Scott Pilgrim vs. The World will be the best film of 2010!


The poster for Edgar Wright‘s upcoming adaptation of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s brilliant comic series Scott Pilgrim vs. The World has debuted at a Las Vegas licensing show.

It’s a pretty funky piece of art by Canadian O’Malley, and will hopefully pique the interest of those still unaware of the project.

And what exactly is this project you ask? Well, seeing as I haven’t exactly discussed this film enough, here is a brief synopsis:

Scott Pilgrim (everyone’s favourite awkward heartthrob Michael Cera) is a 23-year-old slacker/slovenly romantic. He lives with his gay roommate Wallace Wells (Kieran Culkin), dates teenager Knives Chau (Ellen Wong), and plays bass for the terrible band Sex Bob-omb. His world is thrown upside down when he falls in love with American delivery girl Ramona Flowers (the slammin’ Mary Elizabeth Winstead). However, Ramona carries a lot of baggage – namely seven evil ex-boyfriends who Scott must battle before claiming her heart.

Check out the whole cast here!

O’Malley’s comic series is a hilarious, action-packed and startlingly truthful account of life and love for the early-twenties set. The cast is phenomenal, and Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) is perhaps the only director in the world who can pull off the action, comedy and heartfelt drama.

Judging by the lack of comments this film has received in my other articles, I’m guessing most people still aren’t really interested in Scott Pilgrim. But I promise you, come 2010, THIS will be the film everyone is talking about.

Oh! And before I sign off, this poster confirms the rumour that Jason Schwartzman will portray evil ex-boyfriend #7/big boss Gideon Graves. Readers of the comics have not yet seen his face (as of the fifth volume, we have only heard his voice over the phone) hence this mysterious photo leaked by Edgar Wright.

Although it’s quite obviously Schwartzman, his credit at the bottom of the poster is the first time his involvement in the project has been officially confirmed. By the way, if Schwartzman were 10 years younger, he would so be playing Scott Pilgrim.

You can check out Edgar Wright’s daily updates here.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World hits cinemas 2010.

Discuss: Has anyone else read the Scott Pilgrim series? If not, why not?

4 Responses to “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World will be the best film of 2010!”

  1. Well for some reason It wouldn't let me post on previous blogs, so i'll have to share my two cents here, whether anyone likes it or not.I'v been following the Photo a day posts on Edgars Blog since they started (even leaving my beloved Myspace to drift over to his official page *tear*), and read the novels shortly after that.The tantalising and involving snapshots that are offered up daily are almost too much at times, when the reality hits that, no, you arent actually on the set, nor have anything to do with the movie, and worse still, you will have to wait such a damn long time to see this project come to its meticulous finish. While no where as big a fan of Brian Lee OMalley as some, i am a self confessed Edgar Addict, and the seemingly receding release date (was it not before due out late 2009?) keeps us all in suspense.So in a round about way, yes, yes i agree with you: Scott Pilgrim will indeed be the best film of 2010.PS. With the 6th book not yet due out until after the movie, and O malley himself confirming that the movie will have a different ending to the novel, what is your theories, guesses, wild crackpot ideas on how the illustrious edgar will end this juggernaut?

  2. Nice one Rosie!Yes, the delayed release date has been heartbreaking; but I'm happy to give them all the time they need to get this thing right.I highly suggest you check out Lost at Sea by Brian Lee O'Malley. It was a single volume novel he wrote just before Scott Pilgrim. It's not quite as zany or funny, but its a pretty interesting look at a couple of twenty-somethings on a roadtrip.As for Edgar's ending, that's a tough one:POTENTIAL BUT UNLIKELY SPOILERS!!!I think the film will have to end with a battle between Gideon Graves (Evil Ex #7) and Scott.HOWEVER, i get the distinct feeling that regardless of victory or failure, Scott and Ramona will break up, and Pilgrim will end up with Kim Pine.They've been hinting at it since volume 2, and vol 5 pretty clearly demonstrated that Ramona and Scott might not actually be soul mates (which I thought was a pretty ballsy wrench for O'Malley to throw into the mix).Maybe the subplot with Kim will be cut from the film, so its hard to say what Edgar will do except make his ending look incredibly badass.However, my theory for Volume 6 still stands. Love to hear your thoughts!

  3. Ah, A reply! How exciting. Yes, i have been meaning to get onto Lost at sea, however its either travel 180kms to the nearest comic book store, or order over the net, but i am so poor! But from the little snippets i have seen, its something that i will definately have to look into.Yes, Gideon will have to feature somewhere, like as you said before, he has already been billed, so…. :PIm really not sure what i felt after SP 5. It was, or i felt it anyway, such a twist with ramona and scotts relationship development (very carefully treading round the spoilers haha), that suddenly this book that seemed to be leading in such a feel good, fancy free, almost fairytale development, to have the guts of it drop out and take on a darker feel, was unexpected but exciting.Yes its a question really of what subplots will be retained, with Knives father and other little things.The Kim Pine thing is interesting, and i didnt really click with that, maybe its my naievity or belief in romance or some crap, that i just believed that Ramona and Scott would end up together.Not that it still cant happen, but the end of 5 has made me reconsider my theories. At first i thought Lisa Miller, but then i heard her subplot has been cut? Bummer :pAnyway, Im sure that both book and movie will turn out just fine without my opinions, so ill just be happy with what they dish up.Scott Pilgrim has piqued my interest in comic boo- graphic novels again, and until they deliver the goods, ill just satisfy myself with Scott Pilgrim mixtapes, and Scott Pilgrim wallpapers and… stuff. AND, i am so glad to find some one else that shares my current passions of hating Twilight and revelling in Scott Pilgrim. Its not easy liking alt-lit in a country town.The ladies at the post office are getting suspicious of my constant parcels šŸ˜›

  4. Good to hear back from you Rosie!Yeah volume five came as a bit of a shock; so it'll definitely be fascinating to see how both movie/comic end.(BTW, just checked out O'Malley's website, and he's hoping for Vol 6 to hit stores before the flick comes out. It'll be interesting to have two different endings to choose from in such close succession).It sucks they cut the Lisa Miller subplot, but completely understandable. That almost entirely cuts Vol 3 from the movie, and allows the audience to focus on the Ramona/Kim/Knives/Envy love quadrangle (which lets face it, is complicated enough).It sucks even more that you have to trek so far to get to a comic store, but I'm glad you're still making the commitment to get your alt-lit-fix. Just know you are always welcome to share your Pilgrim love and Twilight hate with me on the Quickflix Blog!We'll show em. We'll show ALL OF EM!

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