Death is coming…in 3D! The Final Destination trailer debut


If there is a buck to be squeezed out of a franchise, you damn well know that Hollywood will juice it for all its worth. Today’s example is the 3rd sequel to 1998’s Final Destination, imaginatively titled The Final Destination.

Maybe I’m being too harsh. For all its ridiculous contrivances and cliches, Final Destination has always held a special place in my heart. The central premise (death is coming – DEAL WITH IT) has always been exhilaratingly nihilistic. And you’ve got to give the Grim Reaper some credit for his increasingly imaginative extermination practices.

The Final Destination looks like it will maintain the level of ridiculousness we’ve come to know and love. Considering the film will also be in 3D, maybe this whole thing could be a bunch of schlocky fun.

The Final Destination hits Aussie cinemas October 1st, 2009.

Discuss: The Fast and the Furious franchise abandoned the definite articles for this year’s Fast and Furious to great financial success. Will Final Destination’s application of “The” be as triumphant?

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