortune to watch in my whole life .I feelvery strongly that I wasted one and half hours of my life on this poor attempt at comedy.Thank god Adam actually must have learnt something before making his next movie.

  131. Anyone remember Matrix 3….That's got to be it!

  132. I honestly can't believe this film hasn't received a single "hate vote" let alone hundreds. SICKLE is by far the single most disgusting piece of film trash known to man. For those of you who have not seen it i envy thee.To the filthy mouthed monster who voted FORREST GUMP, shame on you!!Some other woeful releases, SLAUGHTERED, SPACE COWBOYS, oh and DOOM definitely makes the cut.

  133. I actually thought Forrest Gump was awful too. I was forced to sit through it over and over by my army mates and I never did understand the appeal. I know how many people treasure this film so I was afraid to mention it for fear of a total backlash but since it's already out there…

  134. Finally I see someone else agrees that Meet Joe Black was an embarrasing waste of talented actors. Can I put "Get Shorty" into the mix – tedious and pointless. But have to disagree with "They Shoot Horses Don't They" I guess you should see it as an adult, it is wasted on kids. But no one has mentioned "The Swarm", so bad it is almost good..! Still it paid Michael Caine's mortgage for a while

  135. Titanic. Dances with Wolves.Legs wide open–oh i mean Eyes wide Shut.The perfect storm. Pearl Harbor.These ones stand out for me over and above the Adam Sandlers and B-Grade disaster films because they're not pretending to eb anything they're not. But Titanic and Dances with Turkeys etc won academy awards and made acres of dough, and that gets my goat, because they were badly written, badly acted, melodramatic pieces of tosh pretending to be meaningful films. Emma.

  136. I would rather point to persuasion…I couldn't see the end of the movie and everytime i try to watch back it always keep rewind the story and never get the point what the movie is about.

  137. Borat was awful!! I thought it would be funny and send up the Yanks, but it was just disgusting, racially incorrect, revolting, rude, sick, pathetic and all the other adjectives which represent loathing. I've gone right off SBC.

  138. I loved Borat, it was fantastic you silly twatI think it would be fair to point out out that this worst -ever movie list can only include really hyped, big movies with huge expectations riding on them that turn out to be complete turkeys of Titanic proportions ( i confess to liking that movie, sorry) ( and i also liked Troy)Two words – QUENTIN TARANTINO!HIS MOVIES ARE SO CONTRIVEDTHEY DRIVE ME NUTS!sorry but i hate 'noticing' the director when i watch a movie and his actors are BADLY directed, at least David Lynch did this quite well, though his stuff is no less convolutedAnyway my pick for most overrated would have to be the "Kill Bill"movies. This would be the top of my special QT list of overworked, futile, soulless and pointless bollocks.eDont get me wrong, I loved Resevoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction but its been all about QT for a too long a time now. The same can be said for a lot of David Lynch's work and almost everything with Adam Sandler in it ( cept for Happy Gilmore )

  139. Some contenders, not in any particular order:1. Ghost Dog – starring Forest Whitaker. Hit man/samurai movie. WTF? Truly horrible.2. They saved Hilter's Brain – title says it all really.3. The Postman – in fact pretty much anything with Kevin Coster in it, except for No Way Out.4. Freddy Got Fingered – Ridiculous drivel5. Borat – Not really funny as a two minute skit, certainly not funny as a feature length filmBut I think the winner would have to be Australia – terrible (or the ridiculous Steve Irwin movie)

  140. Elizabeth and Deep Third Man have joined the humour transplant waiting list. Geese.

  141. I know Nicole Kidman has already had a bad rap on this list but I didn't see what I think is the worst movie of all time. Dogville! OMG didn't even last the half hour in that one.

  142. Gotta say these are the most interesting comments I've read in a long time.Fascinated that so many people loathe Nicole!? Yup, to the wooden actors Nic Cage, Ben Affleck, et al.Must say I have managed to avoid many of the movies mentioned. Many simply on the basis of the words "J-Lo" and "Adam Sandler" (though Reign Over Me was a pleasant exception). Same used to be said for Jim Carrey, but now with ESSM & Trueman Show . . .Still sticking with The Holiday & Full Metal Jacket, but have to agree Matrix 3 was one of the most disappointing films of all time – how did it all go so wrong? And could really have done without all the 'present-day' time-wasting at either end of Titanic – did nothing except lengthen the movie.

  143. Can't believe that some of my favourite movies have been nomonated here: Children of Men, Moulin Rouge, Cold Mountain, Dogville (yes, I think NC is a fine actress) Dances with Wolves, Oh, Brother where Art Thou and although Australia is definately not the greatest film ever made it, surely, should not feature here.My nominees: Bad Santa- excruciatingand The Da Vinci Code-so ridiculous and boring to boot.

  144. its obvious that wilight it the worst movie off all time, have you seen it, vampires coated with diamonds, i would care if edward cullen was a vegetarian/emo loser but making him a vampire, has automatically made it the biggest insult the movie world

  145. The National Treasure movies anyone who likes those movies should be shot!

  146. clearly the following 1. Nurse Betty &2. Man on the moon

  147. Anything directed by Ulli Lommel … Trust me, he's a shocker!!! Or should I say schlocker?

  148. definatele jean claude van dams movie de-railed. absolutely woeful. teres 2 hours i'll never get back. ha ha. lol.

  149. Snakes on a train. 'nuff said.

  150. A.I. ~~ The fact I almost walked out of gold class says it all

  151. Failure to Launch – I felt deeply annoyed that I had wasted an hour and a half on that rubbish – and I saw it on a plane.

  152. Identity. Takes "it was all a dream" to a new low. So they are all facets of the personality of a fat, slobbering retard? And we are then supposed to care what happens in the next half an hour?

  153. The Worst Films.. Now let me think…?!1. Mars Attacks – A showoff of too many actors with a very sad story line (sad as in bad not tear jerking).2. I Am Legend – Seriously come on! The dog dies and then he dies when he's so close to salvation?! All that struggle for what?!3. Oceans Thirteen – did this movie need a 3-part following?4. Chicken Little – Okay Disney, most of the time you're good but this time you were bad baby, real bad!5. The Zohan – Yeah okay, Adam Sandler really crossed over from funny guy to stupid guy. The jokes have just been done to death and no stupid accent's ever gonna make em better! His try hard better than everyone attitude is just pathetic and the sad thing? the plot of this movie is about a terrorist turned hairdresser. come on!!!6. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (re-make) – okay did we really need a re-take on this classic? I thought Gene Wilder was perfect as Willy Wonka in the original. Johnny Depp, I never knew you had such a hatred of children! Willy Wonka is not a child hating evil man who insults children in a way only parents understand. Shocking. Whilst our kids are laughing at the joke we sit there outraged at the insults and the way holloywood has allowed a movie to treat children. Parents, this is not a kiddies movie.7. The Cat In The Hat – Okay Mike Meyers, You were good in Waynes World and great in Austin Powers but to try the same jokes in a kiddies flick? It's just not on. A smart alec cat? Dr. Seuss would roll over in his grave if he ever heard how his most precious cat was treated. This was low very low even for Mike Meyers. 8. Shrek The Third – Okay the ogre made his point with two movies and the donkey did the do do with the dragon by the second part so alls well that ends well right? wrong! What was supposed to be a happily ever after story has turned into a disgustingly gruesome and rude film seen by you guessed it, children 4 and up unsupervised. This movie franchise should have stopped at the 2nd installment. Dreamworks, I dont care how much money you have you're really pushing out the crap now. Isn't it time to get back to making DECENT films, if you even know what the word means.9. Rabbit Proof Fence – Good movie if you're drunk. At least it becomes funny!!!10. Castaway – Come on Tom Hanks I pictured you as the Sleepless in Seattle Guy, Forestgump with a box full of suprises. Well I guess that's just what we got. A surprise! If Tom Hanks could get paid to just sit there on an Island and slowly lose his mind while we stare at the pretty water, what's stopping me?! But remember folks if you're ever home alone and need someone to love, just paint a face on that soccer ball and he'll be your best friend!!

  154. I too can usually find something positive in most movies. Having said that some I've seen have been very hard to watch to the end. For example:1. Speed Racer – even my boys (5 & 8) couldn't get, visually way too busy.2. Awesome Lotus – cheap 80's martial arts with a female hero, awesome failure!3. Hudson Hawk – I know I've seen it sober, but please, it's insulting.4. Most sequels are disappointing, but not all: The Godfather etc5. Far and Away, Eyes Wide Shut. No wonder these 2 got divorced, they have no chemistry.6. The latest X-Files movie. Waste of time watching. Nothing like the series.7. Disaster Movie – The one I painfully sat through was with Juno as a character. Their budget for this would have been better spent on starving children in Africa.Hmm… perhaps I have disliked more movies than I thought, but I did see them all to the end even if I can't remember waht the story was about. Cheers.

  155. My top three worst movies are Twister (Mad About You in a cyclone), Cape Fear (with Robert de Niro and Juliette Lewis) and The Bone Collector.I've seen plenty of other shockers, for instance last night they played Fun With Dick and Jane on the telly and I'm ashamed to say I gave it a shot for a little while, but the three I've listed are the ones that come to mind as being particularly excruciating experiences at the flicks. Oh, and Titanic was awful too.Ten points to the person who pointed out the obnoxiousness of the phrase 'there's (x amount of time) I'll never get back' …. I notice it's use dropped off considerably after your comment. Joy.

  156. I can't beleive anyone hasn't mentioned The Da vinci Code.Tom Hanks was horrible – just totally wooden. And the movie was just very painful to sit through.However I beleive the movie with the reputation of being the worst movie ever made is Plan 9 from Outer Space – the production quality on this is appalling

  157. I noticed The Black Dahliah earlier without comment. There are two films with this title one bad and boring and one so badly made that it's really not worth the effort of putting the movie in the DVD player. Unwatchable, trash. Having said that My vote goes for "From Hell". The only thing with Depp I really hate and an insult to Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell two personal heros of mine.

  158. I stupidly went and saw 'The Spirit' when it was released at the start of the year. OH.MY.GOD. How that got the green light, I will never understand.

  159. Oh, and I hated 'Moulin Rouge'. Yes, Baz Luhrmann, we've seen 'Camille' too (and it was about a billion times better).

  160. My two most memorable painful movie watching experiences, (both watching movies on planes where walking out is not an option,why I didn't pull the headset off I will never know), were Secrets of the Yah Yah Society and Ladder 49 (or was it Ladder 41?) Sandra Bullock in Yah Yah Society was vaccuous and went throught the whole movie with this star eyed look of wonder as if she didn't have a clue, possible explained by the storyline. Ladder was predictable and sugar sweet melodram, with Travolta's portrayal of the clean cut (as in cut out cardboard) fire captain offputting. Having said that, my wife loved the movie. Other notable bad experiences are Dan in Real Life (another plane experience) and Troy. However, I can't understand Rabbit Proof Fence getting two mentions. I find it one of the most powerful movies I have watched.

  161. Anything with..Hugh Grant, i,m wanting to smash his face in after 30 seconds, and normaly it takes me 6 months to lose my temper.Film wise, ANY Amercian film that alters history to make it look like they did it, and the list of those movies is so long it would be quicker just to say, I hate allot of Amercian movies.Miss Kidman gets a special mention for just about any movie she has been in, apart from the movie, The Others, where I thought of her being dumped in a house in the fog, on an island, and not only that she is disjointed and trapped in a time bubble due to being dead, was in fact a movie about wishfull thinking on the part of the entire population of the planet Earth.Most tortuous movie event for me, was having relations over, and having to sit through Pride and Prejudice, at what point is the UK,s BBC going to stop churning that tripe out, just because its a period drama doesnt in any shape or form make it classy or high brow, the authors are dead and buried, its a hint from GOD, let it all go.There most be like 100 remakes of the dam thing..STOP…

  162. Why all the hatred for Dark Knight? I thought it was far more engrossing than people give it credit for.And how did we miss "The Matrix: Reloaded"? I've never been actually robbed, but I imagine it would feel like watching that movie.Or "Malibu's Most Wanted". It's the only comedy that has made me want to cut my wrists after watching it.But by far, the worst, vomit-in-the-theatre, Commit-suicide-to-releive-the-pain, Kill-the-people-who-made-this-rubbish film would have to have been "Eragon" I think the only way to fix things after watching that would be to run over your DVD player.

  163. TRANSFORMERS. Giant alien robots need (insert audience) young male becauase his grandfather actually did something with his life.TWILIGHT. Ugh. Whiny mary-sue that everybody loves. Why? Just tell me why everyone loves her so immediately?! I don't see it!I don't mind a bad movie, sometimes the stars just don't align right. But bad movies that have a huge following really get my goat.

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