Futurama’s back from the dead! New season in production!

source: variety.com

Fans of Futurama rejoice! 20th Century Fox have come to their senses and decided to produce 26 new episodes of the series to be aired on Comedy Central in mid-2010.

Voice actors Billy West (Fry, Dr. Farnsworth), Katey Sagal (Leela) and John DiMaggio (Bender) have all signed on to return.

The brainchild of Matt Groening and David X. Cohen, Futurama debuted in 1999 and ran for four seasons before being axed. The highly imaginative and hilarious show was at times even more biting and entertaining than The Simpsons (yeah, I said it)!

The show was revived for a run of four movies in 2007, which were divided into 16 episodes for television syndication. While I enjoyed the first film (Bender’s Big Score) I felt The Beast With A Billion Backs and Bender’s Game did not work as full length features, despite featuring very funny moments. The less said about Into the Wild Green Yonder the better.

Comedy Central and Fox have now figured out a way to produce the show and keep it profitable, thanks to a licensing deal that is too boring to write about. Besides, it won’t really affect Australian viewers. It is most likely that the show will continue to air on Channel 10.

Discuss: Are you glad to see Futurama back on TV screens as 20 minute episodes? Should it have wrapped up at the end of the fourth series? What were your thoughts on the films?

2 Responses to “Futurama’s back from the dead! New season in production!”

  1. I love Futurama and look forward to seeing new episodes on TV. But for some time I have have had this crazy idea about how they might make a Futurame live action movie:Do it as an Opera.Not so crazy as it sounds, given that there have been plenty of songs scattered throughout the episodes of Futurama. And the story (Bender's unrequited love for Leela) material is perfect fodder for an opera. Except you have it in a 31st century setting …If Jerry Springer can be an opera, why not Futurama?

  2. To Quote the professor "Good news everybody…"

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