Pixar confirm sequel to Monsters, Inc.

source: jimhillmedia.com

Well it’s about time we got some interesting news from the Licensing International Expo 2009. Pixar have confirmed at the event that they are heading into production on a sequel to 2001’s Oscar-winning classic Monsters, Inc.

Rumours about a sequel to Monsters, Inc have been gestating for a while now. With Toy Story 3, and even a sequel to Cars on the way (which I am not looking forward to), it was only a matter of time before Mike and Sully headed back to cinemas.

Details are scarce at this time, but original director Pete Docter is set to make Monsters, Inc. 2 his follow up to the soon to be Best Picture award-winner Up.

Slashfilm are predicting a 2013 release. As I’ve said billions of times on this blog, I completely trust Pixar to deliver on any project they set out on (that isn’t Cars related). Monsters, Inc. is one of my favourites, so I say bring on 2013!

Discuss: But who cares what I think? What are your thoughts on a Monsters, Inc sequel? Any other Pixar film you’d like to see another installment of? Where’s The Incredibles 2?!

3 Responses to “Pixar confirm sequel to Monsters, Inc.”

  1. I cannot wait to see that movie :D…and I'll second you with the Cars remarks 😐

  2. I can't think of a pixar movie that I didn't enjoy. If there is a good story in the sequel bring it on.If you haven't seen the pixar story that is on the Wall-E disc its very very interesting.

  3. Good call Shane; I second that recommendation for The Pixar Story.Also, if you need an even bigger pixar fix, you should definitely read The Pixar Touch by David A. Price. It's a great read and has some really fasciniting insights into the behind the scenes dramas.

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